Hey – I Can See Your Bra…

If someone told me 5 years ago that bras would be part of fashion I would probably think they weren’t the classiest person. Ha! Never in a million years did I think my bra would show in any way whatsoever. Well obviously fashion has changed and SO many cute clothes have low cut arm holes or have an open back or maybe they are just really low cut in the front. Sometimes a dress wont be low cut for a bigger chested girl but very low cut for us girlies who have smaller sized chests. You guys totally know what I mean right? For instance, when my sister wears this dress in the photo below (btw – it’s only $38), it doesn’t show her bra at all and looks FAB on her – she’s much more endowed than I am 😉 But when I wear it, it’s a tiny bit to low cut to avoid any embarrassing nude bra wardrobe malfunctions I wear it with this adorbs free people bralette. And I just like the word bralette – ha! (BTW Forever 21 has some AMAZING ones that are super affordable HERE)

And a few of you guys asked me about this necklace on Twitter. It’s a necklace that you can personalize with your name but instead of putting my name, my bestie who bought it from me put “BE KIND” in the personalization section instead since it’s a phrase that is important to us. So don’t feel like you have to personalize it with your name. Put anything! Put a few words on it for your mom or bestie. Or a word that is important to you!


Here are a few more of my FAVORITE Bralettes:

2 Thoughts

2 thoughts on “Hey – I Can See Your Bra…

  1. You are so lucky. I had breast cancer 22 years ago and even though I had surgery to reduce the other breast to match the one that had cancer, there is now a big difference in size after putting on weight and then losing weight. So I have to wear a reg bra so I can use a foam insert in the side that is probably 2 cup sizes smaller.

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