My EXCLUSIVE Interview with Nick

Tonight’s finale was so emotional. It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Nick. I have been since the beginning and my boyfriend and I got a chance to sit down with him and talk about his experience. We both became big fans of Nick. He truly is a stand up guy. I am posting my EXCLUSIVE interview tomorrow on Stay tuned…

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34 thoughts on “My EXCLUSIVE Interview with Nick

  1. Me too. Big fan of Nick. Very genuine guy who was tough enough to be soft. Broke my heart to see him hurt again.

  2. No body should have to be put through that. I had so much respect for you for not making the other guy stand there and confess their love, only to say "stand up". Yikes!

  3. I just want to hug Nick and tell him that he is not a joke ! He is a man who is true to his feelings and should never be ashamed of it. I hope that he finds true love on his own and not on TV. Too painful to watch him get hurt again.

  4. I love him!!!! I think the girl that hooks him is a very lucky gal. He’s so cute but also intelligent….great catch.

  5. yayyayayy! So excited! Love Nick!!! He doesn’t deserve the cold unempathetic attitude Kailtyn showed towards him on the ATFR

  6. So heartbroken for Nick. He seems like a really genuine guy and deserves someone who will appreciate all his great qualities. I hope he finds his special someone soon…he seems to have so much to give. I kind of would like to see him as the Bachelor.

  7. I love Nick. There really is so much depth to him, as you can tell by the things he said after she let him down. Those were genuine, and heart-felt, and reveal a deep thinker, and a romanticist. I think Kaitlyn did love him, and I think that after her last date with him that she planned on picking him and that is why the afternoon portion of her date with Shawn was awkward and as Shawn stated, he felt like the vibe had changed. Apparently, she changed her mind later after the evening portion went better.
    I have a hard time believing that Kaitlyn watched the season back and saw how Shawn acted, and has no concerns or red flags about him. Time will tell.
    Meanwhile, I wish the best for Nick. He truly deserves someone special, and maybe Kaitlyn just wasn’t deep enough for him, in the end.
    I hope he keeps his chin up. He is a very unique, interesting person.

  8. Nick was a jerk to her tonight a total bad attitude and rude he knew the chances and he acted like he was a poor loser! He can’t tell her how she feels him of all people has been in this type of situation twice so yes it sucks he got hurt but he knows that she has to choose and it’s hard but he can’t tell her she doesn’t care!! What a ass

    1. Nick was a jerk? she rolled her eyes at him when he mentioned her saying "i love you". That was disrespectful.

  9. Omg the finale had me in tears! Nick was completely blindsided & I felt like Kailtyn was very insensitive to allow it to go that far & how cold she was at the ATFR special.

  10. I thought Nick was the clear winner despite the outcome. He changed in a year and was clearly a great friend and love to Kaitlyn. Nick showed a lot of integrity tonight on ATFR. I hope he finds a compatible person and I’m sure somehow this will all work out for the better. Nick is too deep to be the Bachelor.

  11. I’m so glad to hear you are a Nick fan! I really think Nick is a sincere guy, handsome and with a great heart! All our friends all of us are Nick fanS. The best for him and of course for you to bring a real point of view on TV.

  12. Completely love Nick! He handled himself with such class. The woman who ultimately gets to call Nick hers will be incredibly fortunate. And so handsome, too! Dang. Just sayin’! 😉

  13. Kaitlyn "probably" felt like she could have told him sooner? Wow, wasn’t she the one complaining how Chris sent her home not showing her courtesy. At least Chris told her she deserved all the respect & courtesy in the world. Nick risked so much for Kaitlyn & put all his trust in her, he deserved so much more than what she gave him. I hope Nick knows what an amazing guy he is!! Class Act all the way. Thank you Ali for voicing this !

  14. the woman who ends up w/ Nick is the lucky one. Such a sweet guy, my heart breaks for him & all that he’s gone through.

  15. I think he seems like a good guy. He also seems to have a great family as well. I am sure everything was edited for TV to make him the villain. Best of luck nick

  16. It kills me to hear people bash Nick! I’ve been a huge fan of his since Andi’s season (who I do not care for). I think both ladies made bad choices and therefore do not deserve someone like Nick. He will be just fine! As he is extremely fine ??

    1. Nick is the full package. He needs to find someone who would appreciate that. I just think both these ladies picked the kind of men they usually go for and werent willing to go outside their picker box.

  17. Not a Nick fan…and he has that holier than thou attitude! That’s why all the guys were not accepting of him when he "sleazed" in on their turf. The earlier seasons had the contestants waiting until the final rose, so why is everyone wanting it to be over prior to the very end? Remember, there’s 3 "players" in this, the Bachelor/Bachelorette, the contestants and the Producers of the show. Don’t for a second discount how the Producers impact the dynamic here, i.e. allowing Nick onto the scene…

    1. Do you know Nick personally that you can make that comment about him? I think Nick’s has confidence and a risk taking attitude which seems to bring out the judgemental side in the men. If the men all knew and owned their uniqueness they wouldn’t feel the need to criticize Nick.

