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I really cannot image what it would be like to be one of the people on this show. It totally messes with you head! And to be quite honest, watching Joe makes me uncomfortable. He terrifies me! I would be so scared to be alone in a room with him. He is just so intense and seems to be full of rage. That said, I do kind of feel sorry for him (and “KIND OF” are the keys words here) because it seems like Samantha is playing him. He is soooo into her and it’s pretty obvious that she is using him to stay on the show. The only thing I’ve really liked about Samantha so far is the lace cover up she was wearing last night. HA! But I wouldn’t want to be twinsies with her so I found one that looks just like it but even cuter.

And it SO nice to see Juelia happy with someone who is NOT Joe! I was super bummed to see her not get a rose last night. But Mikey came along to save the day! That said, I’m not entirely sure that they will end up together. It was just nice to see Juelia happy and appreciated. And she looked hot last night too in her neon skirt and black crop top combo. I’m a sucker for anything with a high waist paired with a crop top. She finished off her look with a red statement necklace.

Jared kind of fell off my “good guy” list after she said “you still look good” after telling Clare she was too old for him, but he totally redeemed himself last night. I love that he was open and honest with Ashley I even though his honestly could mean that he is sent home at the next rose ceremony. But something tells me that the producers will want to keep him around, so I bet they’ve ask him what girl he wants in paradise and she’ll be the next to arrive. Oh and can we talk about Ashley’s outfit? I’m obsessed with her crop top and skirt combo. And in true princess fashion, she finished off her look with a Heart of the Ocean replica.

Jade and Tanner are pretty stinking adorable and they made it official!!! Which is so cute and pretty much means that they will be on the entire season – because you don’t go on dates with other people when your in a committed relationship. But then again, this is Bachelor in Paradise. Ha. No, but really, I’m glad these two are in this together. I also love Jade’s bestie Carley and thinks it’s awesome that they were both wearing the same necklace in this episode. Girlfriends share everything! Well, except for men 😉 The necklace is SO awesome and I was shocked when I looked it up online and saw that it’s only $38. It looks so expensive. $38 is a serious deal for a beautiful statement necklace like this. I also found this one that is almost identical but is even less expensive!!!

And I have to leave you with this one last look. Tenley’s dress is so dang cute and get this. Only $23!!! WHAAAAAT??? I couldn’t believe it. And make sure to check out Tenley’s fab blog HERE. So much great stuff on her site 🙂

What else do I have to say about last night’s episode? Not much honestly. What stuck out to you guys last night? Do you think a girl for Jared is going to show up tonight? Will Joe and Samantha stay together until the end of paradise? Sound off in the comments below!

xoxo Ali


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11 thoughts on “Bachelor in Paradise & Fashion in Paradise

  1. I love your blogs Ali. I agree, Samantha comes of really manipulative and not likeable but she has great fashion sense! She is definately using Joe but hey karma is a bitch Joe. I think it was wrong for ashley to put Jared on blast..she acts like a 13 year old but i think they will bring someone for him soon. I think he is over kaitlyn and just not into ashley.

  2. It’s going to take the right girl for Jared to get over Kaitlyn… Ashley I just isn’t it! Love your blogs. Can’t wait for tonight’s episode!

  3. I agree with Peggy. Jared just isn’t into Ashley, but will find someone I’m sure. Samantha is a manipulative girl, but Joe was too. Birds of a feather. They both need to go. Love the couples that have coupled up. To cute.

  4. I am just as creeped out by Samantha as I am joe. She’s a master manipulator. She knew exactly what she was doing corralling all the guys before arriving. She looks like the type that gets bored right away with a guy. Case in point Joe. She came swooping in, acted like she was in love, rubbing it in Juelia’s face without a care in the world. Then got bored with him and bailed. Poor Juelia, hearing her confessional say her and Samantha have vacationed together and were very close breaks my heart. Rather than go directly to the ONE person she had an established relationship with (Juleia)..she bypassed her all together, barely even said hi and ran right into the arms of Joe, who she knew only on a social media basis. Get out of here Samantha. Dumb. Go back to your home on whore island.

  5. i really hope that joe gets the boot so karma can kick him in the ass. he is rude and he doesnt deserve anyone..just to go home…and samantha is a little ho…talkin to more than one guy before the show and then when nick came on, she pretended like she didnt even know him pretty much..shes a mess and needs to go too…i really hope she doesnt find anyone because she doesnt deserve anyone. i felt really bad for ashley i but she needs to move on from jared…maybe someone else that comes in will spark her interest….

  6. Just bought the Neiman Marcus necklace and the bathing suit!!!! LOVE your style girl and thanks for sharing with us where to get these great fashion finds!!!

  7. Hey ! Ali ! I like your blog so much. I am glad I found it. I also like Samantha’s lace coverup and actually I was searching for this to buy online. But I don’t like Samantha ; she is a horrible and manipulative person.Thanks so much. I really like BIP. Please post more fashion stuff :). I think Jared wasn’t so lucky when they paired up on the first day. I want him be Bachelor too :). It seems like Ashley I has never been in a serious relationship, so she needs to learn a lots of thing. She should love herself and accept herself first. She should find confidence in herself like Juelia. She knows how to stand up for herself I think.

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