This is ANYTHING BUT Paradise…

I really have a problem with last night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise. These people are acting like jack asses! Sorry, I’m not sorry. Last night’s episode seemed like a hour of watching girlfriends stabbing each other in the back.

Look, I think Amber seems like SUCH a sweetheart. I think she is adorable and seems like a girl I would like to be around. But how could she take Dan on a date after knowing that he and Ashley S had a relationship? Dan even told Amber it was more than just a fling. I feel like Bachelor in Paradise makes good people do evil things. I get that love is love and I would honestly do almost anything for love. But I guess I just feel like Amber should have had a serious talk with Ashley after she talked to Dan about their relationship.

If Dan and Amber are actually meant to be then I get going on the date. Love is so important in life but friendship is too. I just don’t like how she handled it. Who knows, maybe she did talk to Ashley and it was edited out. I highly doubt it though based on how Ashley’s reacted when they were gone on the date. I am so curious to hear all of your thoughts. Do you think Amber messed up big time by taking Dan out without talking to Ashley about it first? Or do you think she was totally in the clear to date whoever she wants? Tell me in the comments below!

At least Ashley S looked super cute in her headband. I bought one just like it while watch the show last night because I loved it so much!

And don’t even get my started on Joe and Samantha. Joe is a JERK! I am normally pretty kind of everyone in the Bachelor family because I know most of them or know that I may meet them in the future, but I can’t say one good thing about Joe. He is such a manipulator! And oncw again, we saw another girl stab her friend in the back when Samantha told Juelia that she didn’t want to hear what she had to say about Joe. I really hope young girls don’t watch this show and think this is how girls should treat their friends.

So now I wanna hear your thoughts. Do you think this show make good people do mean things? Or are these people just MEAN! Tell me in the comments below!

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81 thoughts on “This is ANYTHING BUT Paradise…

  1. Self center ness & insecurity leads to nothing good on BIP! I want to see someone with integrity step up! More Johnathans would so!

  2. It seems a little odd that many people come to paradise hoping to meet only one person and then drama ensues because the producers stage the timing of it all. Oh Joe is here to meet Samantha? Okay, let’s make him use some girls before we let her go on. I think they definitely did that on purpose, as well as having Amber enter the night after Dan and Ashley S have a talk about the status of their relationship. I know this show is about drama, but people’s feelings seem to be getting really hurt.

  3. Joe is a total douche and Samantha is making herself look like a whore!! So annoying! I agree about young girls watching, unless you’re secure as a woman, these women are proving complete immaturity!

  4. I agree 100%… Amber should’ve definitely talked to Ashley S before going on her date.. At least to make things less awkward. I am also sooo done with Joe and his drama. They spent almost two full episodes asking him the same questions. Let’s move on! That convo that the cameras caught between Samantha and Joe, now that was priceless!! I know it makes for good TV, but I also want to see the real relationships forming… we barely got to see much of JJ and Megan’s date because of all the drama… or any of the other relationships for that matter.

  5. I Honestly feel that bringing in new cast members each week is the wrong way to do it. I know it brings excitement to the show however that’s how all of this drama starts. Joe is such a jerk! I feel so bad for Juelia I really hope that she’s able to find love. #Jueliaforbachelorette I’m also enjoying the talk show after BIP, you can learn a lot more that way!

  6. I think Joe and Sam are perfect for each other. Both classless idiots. It will end in one cheating on the other and them both acting like cry babies.

  7. The other guys warned her about Joe he is a jerk by not being honest with Juelia about Samantha one guy may tell you a line but more than one guys told Juelia how he was and if anyone knows its another guy hopefully she gets a better chance at love for real

  8. Joe is a low-down scheming asshole. And Samantha is not much better. They will both get what’s coming to them. I can understand if he doesn’t want to be with Juelia, then have the decency to communicate it to her.

    As far as Dan goes, I think at least he did communicate with Ashley and tried to tell her that things had changed in their relationship.

  9. I had to pause the show last night and have a conversation with my 11 year old step son about what is and is NOT appropriate in dealing with people and also to point out just how much Joe refused to accept any responsibility for his actions. It ended up being a good teaching tool for me to teach him that it is not ok to lie and hurt people just to get your way and then blame everyone else.

