SUPER Happy Today!

I am so exited about today!!!! Really, I can’t STOP SMILING! I am headed to the east coast and get to see my family this weekend! My ADORABLE niece Lennon is about to turn 3 and every time I see her, she’s grown so much! It’s crazy that 3 years have gone by since she was born. Well Kevin and I absolutely adore her and can’t wait to love on that little snuggle bug!

Since I’m traveling to one of the most fashionable cities in the world so I don’t want to strut off the plane in sweat pants but I do want to be comfortable on this 5 plus hour flight. You guys might remember this tank top I wrote about a few days ago. I said it was the perfect tank top and I MEAN IT! I am so obsessed with it. I know spending a little extra on a tank top might seem silly, but it’s so worth it to invest in one good one that you’ll wear all the time like (like I do) instead of 20 cheap-o ones that you’ll never wear. I paired the tank with these adorable Trouve slacks from Nordstrom. They are as comfortable as yoga pants without well….wearing yoga pants. They also come in gray, which I think would make for the perfect workplace slacks.

I’m wearing these sandals (they’re only $22), but I make sure to pack socks in my purse! Why? Because it is soooooo gross when people walk barefoot through security after they’re asked to remove their shoes. Please don’t be one of those people. Pack or wear socks.


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