Nick Opens up about EVERYTHING: My Interview – part 2

Get ready for part 2 of my interview with Nick! I think this half is even better than the first half. Nick opens about about saying I love you to Kaitlyn, whether or not he’s spoken to her since the proposal, and if he’s willing to be the next Bachelor.

I want to add that during my entire visit with Nick he never once said anything negative about Kaitlyn. We talked about how she is a SUPER rad chick and how we have the utmost respect for her. Although I wish they could be friends int he future, I doubt that will happen (since I REALLY hope she marries Shawn and that would just be awkward if she were friends with Nick). So I can only wish everyone involved the absolute best and happy, happy futures.

Shawn and Kaitlyn, if you happen to read this, I wish you both all of the happiness in the world! I truly hope you are able to bond together and years from now, I hope your relationship is even stronger than it is now. It will be tough. There is no telling what challenges you will face both publicly and personally, but I sincerely hope your love lasts. Cheers to LOVE!

And without further delay, my sit down with my friend Nick…

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35 thoughts on “Nick Opens up about EVERYTHING: My Interview – part 2

  1. Really love these more casual-type interviews with Nick, Ali. It really kind of showcases how much he truly is a genuine guy, and such a thoughtful person.

    Seriously, whoever ends up with him will definitely be a lucky girl!

  2. I can’t believe Nick has only nice stuff to say about kaitlyn after she betrayed him & the trust he had for her. It’s not that she didn’t choose him, but the fact he said multiple times to send him home as soon as she knows he’s not the one and she waited till mid proposal. And all her post bachelorette interviews she mocks and ridicules Nick and his rejection and heartbreak. Kaitlyn is a disgusting human being.

  3. I was not a fan of Nick in Andi’s season but lets face it producers can easily make you see someone a certain way through editing. I do think Nick can be a little arrogant at times (but who doesn’t! ) but at the end of the days he seems like a genuine sweetheart and I hope he finds his true love soon. Ali can I just say you have the best personality and I wish you could have your own talk show you are awesome!

  4. Kaitlyn reminded me a lot of me until I saw the way she was acting in the "after" talks. It’s pretty rude to laugh and roll your eyes at someone whose heart you dragged through the mud. How would she like it if Chris had done that to her? It’s very insensitive and I applaud nick for being mature about it all and taking the higher ground.

    I’d definitely root for him in the bachelor seat. Everyone deserves happiness and he seems sincere in his desire to find that special someone.

  5. I love this. I love the interview and how raw it was. Just two friends talking and being open. I love Kaitlyn, but I don’t think she has handled everything as well as she should have and could have to try to best protect everyone’s feelings. She would always say, there are other people’s feelings involved.. I guess she forgot. So, that sucks. Luckily, Nick is such a classy guy AND a complete gentleman. He’ll go far with those things and his character. In retrospect, he ended up coming out of this a winner, in my book. Love you, Ali!

  6. I’m such a fan of Nick, he has always come across so genuine. It takes a lot to be so optimistic about love and he took a HUGE risk and I applaud him for that. These women that keep letting him go are nuts. Nick go look for ladies at church, that’s where the good ones are! Or watching Packers games 🙂

  7. Nick is a stand up guy! I have always been a Kaitlyn fan but I was not impressed with how she handled herself at the AFTR and at her post interviews. I do believe that has something to do with Shawn and his disliking for Nick. I thought both of them came off as immature and insensitive at the AFTR show, while Nick is the one who got his heart broken in all of this. I wish all of them the best, but especially Nick 🙂 Thanks Ali!!!!

  8. Hey Ali. You should get your own show getting 25 girls for Nick to choose 🙂
    I’m glad to get to know Nick better. He is much nicer than i thought. Didn’t like him from Andi season. He seems more mature and content now. But honestly I don’t think he was really ready to propose if it wasn’t for the show that have limited time frame. Love you Ali.

  9. He is so sweet, smart, & sincere! It took tremendous guts to put himself out there again. And even after everything he was still gracious to Kaitlyn & Shawn on After the Final Rose #teamnick for the next bachelor or #teamnick moving to NYC so I can date him lol! Great interview Ali!! xo

  10. Great interview. Nick seems to be a classy, honest person. Crossing my fingers that he will be selected as the next Bachelor!

  11. I LOVE Nick. He is intelligent, sexy, sensitive, a great communicator, mature, has great taste and a wonderful family. He is the whole package and gives me hope there are more out there like him. I want him to be happy and I like Kaitlyn (though I thought she was a better person with Nick), but I think she is a better match with Shawn. Hopefully, Nick will find someone as special as I believe he deserves.

