Next Bachelor?

So who will be the next Bachelor? Let’s TACO bout it!

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We said goodbye to Ben last night. Don’t go crying any tears for him just yet. I am almost certain he will be the next Bachelor. He’s cute, wholesome, and good at expressing his feelings. And, it seem like America adores him. But what I’m concerned about is whether or not he is too wholesome? The reason I liked Kaitlyn so much as the Bachelorette is because she is a fire cracker and unpredictable. Would Ben be boring? I don’t know. Don’t get me wrong, I think he is the sweetest thing ever, but I don’t know if he could carry the show. But then again, the drama of the show is really all about the contestants. And yes, I realize E! Online is reporting the Ben is in fact the next Bachelor. I know for a fact that nothing has been signed yet and the article is simply speculating that Ben is ABC’s guy. We’ll know for sure when we watch After the Final Rose.

But here is a crazy thought. What if Nick was the Bachelor? Hear me out, hear me out. It’s no secret that I’ve been a fan of Nick since the beginning. I think he is extremely well spoken, a romantic guy, and he isn’t afraid to do his own thing. It would be exciting to watch Nick as the Bachelor. And he obviously has a way with women. Andi and Kaitlyn both fell hard for Nick. 25 women might just lose their minds. Would you want to see Nick as the Bachelor? I would. But I just hope his poor momma could take it! It broke my heart seeing how much she fears her son will end up hurt.

Whoever the next Bachelor might be, let me leave him (especially if it’s Nick) with one piece of advice. Turn your mic off if you end up behind closed doors with one of the ladies. I repeat, TURN YOUR MIC OFF if you’re getting down and dirty. Got it? Spare yourself the embarrassment and spare our ears. Thanks, Future Bachelor!

Is it obvious yet that I think Shawn wins? Well, I do. Kaitlyn seems to be losing interest in her relationship with Nick since Dublin. So she lost interest after sex – Oh my gosh she’s a dude! Ha. Totally kidding. But I’m glad she is able to see her relationships beyond just the physical. I honestly think I got too caught up in the physical (and the romance of it all) during my season. I should have focused on what’s practical, instead of the fairytale and I like that Kaitlyn seems to be doing just that.

Well the finale will be Shawn VERSUS Nick. Mike Fleiss (the creator of the show) couldn’t have dreamed up a better scenario. They’ve been rivals all season and now it comes down to this ultimate showdown! The BATTLE for Kaitlyn’s heart! Ha. It’s sounds like a cheesy WWE match and I’m into it.

Luckily, for both of these guys, they shouldn’t have to see each other again for the rest of the season. Unless the producers set it up so they DO see each other. Which wouldn’t surprise me.

And next week is the Men Tell All. I honestly think this will be one of the best MTA’s ever!!!! Think of all the drama Kaitlyn went through – Tony, Ian, Clint, JJ. It’s seems like every guy she had was quite the character. And so many questions. How is Tony’s bonsai tree doing? Did Clint and JJ make up? Did Ian have that sex that he so desperately needed??? Important stuff here, people!

Until next week…

xoxo Ali

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103 thoughts on “Next Bachelor?

    1. Am I the only one that wants Brooks back from Dessy’s season back as the batchelor? He is entertaining, handsome and honest. I really think he would make a great batchelor.

      1. I don’t want him back. I don’t think he was honestly ready for marriage and a long-term commitment. He panicked at the first sign of falling in love. Scary.

    2. You would be one of the few if you were to follow through. Many people say they won’t watch, as the did earlier this season, yet the ratings have grown.

  1. The ABC or types have already leaked the choice while producers are extending the drama with Ben Z being brought up beside Chris Harrison at TMTA in a surprise/teaser audition. Add that to Kaitlyn’ nearly scripted praise of Ben last night as the perfect guy for someone…

  2. I love that you LOVE Nick! I don’t understand why people hate on him so much. I thought he handled himself so well this entire season and seemed nothing but sincere. I cried last night seeing his family talk about how scared they are for Nick to do this again. It breaks my heart she is going to pick Shawn. I think she is making a mistake, but hey it’s not my call to make! I would love to see Nick as next bachelor but I don’t think it’ll happen, I agree I like Ben but do not see him being the lead of the show. Time will tell! Thanks for the insight!

  3. I think Nick would make a good bachelor. He has changed a lot since the first go around. I say team Nick!

  4. I am just not a fan of Nick. I think he says all the right things at the right times. I’m not saying he doesn’t truly care, because how would I know. I just think if she wants a legitimate relationship… Shawn would be better for her. Although…who really knows but her. 🙂 Of course Ben is my favorite, but I didn’t see her and Ben together forever. I wasn’t shocked at all he didn’t get a rose, but I REALLY hope he finds an awesome lady! Hopefully on the next Bachelor! ?

  5. All Ian’s comments to Kaitlyn just sound like his real objective might have been to position himself for the next Bachelor. IMOzo, what a douche. Team Shawn.

