After, After Paradise.

This show has me seriously confused. I just found out last night that people leave each week but new people come on the show each week. So how does someone win in the end? Please explain in the comments below. Sorry I’m such a noob, it’s my first time 😉

What I learned from Watching Bachelor in Paradise is that Ashley I thinks I’m an old lady because I’m 30. Ashley, you’re 27, in 3 short years you’ll be an “old lady” too. Anyone who looks at Tenley and thinks she old, it’s a bit delusional. Sorry girl.

And look, I am not trying to hate on Tenley in any way but didn’t it feel weird when she went after JJ? Like she was making out with him just to get to stay in Paradise another few days? Something about the whole situation makes me feel uncomfortable. She barely had any interaction with JJ and when the rose ceremony came near, she immediately goes up to him and put her legs over him (pretty intimate in my book) and kisses him. Again, NOTHING against Tenley. I don’t think she is sleazy in any way. I think the opposite, she’s super wholesome! But something about this place makes people act in ways that they never would in the real world. Do you guys agree at all? Or am I crazy? Tell me what you think in the comments.

I guess the only way we will know if she is really into JJ is if she is still “into” him next week when the tables are turned and the women have the power to give the roses. But even then, is she playing a long term strategy? Who knows. It’s just something that made me feel weird about the show and I wanted to talk about it with all of you.

Clare seems to be a polarizing person this season. People seems to love her or hate her. I personally REALLY respect her so far. She could have totally lied to Mikey in order to secure a rose for herself (before she knew that Jared would give her one). But instead of leading him on, she was super honest with him and told him she wanted to explore other relationships. I really respect that because she could have been sending herself home by being that honest. That tells me that Clare isn’t there to play the game, she is genuinely looking for a relationship. Let me add a caveat to that and say that I’ve been SUPER skeptical about people who say that go on Bachelor in Paradise to “Find Love.” Let’s be real. People constantly joke about how “dirty” it is for a reason. Did you hear what Jared said about the hot tub on After Paradise? Yeah. Bachelor in Paradise in the Tinder of the Bachelor Franchise. Is it possible to find love? Totally. You could find love in a strip club, but that doesn’t mean you walk into a strip club thinking you’ll find it. Well maybe some guys do, but that’s a whole other weird topic. Ha! All that said, something tells me that Clare might actually be in this for love. In addition to the the exposure of being on a prime-time TV show – all of the contestants just want to be on a Bachelor show again. Which there is nothing wrong with! I am all for people going on Bachelor in Paradise! Being on TV can be super fun! But just be honest about why you’re there.

Ok, that’s all I’ve got for this week. I can totally see why people get sucked into this show. I guess it’s just hard for me to blog about it because I don’t want to be negative or hurt anyone by writing about it. But I also want to be REAL with all of you. Which is really hard to do without calling people out for strange behavior. And there is A LOT of strange behavior on this show. Not sure if I’ll continue to blog about it. Do you guys want me to? Any suggestions on how to “write nice” but still be honest and real?

Also, I Snapchat on each episode so make sure to follow me on Snapchat for my real time commentary 🙂

Thank for reading loves!

xoxo Ali

On another note, if I was off to paradise I totally know what outfit I would pack. Neon and a Mexico vacay are a match made in well…paradise


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28 thoughts on “After, After Paradise.

  1. I would love for you to blog about it! I always enjoy your input. I do also think that was odd for Tenley to do and out of character. You could see she needed a drink or five to do it though 🙂

  2. Please continue blogging about the show! Sometimes being real doesn’t mean always being nice. You can call it like it is, in a classy way. Love your honesty, girl!

  3. You have to remember that ABC edits the show the way they want the viewers to take the show.
    Each week people go and people come. It works out great because it needs to be switched up often or everyone is coupled up and that’s not what ABC is after in my opinion. Whoever stays the longest which is building relationships "wins" finds love.

  4. I agree the show is probably more about exposure and continuing some sort of "celebrity " than it is about finding love. Sometimes it’s also about rep-rebuild (aka JJ). However, ABC doesn’t want to offend, so it markets the show as "Love Boat," (hence the silly credit sequence), when it’s closer to Melrose/Temptation Island Place. Example: Tenley using her womanly wiles for JJ’s rose. I think she used him to stay and meet someone better. JJ probably knew it, but sometimes a guy likes to be used. Keep watching Ali, if you like car wrecks and drama. I think most of these folks know what they signed up for. But if these are your friends, it might be hard to watch.

  5. Yes, keep blogging on the show. I enjoy it! I can see how it may be tough when you know these people but it’s great that you can be honest.

  6. Hi Ali!
    This show is a bit different from, say, Bachelor Pad, where a team ‘wins’ in the end. This show is solely there for former contestants to find love. So essentially, if two people hit it off, they’ll give roses to each other week after week until the end; then at the end, they’ll have the option of either staying together or breaking up (or in Lacy and Marcus’ case, getting engaged!)