  10. This show is a disgusting display of bull$@&#. I quit watching. Do we really need more shows displaying people’s worst qualities and behavior?

  11. Joe is the ultimate douche and I am certain he’ll get what’s coming to him. This is the worst season of BIP I’ve seen. I want to quit watching but I’m so invested now I just have to see how it ends.

  12. Joe is a compete idiot! As for Samantha she belongs with him, they are two backstabbing peas in a pod! I feel that they shoul be asked to leave the show. I think that they were becoming a couple before the show even began! Two LIARS!!! Poor Juelia, she was totally taken advantage of by that heartless jerk Joe!

  13. Joe is a jerk to treat someone the way he did Juelia the way he did. But I think Samantha is much worse because Juelia was supposed to be her friend.

    As far as Dan goes I don’t really see the issue because he did talk to Ashley…

  14. I agree I am not a Fan of Joe’s he is very mocking and not truthful you can tell when he is talking, totally different then when he was on Kaitlyns Season but even then I wasnt a huge fan so I was ok when she let him go… I think Samantha is just as slimy for taking part in all of it especially knowing her Friend was the one getting hurt in the whole mess… She should of at least talked and have been honest with her Friend instead of making her look like she was a lIar and Joe was a hero…

    As for Dan & Amber is a different situation, I think Dan tried to talk to ashley about it..It is about getting to know different people as they walk on he wasnt feeling her before Amber arrived, Amber waited for him to talk to Dan but I dont think Amber and Ashley are BFF they just new each other from previous season where Ashley was kinda a Weirdo and on her own in that Season so I dont think there should be hard feelings… At least she was told instead of just jumping into the date… If Ashley really wanted to she would of Said to Dan it wasnt right to go with someone she new… Just my 2 cents… I think Joe and Samantha just handled it wrong and are more there for the Party, Fun free vacation…

  15. My 11 year old son is disgusted by all the back stabbing!!! I’m not sure I can even watch anymore, it’s not entertaining to me… I think it’s bringing out the worst in those who are most likely shallow and immature… Definitely paused to explain joes behavior is not acceptable in any situation… My son wants to let him have it!! Lol!!

  16. I wonder if these girls were actually true friends or just "bachelor" friends. I’m thinking there is a difference 😉

  17. The whole show is a joke! No one can fall in LUV in a week! The face sucking is gross! I am disgusted in the editing, fake emotions, the extensive crying scenes, etc. if Ashley cries one more time, I am done! (Jarred’s girl). BTW, most of these guys are using reality TV to get "discovered"! As well as several girls! The whole thing is so exaggerated!

  18. I think joe is just a total loser…. and as for sam,,, friends like her we can do without in our lives!
    Oh and if joe and sam were talking for a month why didnt they just meet like normal people do. instead causing drama on bip.
    As for dan, ooo wow. i thought he was so sweet and nice! I like how he and ashley s were together so cute. as for amber coming in she should of checked first who was with whom… then ask dan, and after the chat with dan, go have a chat with ashley s to see how she feels about it.
    i don’t how she and dan were on that date…. i was so upset… whats going on here?
    I’m not to happy with bip this season.

  19. This season of BIP is a total trainwreck. These contestants seem to have ZERO regard for anybody’s feelings whatsoever. I was seriously hoping JJ would knock Joe out! I don’t usually condone violence, but Joe is in a (classless) class of his own and doesn’t have the intellect to let words do the talking so a right hook to the face might be the only way to get through that hard head of his. If nothing more, it would keep him from talking for a little while.

    I agree about Amber. Excuse my language but… what a bitch move! Ashley may be a bit of a strange bird, but she seems to be the most intuitive one on the show. She was also the first to notice Joe was a total asshat! My heart goes out to her, she deserves someone who can appreciate her brand of nutty.

  20. First off, I can’t even believe I’m watching this show! It’s like being in a bar and watching all the people act like animals. That said – I’m hoping JJ punches Joe in the mouth next week and he has to go back to Kentucky. He’s worse than a jerk. He and Samantha totally belong together because they are both deceitful. BUT, I think we’ve all forgotten that this is basically a game, where you leave real life and try to find someone you connect with on TV, so why have they all fallen in love in the first week? They all matched up on the first week, then became heartbroken when some still wanted to explore other relationships, which is why they went there in the first place! Oh, the drama. Oh, and thank goodness we didn’t have to endure Clare and Ashley I crying this week. Gee.

