Nick Opens up About Kaitlyn

Nick Viall has certainly been the most controversial and polarizing contestants on the Bachelorette in a long time. People either love him or hate him. Well, I am hoping after seeing this interview and watching last night’s finale, many more people “love him” because he really is a great guy.

Kevin (my boyfriend) and I met up with Nick for lunch. Yes, Kevin came with me so let’s not start any Nick and Ali romance rumors please 🙂 We had a few beers, laughed a lot, and talked about how he’s been since the show finished taping a few months ago. What I will say about Nick is this – he is SUCH a nice guy. Truly. He was so open and kind. Kevin and I left lunch big fans of Nick.

See part 1 of my interview with Nick below.

Part 2 of my interview with Nick will be up on the blog tomorrow and it’s GOOD! Stay tuned 🙂

Since this is a fashion blog, I have to leave details on my outfit, duh. Ha! This romper is my fav. I wrote about it a little while ago. I wasn’t kidding when I said I wear it all the time. It’s just super cute and so comfy. And this watch is super feminine but I paired it with this wrap bracelet to add a little edge to my arm candy 🙂

Make sure you come back tomorrow for part 2!

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49 thoughts on “Nick Opens up About Kaitlyn

  1. Great interview ALI.Love Nick on Andi season,and love him even more now.Cant wait for the second part tomorrow

  2. I can’t for the life of me hear that line about what he joked with his parents about! What did he say?? At 4:30!

  3. I was not a fan of Nick during Andi’s season nor was I a fan during Kaitlyn’s. Bringing a new person into the house, be it Nick or anyone else, a few weeks after the show starts I feel is not really fair to the others. I’m happy for Kaitlyn and Shawn but, after watching After The Final Rose, I felt Nick handled himself much better this time around and was a class act. I really do hope he finds the love he’s looking for and wish him all the best!

  4. I’m actually more neutral about Nick; don’t love him or hate him per se. But my heart definitely ached for him when Kaitlyn picked Shawn. It didn’t make much sense to me given everything she said. I get that we are only shown a small portion of everything that takes place, so maybe that was why. I also felt Kaitlyn was overly distant and cold towards Nick on the ATFR. It almost seemed to me like she had been purposely trying to screw him with given everything he went through for her. I don’t want to bash Kaitlyn, I just really don’t understand her treatment of Nick on the show. I think it was really sweet of you, Ali, to stick up for Nick like this and give him a venue to share his point of view. 🙂

  5. Aweeeeee… Nick seems so kind & genuine. Cheers to Nick and I know he will find his princess♡.

  6. Great interview! Total cutie and it took courage to do what Nick did. Looking forward to pt 2!



  7. I think Nick got a bad wrap on TV starting with his comments to Andi after the final rose regarding their fantasy suite time. I think it’s an unfair double standard that he was judged for saying that because if you watch his face he was being truly genuine in that moment and anyone on the show signed up to have this all filmed, so he can’t sensor himself for the cameras, because that was probably one of the last conversations he had with Andi, and the way it all went down that season, he deserved some closure, because he truly was blindsighted. Watching the final episode season this year was even more difficult… I don’t know what it is about Nick, but I find him in be incredibly geuine, and heartfelt… he seems to have a light humorous side while also maintain just a very hot serious exterior, which can come off as cocky yes, I think anyone who doesnt personaly know him could get that vibe, but if you look past that into his eyes and watch his chest move as he talks about certain things, he means what he’s saying… and because of that his relationships are passionate.. I feel for the loss he felt saying those words to kaitlyn at the end, but i hope he has found peace knowing everything happens for a reason and he can walk away knowing he did everything he could… and Nick… maybe kaitlyn did take those words from you, but i know deep in your heart you have something else to say because when you find the one… you won’t be out of words and this loss will just be that one time you were on tv… and it will just be a bump in the road on your journey to happily ever after…. there are tons of single ladies out there that will love and appreciate you for who you are.. i’d be happy to top that list if you’re ever in CA… also, can we just take a moment for his mom… Nick’s mom seems to be the sweetest woman and to have to go through this twice with Nick with so much support and just give him the strongest hug in the audience when it was over… amazing. Any girl would be lucky to be a part of that family.

  8. I think Nick is a good guy. It’s pretty telling that it’s not all for the camera’s by the way his family loves him. I also give him a lot of credit for taking the risk to follow his heart. At the end of the day, we never regret the chances we took, but always regret the one’s we didn’t. This will ultimately open up doors of opportunity that weren’t there before. He’s getting closer to finding "the one", I can feel it. And Ali, you’re a good friend to stand by the unpopular guy. I really respect that.