    New people come on week after week for the purpose of finding love with current contestants. It kinda sucks for those who join the cast at the very end because then they don’t get much time to form a relationship.

    Hope this helps!

  7. Erica’s summary of the show is right on. Each week new people come, sometimes with date card in hand, to shake things up. The power switches each week from guys to girls back to guys, etc. When guys are giving roses, girls get date cards and vice versa. It is drama dram drama, but it’s fun. I like it so much better than Bachelor Pad. I like the simple concept – find a relationship or go. It’s interesting to observe behavior under those circumstances. Please keep up your blog – I really enjoy reading it! It’s fun to hear your perspective.

  8. Tenley said on her periscope that she had actually spent a lot of time with JJ before that. JJ had asked her on a "date" just at the house earlier which she accepted and went on, but they never showed it on the show.

  9. I actually like the concept of BIP much better than Bachelor Pad. Ali, you keep talking about "winning" in the end-that’s how it was on BP but at the end of BIP you don’t "win" anything…you either choose to continue dating and pursue a relationship with someone or you decide to just be friends. Though I will admit, this show is set up for DRAMA by adding people every week and switching the power from guys to girls, I think it actually works. It kinda ensures that the relationship is not just one-sided. They choose EACH OTHER as the weeks go on. The only annoying thing that happens sometimes is, like Tenley, if they don’t feel a connection with anyone they may try to force something to get a rose JUST to see what new people will come the next week and hope they have a connection with them. Sorry this was so long. Just my thoughts. I love your blogs Ali! Please keep it up!

  10. Well if we are going to be real, you went on The Bachelorette to find love and look how it turned out for you. I think everybody who does these reality shows are not trying to find love it’s rare to find love at all on these shows, those who do find love are genuine. So for Tenely she was probably approached by ABC cause she is well liked!!!

  11. I think you should continue writing the blog as long as you are honest and objective. You have a right to your opinion and let’s remember that these people went on this show knowing that fans would have opinions. You should not sugarcoat anything. Just tell it like it is, the good, the bad and the ugly.

  12. Continue to blog about it! Totally on point, you need to post about how freaking weird Ashley is (the cry baby) i cant with her. Also, anyone who continues to belittle people by saying they are old has another thing coming, karma is a bitch, remember that!

  13. Ali,
    I think Tenley stepped out of her box last night. Was it unusual for her, yes, but hey she is playing the game to stay so with that good for her. You know Tenley she will redeem herself time and time again. Classy lady but I thought it was super she went in for it. Bout dang time.

  14. Keep blogging about BIP! Yours is probably the only honest and forthright critique found online.
    Even though Tenley did have a previous date with JJ (it was not shown) she continues to exhibit desperate and child-like/ high school behavior.
    She says she is proud of how she acted so I guess ‘to each his own’
    Would love your thoughts on the After Show!!

  15. Hi Ali, I would like you to keep writing. Go by the golden rule "if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all". You don’t have to you write a detailed post on every person. Just write about the people you have positive things to say about. I hope you have a great day 🙂

  16. Ali…Great job blogging…I hope you continue…I enjoy your perspective and agree this show is crazy….Love reading what you write…..Momma Bear

  17. I guess Chris H has stepped off his anti bullying platform!
    To see and hear the entire ‘After The Show’ panel laugh at the horrific comment made by his invited guest was SO cruel and disgusting. ( comment was re. Jillians’s black box.)

  18. I think one way of being nice while still calling them out on their crap is to write about stuff that the person openly admits is problematic.. Like Ashley I for example – she does a lot of weird stuff but she acknowledges that her choices may not be the bast. Happy writing!

  19. Ali, keep posting on your blog. You do it so well! We love to hear your perspective of this madness on Bachelor of Paradise! I have personally been a fan of yours from the get go! Love ya!

  20. From another old lady 30 year old :-), please keep blogging about BIP. It is odd, but that’s why it needs debriefing!

    Also, a little off topic but since you blog about lots of relationship stuff, I’ll throw his out there: I met my boyfriend of almost a year now on Tinder. And I have to say of all the online dating sites, I find it the most approachable! No resume to fill out. No presenting yourself as you want to be scene. Those who are the good eggs tend to write something witty or fun for their blurb, and if you’re a smart guy or gal you can figure out who is sleaze and who might be quality!

  21. Ali, your perspective on BIP is right on. Love to hear more. 🙂
    Love your blog and your fashion with vibrant colors.

  22. There’s now inner or last couple standing. At some point they stop being more and more people and the numbers dwindle, but it’s just because they don’t find anyone they want to pursue a relationship with. At the end of last season there were only 2 couples that’s decided they wanted to continue their relationship after the show. (Marcus and Lacy obviously, and Cody and Michelle) While it’s super dramatic, that’s what I like about this version over the Bachelor Pad. It’s pretty juicy TV! And I enjoy reading your blog, and getting insider opinions.

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