  21. I also noticed the back-stabbing, zero-empathy women …. totally not decent people. I never got what was so great about Joe, either. He always gave me the creeps.

  22. I don’t like how the show’s whole concept is a game. Make’s it hard to truly find a good relationship when you’re worried about being able to stay. Maybe if they made the concept about being single and trying to get to know everyone and being able to stay if you haven’t found someone. Have them leave when you find someone and send them somewhere nice together in order to get to know each other. Everyone’s hooking up for the wrong reasons and the show exploits it, concentrating on drama rather than the relationships. I’m tired of hearing about Joe and Samantha.

  23. Joe and Samantha were clearly interested in each other before the show. It appears they just wanted a free trip to Mexico— at the expense of any and every friendship. If I was them, I would have preferred to pay for our own trip to Mexico to explore the relationship. It would be a red flag for me if I guy insisted we had to explore our relationship on a show like BIP. They may be a good fit for each other because they are both manipulators, and don’t care about others. I’ve had to dump guys because I find out how they have treated other women. I try not to be so naive as to believe they will treat me different. Though I’ve been fooled before. If a man (or woman) is capable of such cruel behavior, this character trait is sure to come out at some point in the relationship.

  24. It was horrible… I could never imagine dating a guy who had a real relationship with one of my friends, it’s such a slap in the face. Unfortunately though I know a lot of girls like this, girls that will even go behind their friends back and talk to their friends boyfriends, it’s not ok. Girls are supposed to be there for each other, I can’t believe I am actually going to say I applaud JJ for standing up for juelia, all the guys talked to Joe about the situation but JJ was the only one to tell that Jerk he was wrong, more guys need to stand up for their girls and more girls need to stop backstabbing their friends

  25. I agree !
    Amber should have talked to Ashley first , it feels like the girls are making stupid choices and did-respecting their friends!
    I can’t stand Joe and Samantha, they are playing everyone here! It’s really sad , that samantha says "I’m a human being, I wouldn’t do that ! "
    It’s so clear that the 2 of them had this whole plan !
    So sad…
    I’m really not liking this show at all right now…

  26. Joe is a a**! And Samantha isn’t much better. They most definitely had a plan and I hope it backfires on them both!
    Amber could have spoken with Ashley but she is so kind hearted, it probably wouldn’t have changed anything. And Dan did the right thing by talking to Ashley.

  27. Don’t forget about editing. we don’t know they didn’t talk before their date. Also the show is all about falling in love and if u don’t have strong feelings at that point why not go out with someone else? u go on a show like this I hope you know what can happen .

  28. I think it would have been ok if Joe had gone on the date with Samantha and kept their relationship private until the rose ceremony. He could have chosen her and explained to J that his connection was stronger. He made himself a villain/jerk/player (and there’s no denying it) by the way he treated the situation. He was so rude to ignore J and act like she meant nothing… but the worst part was making out with S in front of her!!! It IS ok to have a better connection since the shoe is about love but it is NOT ok to treat women like crap by lying to them, ignoring them, talking about then etc

  29. This whole show is a joke. I hate seeing how these girls are treating each other, and Joe is the biggest jerk in the whole world. Juelia is such a sweet girl, and to see how he has treated her makes me so upset.

  30. Honestly….. these are the whiniest, most immature, backstabbing group of guys/girls I’ve ever watched. If I was a guy looking for a wife, I would have to move way past this elementary school, cry baby mentality these girls have. I know this has to be a tough environment, but their emotions are all over the place and none of them seem anywhere close to ready for a marriage commitment. If I have to watch Ashley do the ugly-cry one more time, I’m going to throw up. GROW UP!!!! The guys are manipulative and disrespectful. JJ is an eleven on a crazy scale of 1-10 and Joe is a complete jerk. Hope the upcoming episodes get better because I can’t stand much more of this season’s cast. I know they want drama and high ratings…..but this is so over the top, beyond tolerable to try to watch.

