PARADISE?! I wouldn’t go that far…

You guys. I watched BIP for the first time ever last night and it’s quite a lot to handle. There are already so many tears and so much drama. I can only imagine what the rest of the season will be like. Where should I begin?

Let’s starts with the cast. I think the girls were cast really well. They are each memorable and I can remember most of their names. The guys on the other hand, not so much. I think Jared, Kirk, JJ, and Tanner were all great choices, but I honestly can’t even remember the names of the other guys. Can you? I know there is a guy named Dan because he is the only one who went and checked on Ashley S when she was taken away in an ambulance. BTW, I really hope that was edited to LOOK like he was the only one, cause everyone else kinda sucks at life if they couldn’t leave their ocean side bar for 5 minutes to check on someone being taken away on a stretcher. So I’m just going to assumed everyone else running up the stairs was just edited out. And I’m not trying to be an ass by saying the guys aren’t memorable. I’m just saying they cast a lot of guys who didn’t get a ton of screen time on their respective seasons, so I don’t know who they are. I’m sure the other guys are great dudes, we just didn’t get to know them well before this.

Let’s talk about Ashley I. Oh Ashley. It’s clear that she is having a difficult time in paradise.  I couldn’t keep count, but I’m pretty sure she cried about 5 times on the first day! And I’m ONLY a self-proclaimed dating expert (ha!), but I gotta say that I don’t think leading with how you love Disney Princesses is the best way to pick up a guy. Just saying. Needless to say, I highly doubt Jared is the Aladdin to her Jasmine.

I’m super pumped that Carly and Kirk have paired up. Kirk was on my season of the Bachelorette and I have nothing but GREAT things to say about him and I ABSOLUTELY ADORE Carly from watching her on the Bachelor. I really hope they win this thing.

What else? Jade and Tanner are super cute. Ashley S is the whole reason I am watching this show. JJ actually seems cool to me so far. And I still have no idea why Ashley’s sister was crying. Do you?

Since I have no interest in actually going to paradise, I’ll just put on my favorite Free People dress and head to my own paradise (the beach) here in CA…


I want to know ALL your thoughts on Bachelor in Paradise in the comment section below. Do you guys think it’s good so far? Or too much? Tell me everything!

xoxo Ali

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41 thoughts on “PARADISE?! I wouldn’t go that far…

  1. Way too much Drama for the first day. Ashley is annoying and really immature. Hoping she and her sister don’t last through the first rose Ceremony. I like Jade and Tanner and Carly and Kirk together. Will be interesting to see if they last.

  2. Can that girl STOP saying that all women over 30 are old ladies? isnt Ashley 27? Honey, you will be 30 in just 3 short years!

  3. Love your post, and Wish you would go on the show – Only because you are my favorite person on this show’s history! My hubby was a little disappointed when I started watching last night…But I like when I watch something he doesn’t….He’s very productive and keeps himself busy with laundry and stuff!

  4. I agree with you about the casting. I think I’ll enjoy the couple of "normal" relationships that are developing. Why all the crying already???? I think it may be quickly full of too much drama!

  5. I agree that Jade and Tanner are cute but I really would like to see Jade and Jared together. I think they seem like they would be such a great match.

  6. First episode and I’m already tired of seeing Ashley I. cry. Tanner and Jade’s first kiss was SUPER awkward, but I think they’re cute together! Kirk and Carly… just plain adorable!!

  7. Who would have thought that Jared would be such a babe magnet?! I just love that all of the girls are going for him <3

  8. It’s so good, per usual. 🙂 Love Tenley, I’m so glad she’s back. On another note, do you have any idea where Jade got her white and pink maxi she wore when she walked in?? I’m obsessed!!

  9. Love that Tenley is back. Something tells me she ends up with someone but not from Bachelor in Paradise. Lots of rumors!! LOL. Love Jade and Tanner. I think tonight will give me a little more to make a decision.

  10. Ashley I needs to go. I don’t think she knows what dating means. Really, I’m a princess looking for Aladdin. The guys are going to run. Overall I think the show will be great. I’m definitely team Carly and Kirk!

  11. I am addicted already! I agree that the guys are a little forgettable but now that Claire is back I am sure she will bring the drama like she always does! Ashley definitely cries way too much but she is somehow still lovable with her awkwardness. I can’t wait to see whats going to happen tonight!

  12. I agree with all of your comments. I love Jared, but I think it is too soon for him and I think he is there for the right reason. I would love to see he and Jade together, but I like Tanner as well. I like Tenley, she is a sweetie, and I like Clare. Can’t wait to see who else turns up tonight!!!

