Good Morning Bachelor Nation #GMA

Hey guys! Set your DVR’s and/or tune in to GMA tomorrow morning!!! Why? Because I’m going to be on along with some of your favorite peeps from the Bachelor Franchise. It was soooo good to see everyone. When we all get together, it feels like one big family.

I’ll get more into what went down on GMA, but since this is my fashion blog, you know I have to talk about my outfit, duh! This Joie dress was perfect for the occasion because I wanted to be comfortable (you guys know me!), and I wanted to feel like myself. The small town girl who is a hopeless romantic that did the Bachelor 5 years ago and never could have imagined where it would take her in life. This dress just felt like ME 🙂 And of course I added super girlie blush pumps to finish off the look.

I also did my own makeup so I would feel like the girl who signed up who the Bachelor 6 years ago online with a co-worker because I desperately wanted the love I saw unfold on the show. I wanted my makeup to look natural – before I knew anything about highlighting or false lashes. Ha! So I stuck with my favorite Mascara and a nude lip. Again, I wanted to feel like the old me and I did. I felt YOUNG and FREE!


Ok, back to the show. Here is who you will see on GMA tomorrow – me, Andi, Sean, Catherine, Desiree, Chris, Farmer Chris, Claire and Lacey. Oh, and let’s not forget the man who has been there since the beginning, Chris Harrison! Lara Spencer and Chris ask us some tough questions about the show and love. And later in the week, GMA will air a fun game that we play! Who will win?! The MARRIED COUPLES or those STILL SEARCHING?! Ha! Tune in to see it all go down!

I also took some behind the scenes pics that I wanted to share. And if you want even MORE pics, sign up for my newsletter (Click HOME at the top of this page and the place to enter your email is on the right-hand sidebar). I’ll be sharing a few more photos that ONLY my subscribers get to see 🙂

Chris might just be the NICEST guy on the planet. Such a stand-up guy. And Andi is so fun to be around! She is so spunky and says whatever is on her mind. I love that about her!

I need to take a minute to talk about the complete sweetheart that Catherine Lowe is. She really  is so so sweet, nice AND FUNNY! I adore her.

For more pics and behind the scenes stories sign up for my newsletter on my homepage! Oh and come back to tomorrow because I’ll be posting exclusive VIDEO from behind the scenes at GMA that you will ONLY see here 🙂

xoxo Ali

13 Thoughts

13 thoughts on “Good Morning Bachelor Nation #GMA

  1. So, since your no longer with enews now your focusing on the most recent bachelor/bachelorettes?..looks more like you dont want to get off the fame or cameras. You dont see any of the others looking for the camera like you. At one point or another your going to have to disappear & make a normal life like Ashley & JP. They are my favorites because they were really honest about finding their husband & wife.

    1. Amen to that, it always baffles me why people comment on or about people they clearly don’t like, yes we have a freedom to speech in this country but I am going to use a favorite Dr Phil quote of mine "Never pass up a good opportunity to shut up"

  2. Sandy, why does it matter? As long as she is living a happy and content life with whatever it is she does, it’s not your place to judge. Not everyone enjoys the conventional 8-5 job.

  3. I get that you are trying to re-invent yourself after being let go by E-news, but you are coming off as a little desperate. Most of these fashion shoots look very unnatural. You have a lot going for you, don’t sell out and become one of those people who over-tweets so that people won’t forget you. Also, why does no one else in this group feel the need post anything about this?

  4. Ha. People are funny. I’m not at E anymore by choice. I have so many other things I work on. Like another show that I will be announcing soon.

  5. Ali thanks for all the fasion tips and for being positive so often in times when Im sure it would be hard for me to do! Enjoy your success with a smile. Xoxo 🙂

  6. KAY Sandy, if you don’t have anything positive to say, don’t say anything and stay off Ali’s site. I LOVE ALI and what she stand for. Ali your FANS love to follow you, I check my iPad all the time. We love your fashion and reading your blog. Ali you should have your on fashion line. I am very proud of you keep doing what you love doing. You are a positive. classy and beautiful young lady.

  7. Sandy R…..You are very judgmental and insensitive….You do not know my daughter from Adam and I feel as though someone, and right now I guess it will be me, should ask you to refrain from commenting on Ali’s web site…..With all due respect, your denigrating my daughter is not the least bit attractive.

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