  31. I think they should send Joe and Samantha home, since they "think" they have a connection already. It’s not fair to the girls that are gonna have to go home.

  32. First let me say, I don’t like what Joe did to Juliea, my issue is with the other Bachelors, not leaving him alone about it, if they are so concerned about Juliea, then they should rescue her!

  33. I think Tanner should have told Juliea what he knew about the relationship between Sam and Joe. I still feel so bad for Joanthan!!! How Joe made him feel bad for nothing!

  34. Lexysmom
    This is a reality TV show and I’m sure these contestants know what they are signing up for. I gather that they are all asked before hand who they want to meet so, I think they should all be a little more honest with each other realizing that new people will continue to join the show and they may wish to hook up with someone else. They all seem to get too serious too quickly. I think less drama and more fun would make it a much more interesting to watch.

  35. I do believe this year they are really setting things up for the drama. I believe they are introducing certain people who know why they are attending , who is going to be there with them and they are " dropping " people into the scenario at the time when it creates the most drama. I do believe this .

  36. When I see people on the Bachelor or the Bachelorette I always remind myself they put themselves into a situation none of us can relate to and sometimes it brings out the best in bonding experiences and sometimes it brings out the absolute worst in people. Living with your boyfriend’s girlfriends??? I have no idea how anyone survives or makes the best of that… I think back to Michelle Money on Brad’s season. She came across as a manipulative nasty woman and she is not that person at all. We saw her later in Bachelor Pad and she was very kind and trustworthy. I like to think the same is true of Vienna or J.J. (though, I am still not sure I know who he is).

    However, I can totally relate to going to an island resort with friends and acquaintances with the hopes of meeting someone special… It should not "bring out the worst" in people. If you are sincerely going on a show looking for love (or a decent human being to share time with) … then you might want to go in with a kind decent heart. There is no reason that Joe could not have said, "you seem sweet and kind… I just don’t see a future here… I would appreciate your rose and we can both have an opportunity to meet someone new next week…" He did not need to be so manipulative and mean.

    We watch these shows season after season and no one is ever looking for someone mean or nasty or a liar. Mean is never sexy or partner material…And sooner or later… the truth will come out… Does no one tell you It is being filmed?!?!?!?!?!

  37. Totally agree! Joe is a major jerk and he grosses me out at this point.. Samantha is very classless and what she did to Julia was wrong. I don’t feel like any of the other contestants really just came out and said this is why it’s wrong.. Julia wasted a rose on you & sent a good guy home who she might have found love with & now she has a chance of going home.
    What Amber did was wrong as well. She should have talked to Ashley first, that would have been the respectful thing to do. What is wrong with girls these days. I hope she doesn’t call her friend anymore.. Pretty disappointed over here.

  38. First and FOREMOST

    AGREE ??

  39. I’m not going to say much about the Ashley/Dan situation – I’m just sad for Ashley – it seemed like the connection with Dan was mutual and genuine and I’m sad that she’s appearing to go off the tracks a little again. Joe – complete JERK, his comments about everyone when interviewing are despicable. We saw it when he was talking about Jonathan last week – hopefully everyone at some point sees the real Joe and puts him in his place. Unfortunately, he isn’t painting himself very well for the Bachelor family to see.

  40. I agree with you. These are guys you have just met. Hurting friends for someone you don’t even know. Another thing, the show is kinda set up that way. 10 girls – 7 guys – they are cutting each other throats trying to get the roses.. Also I think that Samantha is just as bad as that Joe.

  41. I agree with everything you said….With that, I feel that they shouldn’t know who is going on the show. If it’s real reality, then they will either find a connection or not. It is completely manipulated by the producers of the show…this drama, and hate = ratings…I watch it, and have for years. It just makes me a little sad to think that this is the future for our kids. Social media running their lives!

  42. After Sunday’s show I couldn’t watch Mondays…Joe is a big pig, I’m surprised that Chris just let them tape that part of Samantha giving Joe a hand job in the pool…my girlfriend at work told me all about it….leading Juliea on…I would of just left…

  43. I agree, friendships should always be the priority. Samantha is the worst though, they obviously had a plan in place ahead of the show and Joe didn’t care who he hurt to fulfill that plan. It’s truly sad I totally agree with you on all your points.