      1. Actually Saffta, Vanna is correct. I am an English teacher, it is properly stated "I would love to see HE and Jade together" not ‘him.’

        1. I agree with Saffta. I was always taught that the way you can make sure you are saying it correctly is by stopping before the "and". You would correctly say, "I would love to see HIM" not "I would love to see HE".

  13. I love Tenley, Carley, and Jade – seem super normal and super cute!! As for Ashely and her sister, I hope their TV time is more limited because they are super annoying – ALL the crying!! Its too much. I guess we will see what happens tonight. Hopefully Jared can see through it and pick someone normal to go on this adventure with

  14. I hope Jared finds true love. I actually like Ashley I. when she’s not crying. It’s lame to have her sister on there. Anyways, when you were on the Bachelor, you and Tenley were really close and it was sweet to see but it seems you guys drifted apart after the show. Do you guys still talk or keep in touch?

  15. They need to de doing something instead of just sitting around (volleyball, pool games, etc) to get to know each other first before date cards. Tired of the crying girl. She is too immature. Does everyone want Jade because she posed for Playboy? I know it makes for good TV all of the drama, but it would be nice to see them interact more to see who makes the best couples. Would like to see Tanner and Tenley, and Jared and Jade.

  16. I think Jade and Tanner are cute but I really wanted her to hit it off with Jared. I feel like she stayed away from him because of the drama Ashley would of thrown at her.

    Yeah that Dan guy I was like who the heck are you. Kirk and Carly for sure are cute. I would of thought he been taken by now though. I like Carly’s little comments she always so spot on.

  17. Ashley’s sister is really overselling the "I’m the OPPOSITE" of a virgin" thing. Um, honey? Whether you have had sex just once, or 5,8567 times both mean your aren’t a virgin anymore. No need to scream from the rooftops how open to sex you are.

  18. I agree with you on most things in this post. I think BIP has been pretty good so far (based on one epsiode)! Lots of drama which is sadly what makes the show good. I think that Tanner and Jade are sooo cute, as well as Carly and Kirk. I think JJ should be paired up with Jillian, and I think Ashley’s sister will leave BIP herself because she doesn’t seem to like it… PS- that Free People dress is so cute! Love it!

    XO, Natalia from

    1. OH and how could i forget Jared?! I think he is so cute but definitely not the guy for Ashley. If Tanner weren’t on the show, I would like him with Jade but otherwise I don’t think he fits with anyone else.

  19. I was most interested in looking for a clue that would point to Nick being the next Bachelor. Thanks MF for driving me crazy. 🙂 I agree with you that it is not my idea of Paradise.

  20. Ashley I is way too immature and too weepy! No wonder she is still a virgin. I like the guys and agree with Ali about the couple that are not memorable. I like the idea of the show but some of these people really need to grow up. Also I love Carly and Tennley and hope they find love! I hope Ashley I finds a good Shrink!

  21. So much drama! I hope Carly and Kirk work out, I remember really liking Kirk from your season so it made me happy he was back 🙂 I feel like Claire is so much older. I think Jared isn’t over Kaitlyn yet, poor guy! I like Tenley she seems genuine along with the other blonde gal who has a kid from Chris Soules season (forget her name!) but she seems like a good gal. Don’t understand the sister being on the show. Jared seems a lot more down to earth than I remember her being on the her season. I am hooked on this show like I was the Real World in High School haha.

  22. I’m not sure how Ashley I became so insecure, but her sister’s demeaning comments towards her certainly don’t help. They seem to feed off of each other’s insecurities to feel better about themselves. It’s actually very sad.

  23. I am exicited to see Tenley and Clare on the same show, then maybe I can finally learn to tell them apart! 🙂

  24. I like Ashley I, but she is too old to be acting like an insecure teenager. I’m sure it’s exhausting having to provide her with affirmation all the time. She just needs to chill out and let the guys who are interested in her approach her. (in life, but maybe not in this "game") Is it me or did Marcus and Lacy not look that happy on their wedding day?

  25. Ashley I is the only reason for so much crying ( right now). I don’t know why the producers think we want to watch crap like her because WE DO NOT!! I l

  26. I tried to post on here yesterday—I dont like the fact that Ashley (and sibling) continue to age shame Tenley and Claire. Its ridiculous. There are many circumstances in life that dont allow us to find love as quickly as others. oh and BTW just because some find it earlier, doesnt make them happier. Food for thought ashley (and stop crying you look like an idiot)

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