Is Ben Z. the Next Bachelor?

Man, my feelings about the guys at the MTA were seriously bipolar last night. At first, I was annoyed with a lot of them because they wouldn’t stop bickering. Then, I loved them all when they stood up and applauded Kaitlyn after Chris Harrison addressed the cyber bullying. Then, I went back to being annoyed with them when they were questioning Kaitlyn for following her heart with Nick.

Let’s start with Ian’s apology. It was so odd and awkward at first, but in the end, I think he was pretty genuine. Look, part of me thinks he’s still vying for a spot as the next Bachelor. I mean come on, he totally got down on one knee to show us what he would look like proposing as the Bachelor right? One last desperate attempt. Ha. Kidding. He has got to know he stands no chance of ever being The Bachelor. I just think he felt really bad about how horribly he acted, and wanted to apologize and redeem himself at the same time. It worked in my opinion. Kaitlyn accepted his apology and I think America did too. Well, I did at least.

Ian – Always on his knee, but doesn’t get the girl

Now onto Kupah. Oh Kupah Troopa. What I can’t stand about him is that he voted for Brit, which basically means he came on the show for Brit over Kaitlyn, buuuuuut he thinks it was wrong for Nick to come on the show for Kaitlyn? This makes NO sense to me. Just because Kaitlyn talked to Nick a few times, that doesn’t mean she was sure she wanted to get engaged to him or even date him. She would have had NO way of knowing that the producers would even allow Nick to come on the show. She left for the Bachelorette thinking she would never be with Nick because she was going to meet 25 guys to potentially get engaged to. It must have been such a nice surprise when Nick showed up. She would have been crazy not to have him come on the show, knowing she was attracted to him.

But yes, I see where the guys are coming from in terms of being upset about Nick coming on the show. But they kept accusing Kaitlyn of knowing she wanted Nick before the show, and said she shouldn’t have become the Bachelorette if she liked Nick. Really? Because she flirts with a guy via text a few times, she shouldn’t accept a once in a lifetime opportunity to be the Bachelorette and potentially find the man she’s supposed to marry?? Yeah, I don’ t think so. Also, I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again. This show is about finding love, and if she thinks it could potentially be with Nick, then she would be doing a disservice to all the guys by NOT letting him come on the show. Would you really want to marry a girl thinking she may have chosen someone else?

Now let’s talk about Ben Z. I can still hear the audience screaming after Chris Harrison called his name. Ha! Ben Z is being set up as what I like to call the “BB” – the Back-up Bachelor. When Chris Harrison asked “have you cried since?” He was totally setting up a potential season with Ben Z as the bachelor and him finally crying for all of us to see.  And if he does become the Bachelor, we WILL see him cry. Trust me. The producers will make sure he cries. It will be their main objective the entire season. But I think the only way Ben Z will be the Bachelor is if Ben H turns it down.

Speaking of Ben H, I don’t have a ton to say about him from last night other than I was loving the behind the scene info he was sharing. Overall he was wholesome as always. Exactly how the producers would want him to be if they were setting him up as the next Bachelor. We shall see in time.

Now let’s talk about Cyber Bullying. I am so glad the the show took this opportunity to shed light on how hurtful cyber bullying can be. You could see it in Kaitlyn’s eyes. I know many people think it’s okay to say horrible things to her because she is a public figure now, but that’s just not okay to think. Kaitlyn is human. She is JUST… LIKE… YOU. Just because she is on a show that millions of people watch, it doesn’t make her less human. Don’t people realize that a year ago no one outside of her personal life knew who she was? She was just a normal girl in Vancouver living her life. Just because she took this giant leap of faith to be the Bachelorette, doesn’t keep her from feeling hurt. It doesn’t shield her from self loathing. Sadly, she looks in the mirror just like you and I do and picks herself apart – wants to be prettier, smarter, skinnier. She is an everyday woman. We should be building her up just like you would a sister, a friend or a best friend. So often, I find people tweeting horrible things to me and I think “Do they think I’m a robot, non-human? Do they think I won’t read this or that I will read this and it won’t hurt?” My point in all this is that me, you, Kaitlyn, we are all just people. People who want to be accepted and loved. Spread love today my friends. Spread beautiful, love and respect.