  9. I am heartbroken for Nick. He’s a genuine guy. I wasn’t a fan of him before, now I am. Wishing him all the best.

  10. Nick is great but he has this habit of saying "you know". He does it 20 times in the first 4 minutes, you know?

  11. I honestly am soooo surprised all the cruel heartless things Kaitlyn is saying about him in interviews. It’s like shawn brainwashed her to hate him. There’s a complete lack of empathy

  12. I’m not a big fan of Nick. Not a hater of course either. I’m sure he is a decent guy. Just because they had an attraction prior to show and clearly even during the show, it isn’t a guarantee that’s who she sees as her best fit. In the ATFR, I actually think the opposite though. Kaitlyn didn’t say anything really, gave him the floor, and he was petty and blaming, no different than he was with Andi – like a sore loser. Should Kaitlyn have stopped him well before the big walk to the rejection? Well, I’ve watched this show for a long, long time and it’s rare for that to happen. In fact, I am not even sure if ANY of the male bachelors have done that – if so, it’s so rare – but yet the men don’t catch flack for it, so we shouldn’t hate on Kaitlyn. It simply makes for better TV to play it fully out. Is that kind of cruel? Sure it is, but it’s a TV show with a very well known structure. Nick is a good lookin dude and he will be a-okay. Best of luck to him and to Kaitlyn and Shawn. Thanks, Ali, for the interview.

  13. I wasn’t a huge fan of Nick on Andi’s season, but watching him with Kaitlyn I really started to see him in a new light. My heart broke for him when Kaitlyn let him know he wasn’t the one. He seems like a great guy and I hope he too can find love! Good job, Ali!

  14. I was team Nick from the start. What an awesome guy! Thank you Nick for letting us into your life, your emotion, and your world! God has a bigger plan, you just don’t see it yet… Trust!!!! God bless!!!!

  15. Loved that you took the time to interview Nick. . I love him and think he’s great and like you said, such a great guy. . #TeamNick all the way. And love you too, Ali!

  16. I love Nick! There were rumors out there she did not choose him. I think I would have been as blind-sided as he was if not for the rumors. What they showed, they were always happy and there was such a big attraction between the two. I think a good relationship starts with that attraction which they had and the talks got very deep and they appeared to be on the same page all the time. I felt so bad for him even though I knew it was coming. Not sure if the other two will last. Only time will tell. Good luck Nick, you deserve love.

  17. I have SOOO much respect for Nick!! He is so strong and brave to take the chance that he did, as well as the crap he did from the other guys. In the end, Kaitlyn doesn’t deserve him. He’s a wonderful, caring person and deserves to find someone just the same. Kaitlyn will soon see who she chose…the immature, jealous guy…and Shawn will see that Kaitlyn isn’t as perfect as he thought!!!!

  18. I love Nick and think he is such a great guy. I really don’t understand why Kaitlynn was being so cold to him on ATFR. My heart broke for him when Kaitlynn stopped his proposal. She definitely should have let him know he wasn’t the one before he picked out a ring. I know the producers probably encouraged her not to because that is what Andi did last season but COME ON! That was heartless in my opinion, especially since Nick asked her several times to just let him go the moment she knew he wasn’t the one for her. I love Kaitlynn and Shawn together but feel so bad for Nick!!

  19. Thanx so much for this interview Ali. I have been a fan of Nick since he walked on the set during Andi’s season. And even more this time. It took guts to put himself out there & go this route again. He really loved Kaitlyn!! So hard to see him get his heart broken. Kaitlyn will never know what she gave up. Nick is the real deal!! Shawn is a cry baby… Wanna tell Nick to hold his head high & not to give up. His princess is out there waiting…. Go find her Nick!! Love ??

  20. Some questions I hope Ali includes in Part 2.

    How did you know they would be shooting in NYC? Did you contact the show or did someone from the show contact you?

    Were you aware from your handler that Kaitlyn had already told producers that she had met "the one" and that Fleiss was worried that Kaitlyn couldn’t fake it with 15 guys over a month and a half?

    Did your handler tell you at any time that Britt and Brady were not real and that they had quickly gone their separate ways, forcing the producers to worry even more about a season with no drama?

    Tell me your check didn’t bounce and how different was your contract this time than the one you signed for Andi’s season?

  21. I’ve loved Nick since Andi’s season. Great, genuine guy. Plays hard, pursues hard, loves hard. As awful as it was to see him heart broken yet again, but Kaitlyn didn’t deserve him. All the negative comments about Nick between both seasons drove me crazy. Hoping he finds a great girl, deserving of someone who can love with the capacity he can, since he’s "all in".

  22. I loved Nick on both seasons. I have never understood the Nick bashing. You will find someone who deserves you.

  23. Honestly Nick you are such a sweet heart. Love your family and it shows the true character you are. I don’t understand why the viewers have to be so judgemental. The show is for entertainment purpose. Yes there are real people falling in love, I just think that these choices are not ours to make. I hope after all of this everyone can see what a real gem you really are #teamnick

  24. Nick, I hope you find love. You actually seem like a rather interesting guy and I liked the way you handled the final rose and after the final rose.

  25. Great Interview. And romper! And yeah, I’ve always liked Nick. Never understood what the fuss was about =)

  26. So glad to see more of Nick! I cried a little more than I’d like to admit last night. I want Nick so badly to find someone who treats him wonderfully. He definitely deserves a great love.

