Ian on His Knees

Ian likes getting on his knees for Kaitlyn 🙂

Writing my blog on the MTA. and I’ll say what I thought about Ian’s apology and MUCH MORE! It will be up first thing tomorrow. Subscribe to my newsletter on my homepage and be the FIRST to get my blog tomorrow.

xoxo Ali

3 Thoughts

3 thoughts on “Ian on His Knees

  1. Kailtyn is the worst Bachelorette because she disrespected every guy there except for Shawn. She said she told Shawn about Nick because trust is important to him.. and trust isn’t important to Ben? Or any of the other guys? She is the most selfish person & showed absolutely no courtesy for the others INCLUDING Nick. She didn’t even have enough courtesy to tell Nick she informed Shawn about them being intimate. Kaitlyn is brags about being honesty.. wow, she is the last thing from being honest. Shes DISHONEST, SELFISH, & a HYPOCRITE!

  2. I respect Ian for this!! you can tell he’s genuinely a good guy. We all have our insecurities & sometimes they get the best of us. Ian if you read this, don’t let negative comments get you down. Just laugh it off! That incident is in the past & it doesn’t define you. So many people have done silly stuff and it’ll all be forgotten about. 🙂

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