What did you like or dislike about the MTA? Sounds off in the comments below!

I am REALLY looking forward to next weeks finale. The Shawn vs Nick showdown will surely not disappoint. Can’t wait to find out who Kaitlyn loves more than pizza 😉 Cause I REALLY love pizza.

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Love you guys!!!!! Thanks for reading me blog!

Until next week…

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43 Thoughts

43 thoughts on “Is Ben Z. the Next Bachelor?

  1. I agree 100%! It saddens me the way people talk about public figures on the internet. What good could that possibly do? I have really enjoyed reading your blog Ali. I never watched the whole Bachelor franchise until Chris Soles season and I was hooked. I’ve adored Kaitlyn since she stepped out of the limo to meet Chris. Thank you for taking the time to recap and give us your input. Looking forward to Bachelor in Paradise….I miss Jared!! ?

  2. I agree with you for the most part except for Kupah. This reminds me of the situation with Britt & Carly. Carly got mad at Britt because she told people she liked Arlington but when she first got there she didn’t. People can change their mind!! Kupah may have chose Britt in the beginning but then he could have realized Kaitlyn is just as great or even better. Its not the crime of the century to change your mind. Also, I do agree that Kaitlyn was bullied but why didn’t they address them on previous seasons? Love reading blogs & sad that you have one more left!

    1. I think they addressed it this season because there was confirmed sex on the show and so many people have been slut-shaming Kaitlyn for doing it. I’d like to see how people would handle having all their dating choices and mistakes aired for millions to see? We’ve all messed up, it doesn’t mean we should be public ally humiliated and shamed by every person with an opinion.

    1. Did you even read anything in her blog post? How could you be so rude for no reason. First off Ali is HOT HOT HOT and not at all chunky. But even if she was, who are you to say that she is. I doubt you’re perfect. If you don’t have anything nice to say, keep your mouth shut.
      Ali, you rock girl. Keep doing you.

  3. loved your thoughts hun! 🙂 I agree- I totally think Ian was genuine! 🙂 What more could we ask of him right?

  4. Well here I go! First I have always loved Ali since she was on Jakes season and then her own. Next, I am older, over 65 and have always been my own person and done what I wanted, sexually and work wise. I feel that social media has given people that are very judgemental a voice where they feel hidden and don’t have to be responsible for their comments because no one will really know who they are. Just my opinion. Also, I really love Kaitlyn and how she handles herself and her honesty. I do not think that Britt would have been so open and so capable of tough conversations. I must say that I did not see where Chris Soules or Britt were condemned in public on social media when they "took a nap" together. Ah, that’s right, the old double Standard! Well I and my husband have really enjoyed this season and how it was done. From Kaitlyn, to not so many travel spots, to average, fun dates with the guys, to her crazy sense of humor! Great show. And I would be happy with Ben H or Ben Z as the bachelor. I also feel that Ian was being sincere, he mentioned he had also gotten nasty comments on social media. I got confused though. Is Kuppa the same as Jonathan? Jonathan said he was upset about Nick coming on but Kuppa and Jonathan voted for Britt. Kuppa went home upset from California. Anyway, no biggie. Good Job Alie!

  5. I wouldnt say Kaitlyn is my favorite bachelorette – but her season has be a lot more human then some of the past because she is a very dynamic person. I hope she holds onto the clapping everyone did at the shows and forgets those horrible messages to her. I am for one, REALLY glad that Bachelor decided to take a stand with Kaitlyn on this and if I were those cyber bullies I’d be so ashamed.

    Thanks Ali! I love reading your recaps – you always seem to be able to pull the positives out and focus on that 🙂

    P.S. I am SOOOO excited for Paradise!!!!

  6. I think its funny how the guys & viewers say it not fair to bring Nick on. But some seasons have started off w/ 30 contestants instead of 25, like Andi’s I think. Half the guys were there for Britt, Brady left first night for her. So adding just one more guy is all of a sudden unfair. I don’t think so. The guy’s chances of being on the show & being w/ Kaitlyn have nothing to do w/ Nick & everything to do w/ their connection w/ Kaitlyn. I just find it so illogical that people argue otherwise.