    I will say I found it kind of sad how Kaitlyn told Nick she also "felt the in love thing" with Ben H as well- that the process sort of makes you feel that way (she said something along these lines). This was after Nick asked her about how she felt when they said "I love you" to each other. I know she probably didn’t mean for it to be hurtful, but it sort of undermined Nick’s relationship with Kaitlyn; it was obvious that Kaitlyn had a much stronger relationship with Nick than Ben. I just wish that Kaitlyn was a little more sensitive to Nick and his feelings because he obviously cares/cared deeply about her- He was ready to get engaged to her!! I’m such a Nick supporter and want to see him HAPPY 🙂 I know he will find someone as great as him.

    Really happy for Kaitlyn and Shawn though- hope they maintain a healthy, happy relationship!

    1. I cried too Ally,so you are not alone.I was shock when he told Nick that she was also in love with Ben,but in mine opinion her relationship with Ben wasn’t near closed to her with Nick.But Ben and Shawn are best friends, so Shawn is not going to be jealous.Kaitlyn and Shawn were promoting him at GMA as for next bachelor.

  27. I lost all respect for Kaitlyn last night. She did a terrible thing to Nick and treated him like crap. My God she treated Ian (who basically called her a whore) with more respect and sensitivity on The Men Tell All. I liked her and supported her – until last night. Now I never want to her or Shawn again.

    1. Totally agree. It was like she changed into a different person in the AFTR show. I guess Shawn treated him like crap during the show, Kaitlyn treated him badly after the show ( rolling of the eyes when he said you said you loved me was totally rude) … Shawn and Kaitlyn are really one in the same… not very nice people so maybe they do make abetter couple if they even last. Nick deserves so much better – but I feel like at this point he should do it off shows like this.

  28. I used to like Kaitlyn but I lost all respect for her after seeing her reaction to the ring toss on GMA. Completely insensitive, mean and uncalled for.

    1. I hate comments like this… "I used to like this person, but after they did X I don’t like them anymore." So annoying. So judgmental.

  29. I am definitely team Nick but I think he has the tendency to fall for the wrong women. Both Andi and Kaitlyn were terrible for him and I sensed this both times he was on the show. I was actually shocked that he came on to pursue Kaitlyn because she kind of strikes me as immature and lacking depth. Why the heck is he falling for these types of women? He definitely needs someone strong, but also someone who is nurturing (not Andi), mature (not Andi or Kaitlyn), wise (not Andi and definitely not Kaitlyn), spunky, ambitious (not Kaitlyn) and super smart. I actually think Kaitlyn is more compatible with Shawn but I don’t think they’re going to last. They both need maturing to do.

    This whole franchise definitely draws a certain personality demographic of the population– sorority and fraternity types and so I’m always pleasantly surprised when I come across seemingly normal people like you, Nick, Sharleen, and other thoughtful people I’m forgetting their names because they didn’t last as long. 🙂

    I’ve seen a few post-show interviews with Kaitlyn and Shawn and if Nick is watching them, I hope he realizes what a bad match she was for him. God, can she be anymore immature or dismissive?

    Kudos to Nick for calling Kaitlyn out on her BS after his pre-proposal.

  30. Love that you’re such a fan of Nick, Ali. He definetly made the season worth watching and it was a bummer to watch his heart get broken. Such a shame how Shawn treated him too. Hope you find someone special soon Nick!

  31. Thanks for this interview! Makes me like him even more. You can tell that he is a genuine guy. He knew it would be unpopular for him to go on the show but he was just following his heart. And I agree with the comments that he wasn’t trying to throw Andi under the bus during the ATFR….he needed answers and closure. If the shoe was on the other foot, I bet Andi would have had the same questions of the bachelor. I did like Kaitlyn but not after the way she is treating Nick post show. If she truly loved him she would not be acting like that towards him. Good luck Nick! There is a great girl out there for you.

  32. Watching some of the interviews with Kaitlyn and Shawn it is easy to see why she picked him. She is shallow and lacks depth….this Canadian cutie can feel superior or more on an even field with Shawn who is immature. She was afraid to pick Nick….Very sad when she chooses to bash Nick now, all to keep her jealous boyfriend in line. What I wonder is, how really stupid Shawn is that allows her to manipulate him….she "needed all of the time she had with Nick to know how she really felt", and then today on interviews she talks about it being "awkward to have some one tell you they want to spend the rest of their life with you and you do not feel the same way"?Really…..who made you sleep with him again and again….did she prostitute herself for the show or did she really care for Nick as she has said….and then why does she not feel more sensitive…..this is the girl who did not like the cyber bullying….shameful Kaitlyn! You could have sent Nick home before he proposed…you did not have to say you love him….I wish I could say I wish her and Shawn well, but I do hope they get what they deserve.

  33. He is such a catch! So sensitive, super smart, articulate, great looking, mature beyond his years, kind….etc, etc. I think Nick is definitely on his way to finding his soul mate who adores him as much as he adores her. I think the great thing about Andi and Kaitlyn is that this has probably helped clarify what he does want in a soul mate. How amazing will he be as a dad as well one day….?!

  34. On a side note….how damn amazing is that wall that Nick & Ali are hanging out at?! I feel inspired to go and find myself a laneway with a cool funky wall.

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