Chuck Taylors are Getting a Makeover!!!

Those of you who have been following me since my Bachelorette Days know I LOVE Chuck Taylors. And I wear them a lot – here, here, and here. Heck, I even wore a pair to a rose ceremony during Jake’s season of the Bachelor. It was the second rose ceremony of the season and I wore them with a short black dress because it was a long night and I wanted to be comfortable. Ha!

Well, comfort and Chucks aren’t normally words that are paired together. Anyone who ones a pair of these know that after walking in them for a few hours your feet HURT – A LOT. I actually went on a hike with my girlfriend Ashley the other day (Check out her super cute blog HERE!) and she wore chucks and needless to say, her feet did not feel nice afterwards.

But good news! Chucks are getting a makeover! According to Bloomberg, Converse plans to release a pricier version of their Chuck Taylor’s that has a sole made of Lunarlon. Lunarion is a lightweight, bouncy foam that is used in Nike’s running shoes. The look of Chucks but the feel of a Nike running shoe? I’M SOLD!

I CANNOT WAIT! Are you as excited as I am? Tell me in the comments below.

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8 thoughts on “Chuck Taylors are Getting a Makeover!!!

  1. I just wore a pair to a rock concert a couple nights ago! My feet didn’t hurt too bad, but they can be terrible when you’re wearing them ALL day and you’re walking all over the place. I’m super excited! Wonder how much they’ll be.

  2. I am pumped! I love my chucks, I just had to buy a tub to hold them all! What I wouldn’t give for them to be more comfy and supportive, SO excited! From one Ali/Allie to another – cheers to comfier chucks!

    <3 Allie

  3. Ali!! Omg- my feet are STILL hurting. I wasn’t wearing socks on our hike, if you remember, so it’s my fault, but I have blisters on my toes!! This is great news. And thanks for the shout out on my new blogging journey!

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all my Chuck Taylor’s. I have them in so many colors. I’m super excited for the makeover of one of my favorite shoe.

  5. Don’t mean to burst anyone’s bubble, but Chuck Taylors are the high tops in the second photo – not the low-cut sneakers. Those low cut ones will continue to be just as uncomfortable! LOL

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