  7. I don’t think Kaitlyn was as considerate and thoughtful to the other guys. She seemed selfish, and all she cared about was Shawn. She didn’t give any other guy’s courtesy and I’m glad Tanner called her out on it. Also when Ben asked her about why she didn’t tell him about the Nick situation & told Shawn, that was very sad that she used honesty being important to Shawn as an excuse. I’m sure honesty is important to Ben as well. Oh & how rude was it that she climbed into a king bed w/ Shawn right in front of Ben! That right there just proves how inconsiderate she is.

  8. Ali, thanks for your fresh, funny, positive blogposts. You are a real girl. Ok, so you’re prettier, thinner, younger, and have a bigger clothing budget than I do, but I still like you! Keep posting, and I’ll keep reading.

  9. I think you’re spot on about Ben Z, his recap video of the season was practically five minutes long showcasing his most sincere moments on the show. He’s a hardworking handsome man that has a sensitive side and also a sense of humor. He’s a guy other dudes would be proud to call his friend and a man a girl would be head over heels for. I get the hype about Ben H, he always says the right thing and is extremely punctual unlike a señor Juan Pablo. But I don’t think he’s the best choice. I’m clearly Team Ben Z, and I’d go crazy if he became the bachelor, but I love this show and the entire bachelor nation so much that no matter who they choose I know it’ll be the right decision. Thanks for posting Ali!!

  10. I do not agree with the cyber bullying at all!! But am I the only one who thought she was doing the same and bullying JJ and Clint at the end? With her jokes? I thought that was completely inappropriate.

    1. yes, especially after all they did was defend her. You can tell they’re tired of the gay twist on their friendship. It would have been nice for her to show them some respect

      1. Speaking of! I thought Clint really held himself extremely well and mature. He didn’t acknowledge the comments that dragged him down and he so properly articulated himself. I was impressed and actually think he is a pretty cool guy.

  11. I can’t figure out why Chris Harrison even thought it necessary to post and read those cyber bullying comments. That was very cruel, and then in the next breath tell Kaitlyn he would have his kids look to her as a role model. Is that hypocritical or not? Just want to hear what others thought of this^ whole thing. If you don’t agree, that is fine, everyone has their opinions.

    1. He read it to bring attention to what was being said about her. Not all viewers go online and not all viewers were aware of the severity of the comments.

      He said that he would take her as a role model for his kids over any of those people who were dolling out the nasty comments.

      Honestly, I don’t understand why people look someone up to say something negative. I don’t even know if I’m necessarily opposed to people sounding off rude comments, but what I seriously don’t get is when they go out of their way to find the person on the internet and DIRECT the comments at them. That takes a lot of effort and it doesn’t make any sense to me. It also doesn’t seem normal.

  12. I must say that I think the producers of the show should be getting some of the backlash…no matter what, the cyber bullying was wrong-perhaps a better job of editing needs to be done-I for one don’t feel the need to hear explicitly some of the things broadcast this season (we all guessed what what was going on before). It’s still prime time on a major network!

    1. there whole story line was based on telling Shawn he’s the one, yet sleeping w/ Nick. They’re the final two. I don’t see how they could have edited it any other way & provided context to the relationship dynamics at play

  13. Hey Ali,first off just want to say I love you, have been following you since you have become part of the batch family. I agree with you on everything , I do think Ben H will be the next batch but would be happy with Ben z as well.I think this season has been filled with drama but Kaitlin has stayed true to her heart.

  14. Hey Ali,first off just want to say I love you, have been following you since you have become part of the batch family. I agree with you on everything , I do think Ben H will be the next batch but would be happy with Ben z as well.I think this season has been filled with drama but Kaitlin has stayed true to her heart.

  15. I LOVED your season! My all-time favorite shows were yours and Melissa’s. I have seen your FB page and on here and I am always amazed at some of the hurtful things people post. Thankfully most of it good, but there is that occasional person that posts something rude or hurtful, (Like LO). You are beautiful inside and out and so glad to see you happy w/ your dog, boyfriend and in your new home.
    My pic is Ben H, but I wouldn’t mind Ben Z either.