  44. I have honestly never been so shocked as to when Samantha completely shut Juelia down. If my girlfriend was trying to tell me something about a guy, I not only would listen to her and avoid that guy, but I’d also be so furious that someone hurt my friend that way and then tried to get with me! I was furious watching Joe and Sam, but I’m glad that it gave others an opportunity to show their loyalty. JJ has grown on me so much this season, and I love seeing the girls who DO have each others’ backs.

  45. What annoys me is no one actually stood up to Joe and Samantha and said "You are full of crap and you two had this plan before you came here." Everyone kept backing down letting Joe walk on them and Juelia kept backing down. She got pooped on, she needs to tell them both off because its making her look horrible and weak. Tanner has proof so why is he not saying something. Its pretty bad now that JJ is the good guy…

  46. I think they should kick both Joe Nad Amanda off the show. It’s obvious they had a plan before they both came on. And the Amanda/Ben/Ashley thing? Did I dream this or did Ben tell ahsley the night before Amanda came that he was seeing red flags in their relationship? In my mind that lets Ben off the hook.

  47. Yes Ali
    True friends are hard to find… Boys can break your hearts, but NEVER should a good friend
    I like Amber, but she should make sure her friend is okay first

  48. Joe’s a total jerk, and weird!!! Let’s face it if a person treats his friends like that, then he will treat his girlfriend badly as well. Juelia, you were warned, you should have listened.
    I think Dan is a standup guy and had told Ashley that he wanted to pursue other people before Amber arrived. Ashley, said she was leaving if he didn’t like her anymore, what happened??? She didn’t leave, just started talking to birds. She would have been better off if she had just left. LOL!
    Girl code is important, but in Amber’s defense, if she was interested in Dan she better off if she doesn’t know the ins and outs of everyone’s relationships. Also, she was only interested in one guy…..which I’m sure made a difference to Dan, that she came on the show just to meet him.
    Samantha on the other hand, not only went out with Joe, she also shut down Juelia’s attempt to warn her as if it didn’t matter. So whatever happens with Joe and Samantha, she deserves Joe and his weird ways.

  49. One thing I have to remind myself when I have a fit about the contestants behavior is there are no rules in a sense. The only thing guiding these folks are their conscience and moral compass (or lack there of). This show is true to life in my opinion. There is no one perfect but those who are truly kind and people with integrity stand out just as much as the jerks and wienies.

    In regards to Dan, in this history of this show he’s been the most transparent and real man I’ve had the pleasure of watching. I believe he tried to talk with Ashley and be real with where he was and she would only accuse him of not being a good man. Again, its life that you could have more feelings than the other. Dan did the right thing to tell her in an environment, again, that has no rules about sharing his findings with her.

    I wish Dan and Amber the best! Equally as much, all the best to Ashley S.

  50. I agree completely with Georgia. Joe’s the biggest jerk going. I don’t see where anyone thinks he’s handsome. I could puke every time I look at him. Didn’t like him when he was on "The Bachelorette" either, and I only dislike him more now. Juelia is well rid of him.
    Dan on the other hand, is a nice guy, and he’s smart enough to see that Ashley is a mental case. I’m glad he and Amber are together. They seem really happy and I hope they continue to become more serious with each other as time goes on. He told Ashley how he felt before Amber came along, so why should Amber go and talk to that wing nut?

  51. I know there would be no show without the drama, but can we ignore it for a moment and talk about how adorable Kirk and Carly are?? I’m interested in your opinion on that since you know him. Do you think they are as great as it seems?

  52. I’m having a difficult Te comprehending why these folks do Bachelor in Paradise and Bachelor Pad. It does little else to make these folks look desperate and they prove it at every step. All of them do things that I hope they wouldn’t do in normal life. They are all reasonabley attractive. Most have professional careers. They speak well and seem to have good manners. They shouldn’t need to do this show. I don’t understand it. I get doing the Bachelor and bachlorette. It’s summer camp with the outside chance of finding love. Please think before you react people.