  12. Nick just loves to air out his dirty laundry to everyone – calling out Andy on national TV, saying that Kaitlyn said "I love you" numerous times to him. I’m glad his cocky ass got kicked to the curb twice! And there’s no friggin way he would ever become the Bachelor. He and Chris Bukowsi are the 2 worst idiots from the show.

    1. How is saying "i love you" airing dirty laundry. Kailtyn Bristowe even blabbed on the radio w/ Ryan Seacrest that Chris Soules had sex w/ her.

      1. Agree with you Ine.Also Ben H said at The Man Tell All" that Kaitlyn told him "I love you too"He also said all the deitals how Kaityn sneak over to Ben and Shawn hotel room at San Antonio.When Ben went to take shower ,she and Shawn were in the bad together and they were not happy when he come back.Nick can say all the details about his relationship with her pro the show but he kept private

  13. Danny, I agree with you totally. Nick has slept with 2 woman on the Bachelorette and they both rejected him. What does that say about him?
    In regards to him being the next bachelor, I think he is in the running because of how much airtime ABC gave him on ‘After the final rose’. They were successful with somewhat cleaning up his image and getting America to feel sorry for him.

    1. Nick is not going to be bachelor how many times im going to say this.Chris Harisson said that Nick already had 2 season.Its going to be between 2 Bens.As of air time they wanted him to talk to Shawn for drama and ratings.Im sure Shawn was last person Nick wanted to talk and vice versa..The ratings was the highest since 2 years.They got what they want it.

      1. Chris Harrison always says things and then later says otherwise. If the Bens were going to be bachelor then they would have announced it, but I think Nick is still under consideration. He really has all it takes to be a great bachelor.

        1. I would like to Nick to be bachelor but I don’t think is going to hapanned.They going to announced next Bachelor probably after Bachelor in Paradaise,or at GMA like they did with Chris Soules,I read that is going to be between 2 Bens

          1. Hopefully its Nick! I just don’t see how Ben H. is the better choice. Nick clearly wears his heart on his sleeve, is completely open, comfortable talking about his feelings, is passionate, & I think he deserves it more than anyone. Yes he’s polarizing, but I think fans will warm up as soon as the first episode airs. 🙂 I think many fans already came around after the finale.

    2. That’s stupid to say that 2 women rejected him so it must say something about him (in bed). There are MANY other men who were rejected, Nick made it further than 48 other men. It all comes down to having the strongest connection & there were 2 other men that had a stronger connection. It doesn’t say anything bad about Nick or his character or skills in bed.

  14. Thank you for showing him as the great person some of us saw and ps tell him to not worry about second because at least he is not on #bachelorinparadise!!!

  15. Thanks for this interview Ali. I appreciate you standing up for Nick even though he’s not the popular choice. I will always be team Nick and I’m glad there are other people out there that are not so quick to judge and believe everything they see on TV

  16. Great interview Ali and Nick (and Kevin too)! Feel bad for Nick, especially now with Kaitlyn (and of course Shawn) making fun and laughing about his "ring toss"!! I don’t think being the next Bachelor is going to help him find love though! Might be better to just date some in Chicago, like Whitney B.! They looked cute watching the Blackhawks together!

  17. Love this. Nick is really a great guy. I hope he gets the opportunity to find a great girl. He deserves it after all of his heartache. He handles himself so well. Great interview. Thank you for sharing!

  18. Just as I started to like Kaitlyn, she AND Shawn disappoint me. How immature and disrespectful of the both of them. It’s one thing to have your laughs to yourselves but to do this to him on national television….shame on you! Guess they deserve each other!

  19. Great interview! Nick is very brave to be as honest and genuine as he is with his feelings and risk heartache again. I think he is a great role model for young men, truly a class act. I am confident that if he keeps putting himself out there that he will find someone with as big of a heart and as much love to give as he has. Having my heart broken as it was in the past was horrible, but it made me appreciate and cherish the wonderful man my husband is even more because of it. Best wishes to you Nick in finding your true love! Best wishes to you too, Ali and your boyfriend!!

  20. Ali, you are a MUCH better interviewer than Chris Harrison! He kept asking Nick the same questions on ATFR and cut him off several times during his responses. I’m not sure if he even asked how Nick is doing now. Chris needs to brush up on his interviewing skills!

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