  16. The thing is, once she was intimate with Nick, no one else had a chance, it was Nick vs. Shawn. There were still 9 guys left, still a ways to go. At that point, i wonder if she could have dismissed everyone else, and go down to the final two.

    1. see i think thats where she was a bit self centered & inconsiderate. The fact that she zeroed in on just 2 guys & pretty much ignored all other relationships. She shouldn’t have been sneaking down & climbing into bed w/ Shawn. Thats a full 6 hours & the only time the other men get is 20 minutes at the rose ceremony & group dates. Of course she’s going to bond w/ just Shawn.

  17. I hope Ben Z should be the next bachelor. Just something about him that none of the other guys have…except for Shawn : ) And hopefully Shawn is happily engagedcto Kaitlynn!!! Nick just needs to go away. I tried to have an open mind with him, but he is still the arrogant a••hole that blabbed and acted like an immature child with Andi. He came to the show to "win".. Not to fall in love. Just my opinion!! Shawn is a real man!!

  18. Ian seemed like a genuinely nice guy who really regretted his behavior. He showed alot of humility. Being a introvert in a house full of extroverts can be challenging and everyones acted out in ways they later regret. I’m all about forgivness & moving forward 🙂

  19. I love both Ben’s! But am I the only one, that whenever Ben H was on the screen that would hear the theme song from The Brady Bunch? He looks like Peter Brady!! 😉

  20. The show is probably staged the majority of the time. If it’s true that most of the bachelor/bachelorette stars have sex with suitors, why did the producers this season decide to make it a part of the show this time? If Kaitlynn is getting hate mail and death threats, isn’t that the fault of the producers of the show for making it what it seems to be by viewers. Kaitlynn must’ve consented to such a portrayal of herself. Why is when some suitor is secretly going off to the room of the bachelor or bachelorette, you see him or her knock at his or her door then to a camera shot inside the room where the bachelor or bachelorette is seen opening the door to SURPRISE a suitor at the door. Like invisible cameras are floating around following everyone. That’s called being staged.

  21. Because of the snapchat Kaitlyn released we all know she chooses Shawn. But it’s a shame. I think she has a better chance of a longer relationship with Nick. Shawn is way too insecure and she’s a friendly girl. I was turned off by how he was unable to handle his emotions. I also noticed every time she talked about him the first thing she would say is he’s "good looking." This seems more of a physical relationship than a mental one, which is where I think her and Nick connect more on. I just feel bad for Nick if he does in fact propose. She should have let him go before he did that. I hope he’s over it by now.

    1. I agree. I feel like Shawn & her do have a magical connection, but over time his jealousy will bring an end to the relationship. Whereas w/ Nick, I feel like he’s not the jealous/insecure type at all. Nick wouldn’t be bothered by Kaitlyn being the center of attention. I guess time will tell, but if Kaitlyn is on dancing w/ the Stars ( which I’m sooo hoping she is ) I feel like Shawn won’t be able to handle it. Especially if a hot funny & charming guy like Derek Hough is her dance partner.. I mean can you imagine how jealous & insecure he’d be! I think I want Kailtyn to be on DWTS for just that simple fact lol

      1. I like Nick better for Kaitlyn,but everybody knew who she pick.I don’t think she is going to be on Dancing with the stars,She got a lot of hate this season,and she is not favorite bachelorette.I like Derek Hough,and Kaitlyn met him at GMA this spring .She also post pictures with him on instagram and she said he is her "MAN CRASH".Chris farmer was fan favorite and his season has high ratings that’s why he was on Dancing with the stars

  22. Nck is not going to be bachelor.I read Chris Harrison interview and he said Nick was already on 2 season,and people either love him or hate him.Its going to be between 2 Bens who is going to be bachelor.I really like Nick and I would like to see him as a bachelor,but is not going to happened.If Kaitlyn didn’t pick Shawn,he wouldn’t be bachelor either,cuze Chris said he doesn’t have what takes to be bachelor and people also either like him or hate him like Nick.

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