  53. I think its time they revamp this whole show. It started off as new and fun and great to watch and thru the seasons it has turned into anything but that. The Producers have turned each weeks show into nothing but drama and now its getting to the point where they put people on who have no morals and who are on to promote their own self and to get what they want and dont care how they get it or who they hurt in the process.
    They have lost site of what the show started out to be I believe and they have turned it into a three ring circus and viewers are starting to lose interest fast.

  54. I think they are all too involved in the Joe and Samantha manipulation. Ignore them (or maybe they should be kicked off the show to pursue their affair) and Juelia should move on. it’s far too soon to be in love. And the ‘After Paradise’ show is a joke. A waste of time with adults gossiping and leaving cliff hanging actions on Bachelor in Paradise. I’d much rather see another hour of the soap opera that Bachelor in Paradise is.

  55. I agree with you, Ali. I think its also too bad that whenever a new person comes on the show, has to go on a date with somebody (whose probably already in a relationship). This show is really testing people`s character.

  56. Mean? Nah. Stupid? Immoral? Desperate? Selfish? YES! Absolutely!! There is a way to do things, a way not to – a way to respect others and yourself. These people (Joe, Samantha, Amber, and even Dan to some extent) haven’t a clue! Karma will come home to roost – it always does.

  57. Agree with you on everything you said Ali, except that I would bring up about the show and people making Ashley S. out to be crazy. She is just different and I commend her for focusing on animals to try to get her mind off of what Dan and Amber did to her. And what she said to Dan when he took her aside was exactly the way most women would act when getting dumped. I think Dan is looking for a perfect woman that is NOT out there. Loved your season by the way and I love that you are sticking up for these girls! God bless you!!!

  58. Joe is a jerk 🙁 I still have not forgotten how evil ( yes evil) he was to Johnathon by making him upset and cry and then being ok with it. Johnathon called him out to Juelia, and unfortunately, Juelia learned the hard way. Joe and Samantha deserve each other.

  59. I agree, Amber should have talked to Ashley before she asked Dan on her date. She broke the girl code big time!

  60. People come on this show knowing that they are going to be fighting over a guy or a girl. They know people are going to say whatever they have to to get a rose to stay another week. It is really sad that friendships get broken, but if you didn’t think this was going to happen you are crazy. You give them beautiful men and women that are living in bathing suits, unlimited alcohol, knowing they are all looking for love. What do you expect! Drama, heartbreak and fighting. This is what they are promoting not love! It is all for great ratings, they know we are going to come back every week to see what happens to who. It is just sad good people are made out to look like horrible people, but then there are the horrible people that just make complete asses out of themselves and just show the world who they really are!

  61. Why did they not complete the rose ceremony from last week? We did not see it all?? We also did not see Samantha coming into the picture??

  62. Regarding Amber and Dan, he had talked with Ashley (prior to Amber’s arrival) regarding their "relationship" not continuing any further and he felt they were going in different directions. He clearly indicated he was seeing red flags from Ashley, and was honest in letting her know. When Amber chose him, he again met with Ashley to be sure there would be no hard feelings. And yes, of course, its hurtful, but lets face it, its not like they were seeing each other for months on end. The show only lasts so long, and with the additions each week, and folks going home at the same rate, there isn’t a lot of time to waste feeling sorry for yourself. Get yourself together and move along, or you’ll lose the opportunity to meet someone more interesting.

  63. Dan told Amber that he and Ashley S had been together but they weren’t any longer. Then Dan talked with Ashley S. I thought that was enough. There aren’t any nice words to describe Joe. Is Samantha any better? Juelia missed out on a really great guy in letting Johnathan go. I hope they reconnect on some level at some point.

  64. Joe and that man eater were disgusting in the hot tub! I felt like I was watching porn…We all know what she was doing to him…I dont watch the show to see porn..Hes an idiot, crass, bad guy…I think Ashley goes into her own space when she feels threatened. Maybe she thinks animals are more honest and loving…Is she right? I’m thinking the show is rehearsed a lot, and If things are going too smooth, they spice it up…Maybe they should stop the rose thing the first day, and just let the people get to know each other before they decide who to hook up with…JMO….