  18. Anyone who says anything bad about this guy has serious issues and should take a long hard look in the mirror.

  19. Nick fan from the start and everything you could want in a man. Things happen for a reason…he deserves a greater love and he will find that. Lots of love Nick and may you find the happiness you deserve 🙂

  20. I love Nick from Andi season,and love him even more now.He handle yesterday After the Final Rose with class and grace.Hope he finds true love sooner or later

  21. Thank you Ali for the interview with Nick. He is a good guy and deserves so much better than Kaitlyn (or Andi) so, he, is actually the winner. It was sad to see Kaitlyn roll her eyes (After the Final Rose), when Nick said she had said on multiple occasions, she was in love with him (I am sure she did not want Shawn to hear that one). And quite amusing when after Shawn’s proposal, she said we can now say it out loud that we love each other, "you are the only one", when hours before she was still professing her love for Nick and her confusion loving two guys. And then, on GMA, this am, Shawn making fun of Nick for tossing the ring "underhanded"….really, still jealous and immature. I loved Nick’s comeback that what he felt was more than a moment… is why he went after her…he was not there to make buddies and best friends for life…..he seems to have lots of good friends and family in his life and will meet that special girl to share his life with…

    1. agree w/ everything you wrote Connie. I saw a couple interviews where Kaitlyn & Shawn were acting classless by laughing at Nick’s pain. Even on Jimmey Kimmel Kailtyn referred to Nick as the other guy & laughed. Very rude & insensitive. I wonder if Chris Soules had shown her the same disrespect how she would feel. It seems so unnecessary to be so cruel

  22. Great interview.. I didn’t hate Nick on Andi’s season but I did think he was a tad creepy. I was team Josh tho (huge mistake) Moving forward to this season. Nick was a completely different man with Kaitlyn. He was mature, nice, non conformational and truly into her. I think Shawn was completely out of line to treat Nick the way he did, to disrespect him when he went to his room to talk things out, and then again last night and this morning, blasting him for throwing the ring(s) underhanded. It so unnecessary and just not a good look. I like Shawn and I pray it works out, but I am not a fan of talking shit about the "other one"… And Kaitlyn for rolling her eyes and just being so cold to Nick.. Just shocking I guess. I hope they live happily ever after. Nick will find his forever.. Maybe in BachelorNation, hopefully off screen.

  23. I was shocked by the outcome of this season and didn’t see any of the signs in the finale pointing to Shawn (I guess a lot was edited). I’m reminded of the season with Jason as The Bachelor and how he picked Melissa, but ended up with Molly. Choosing between 2 people is the nature of the show, but it also seemed very strange and false how the season ended. It shows that the environment of this franchise can mess with the people on the show (and viewers too-which is scary). I do think Caitlyn loved Nick but didn’t want to show any of that on ATFR. It was disturbing to see her coldness. I hope Nick is stronger for this experience and finds a great partner who loves as deeply as he does and trusts that he is the one.

  24. Well, I gotta say, I absolutely adore Nick. I’ve never become invested in entertainment personalities before, but dangit I’m obsessed with this guy! Nick really has "something". People either love to love him or love to hate him (I do not understand the hate at all).
    He’s sexy, sweet, smart and funny and I want to see more of him. Whether he becomes the Bachelor or a movie star (hint hint to who ever can make that happen) this guy is solid gold! Ali – thank you for being Team Nick. Nick, I hope you find what or who you or looking for, but I really hope I see you around for a long while.

  25. Nick and I have a few friends in common. It is common knowledge that he was campaigning to be The Bachelor after Andi’s season. Ironically, he became interested in Kaitlyn when there were rumors that she might be involved with the next season of The Bachelorette. Coincidence? And I can tell you that, very shortly after The Bachelorette ended that my friends and I heard directly from a family member of Nick’s that he was very interested in being considered as the next Bachelor. Heartbroken? Nah… he wants his 15 minutes and the spotlight. He very well may be a ‘nice’ guy for the cameras, but Nick is calculating. And what kind of a guy throws the women he supposedly loves under the bus the first chance he gets. No gentleman I know does that; broken heart or not, you don’t do it. So many people cannot be wrong in there dislike for him.

  26. (1) Andi and Kaitlyn threw Nick under the bus as far as I am concerned; (2) if he does indeed want his 15 minutes of fame then he’s in good company because they all want that; (3) Note to Nick – watch out for Courtney.

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