It’s a Top Knot and TruSelf Organics Face Mask kind of night!

Bachelor in Paradise is so outta control right now that I had to have a little fun girlie time while watching. After I posted a Snapchat  (BTW, follow me on Snapchat) of myself wearing this mask I got SO many tweets asking about it so I thought I would write a post about how much I LOVE it! One of my bachelor girlfriends posted a pic of herself wearing it so I asked her about it and she introduced me to TruSelf Organics’ Detoxifying Facial Mask. I must say it was love at first sight! Well, maybe that’s better said love at first application! Ha!

I used to get crazy acne on my chin and it has really cleared up every since I started using TruSelf Organics. Plus it’s just FUN to wear! I love getting together with girlfriends and putting on these masks. It makes for some super fun selfies! One of my besties sent me a text recently just to ask if we could get together and wear these masks. HA! So our bonding time revolved completly around Truself facial masks.

Masks first, plans later. That’s our motto. Hope you guys love this product as much as I do!!!

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