  65. Honestly Ali, the things you said is true. I believe Bachelor in Paradise is a great place to meet the person that might possibly be the one. With aired television show…no one wants to be the villain, but the thought of a person being there to actually find love for themself is hard. Everybody sometimes don’t realize what they are doing to their friends or just don’t know how to handle the situation correctly. Everyone there is there for themself. If you dont feel a connection with anyone, I best believe that they should just go home, but with people on paradise, they don’t because they say they can definitely find love one paradise. Some cases will be true, but why paradise…I’m sure there’s one person out there who’s not on the t.v. show that would probably be more faithful then the men on paradise.

  66. Also, how gorgeous did Ashley S. look in her glasses…when Dan broke up with her (which I love how she handled).

    Also, why is she crazy because she talks to animals? Where I am from people pay money at the zoo to go to the "rainforest" where birds fly free. And where I am from is Cleveland…so….

  67. Ali I agree with you 100 percent! This show is terrible and there is a lot of backstabbing going on. I hope Jared leaves the show because he’s not like any of them. Most of the women on here are out to hurt each other. How can you fall in love on this show? and really be truthful about it. Not my favorite bachelor show. Love hearing your comments.

  68. Yes, the right thing to do is to talk with Ashley S before going on the date with Dan. I think people on the show take finding "the one" so seriously they disregard everyone else in the way of that. It’s selfish and I’m sure it will come back to haunt Amber one way or another!! Can’t wait for next week show!

  69. If Amber and Ashley were/are really that close of friends, then yes absolutely she should have! But I can also understand Amber’s position, she came on the island late in the game and everyone is paired up for the most part so if it wasn’t Dan it would have been someone else ya know! I’m a believer if something is meant to be it’s meant to be, so maybe it will work out for Dan and Ashely, I hope it does…she’s a bit peculiar but I really want her to be happy 🙂

  70. After spending a ton of time in Nashville on Broadway with BIP fans, I believe the people who watch our shows are just awesome human beings. Everybody gets so excited for their favorites people (couples!) and cheer them on. Even when I did silly things, the comments/support was be unbelievable. Thank you for watching and being a part of the BIP family. xo @meganbellabc

  71. Hey, Ali…All the time I was watching Juelia struggle with the aftermath of Joe Junk…I wanted to tell to get down on her knees and thank the stars above she DODGED a HUGE bullet! She could have invested much more thought, time, and energy on that pond scum…thank God he showed his true colors and she could put that train reck far far behind her! And really, the same with Samantha…sadly, she had invested herself and time on Samantha, but better to know now, and leave her in the dust…too many wonderful people in life to waste on riff raff like Joe and Samantha!

  72. Hi Ali! Love your blog 🙂
    Of course I talked to Ashley before I went on my date. I asked her if she was ok with it and she said she was and gave me a hug. I then thanked her. And asked Dan out again 🙂 love Ashley to death. One of the most smartest girls I Have ever met. next week episode should be interesting. Thanks for watching everyone.

  73. I will suggest a couple of alternative ways of looking at what happened between the two couples you mentioned, but still in absolute agreement that Joe is a jerk to say the least. One is that new girls coming in are presumably ignorant to the drama that has been occurring prior to their arrival; that should not be brushed aside especially given they walk in with date cards. Joe’s mission was clearly to make it until Samantha came, so if he had to use someone to help him get to that goal, that’s what he was going to do…and did. Now, some men were on to his dubious intentions and tried as hard as they could to warn Juelia (some who would have truly likes to explore things with her, but she dismissed)! Juelia wasn’t hearing it, and so I believe Bears some of the responsibility for her own heartbreak. None of this changes what a jerk Joe is. As for Samantha, she was coming in with the same intention of spending time with Joe. She was obviously pre-charmed, but since we’ve all gotten a glimpse of Joe, we know it’s unlikely there is a future. Still, very much like Amber, she was clueless to the drama Joe caused. As for Amber, I see her as particularly innocent since she came in with the date card, asked the guy she was interested in without "wanting" to know probably because she expected that if anyone had formed a real bond she would not be able to break it and therefore her date would be declined. Dan was really no longer interested in Ashley, so while she may feel some degree of heartbreak and we were witness, that does not make Amber the villain. She just put it on the couples themselves to decide.

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