  6. I totally agree Nick would be so interestigng to watch! He’s articulate, is true to himself, and wears his heart on his sleeve. & I really think he deserves it more than any other contestant. He seems to really be looking for love, contrary to popular belief of him trying to prolong his 15 minutes. I see Kaitlyn’s attraction to Nick also quickly fading, but I think its due to all the guilt she felt from having sex. I see her holding back w/ Nick now because she’s already given her heart to Shawn. I really see that true love connection between Shawn & Kaitlyn, but I really don’t see it lasting long. Considering how Shawn conducted himself w/ Nick during that heated conversation shows that he is very emotionally immature, easily angered, and doesn’t resolve issues through calm collective discussions. I also don’t think he seems that trustworthy & I can see him cheating on Kaitlyn.That eskimo brothers comment is a huge red flag & i’m glad Nick called him out on it!

  7. Why would you say you like Nick, when he was not a original bachelor? Really, why did he have to be brought back at all, ratings? Why couldn’t he just ask her out with out them getting to spend however long you all spend in this fairy tale type of place? Nick should not have ever been allowed to be on the show. It appeared when he first came back, she was like it is over for rest of the guys, she has been so into Nick, esp after showing way to much of their sexual encounters. I like Ben, but he is way to good for Kaitlyn, and I personally think Shawn as well. I am not even speaking about Nick, he should not have been on show.

    1. why is him being one of the 25 original contestants even relevant to considering him as the bachelor?

  8. I can’t understand what Andi, Kaitlyn & Ali all see in Nick. I find him quite INarticulate, especially given that he mumbles most of the time. Also, he makes very little eye contact and talks with his hand in front of his mouth (shady). Finally, I don’t think he’s good-looking, but that is just personal taste. I’m not crazy about the long-term potential with Shawn however – he has problems having a whole, calm convo (unless that’s just poor editing). I really get the feeling Kaitlyn isn’t ready to be married yet anyway – nothing wrong with that. I think Ben would make a wonderful Bachelor – hopefully ABC sees it my way!

    1. Totally disagree about Nick. He diverts his eyes at times because he’s shy. My husband, who is an amazing man, does the same thing!

  9. Ben seems to be the safe pick, but honestly I feel like producers will be taking a huge risk if he’s chosen. I found myself constantly fast forwarding everytime Ben had a date which made me realize he’s not that fun or exciting to watch! He’s sweet, wholesome, handsome, nice, charming, and seems to be an all around great guy, but he definitely lacks the confidence & dynamic personality to be cast as the lead. I didn’t watch Juan Pablo’s season because I also didn’t find him interesting & I really can’t see myself watching next season if Ben is the bachelor.

  10. Finally!! I have no idea why everyone hates Nick! (I already know what people say about him, but it’s lame and without substance.) He’s adorable, sexy, smart, and seems like he has such a wonderful and loving family. He would make a fabulous bachelor! Shawn seems high maintenance and a bit immature. Thank you Ali for a voice of reason. You’ve always been my favorite bachelorette. 🙂 Team Nick.

  11. I DO like Nick and I think she is really nuts if she choses Shawn. He is too jealous and if that is truly his way that relationship will never last . It can also turn abusive. Big mistake She should have kept Ben with Nick and that would have been an interesting pick. Couldn’t care less about Shawn. No class..

  12. Just read the comment below & I have to agree, Reality Steve is truly an idiot! He says himself that he’s only as good as his sources & I agree w/ that 100% ! If his sources told him pigs can fly and he would report it. He literally uses no critical thinking or reasoning skills of his own to form judgments on people. He’s so judgmental & constantly bashing Nick, yet he’s the last person to look down on anyone. I feel bad for him really. I mean he had a bday party & was so excited that 50 strangers showed up. How sad and pathetic does your life have to be that your happy to celebrate your bday w/ a room full of strangers. Now I understand why he’s so cynical . Also I use to read his blogs & he has the humor of a 13 year old boy.

    1. Here I am, laughing at you laughing at Reality Steve. Well, not exactly, but a good editor could make it look that way.

      It seems to me that you are considerably butt hurt that Steve doesn’t think Nick walks on water.

  13. In this episode it was very clear to me that Kaitlyn cares for Nick so much, but she’s in love w/ Shawn. I honestly don’t get why she would put Nicks family & nick through all that if she knew she was in love w/ Shawn & not w/ Nick. I also thought it was horrible for her to reveal everything Nick said about Shawn and really hasn’t said any specific things to Nick Shawn has been saying about him the whole time. Her actions there is revealing & shows more loyalty to Shawn, which is a shame because Nick has really been supportive towards her from day 1

  14. Did anyone notice when Kaitlyn asked Shawn why he hates Nick he said its because he doesn’t trust him & believe he’s there for the right reasons. Really? Its down to them 2 and he’s still saying this. Shawn is a joke, a true meat head. He blurts out accusations based on arbitrary speculations that are absent of any true factual based reasons. Nick had valid reasons for not respecting Shawn. 1. He didn’t respect someone who projects insecurites & doesn’t give people a chance and 2. He doesn’t respect men who feel the need to brag about sharing sexual partners.

    & what is Shawns response to Nicks points is always " See that’s why youre ridiculous, see that’s why I can’t talk to you"

    I think any reasonable person watching could see how little sense Shawn was making in both confrontations.

    1. I AGREE! Shawn is completely delusional! How is Nick ridiculous? He’s completely normal to not respect Shawn, I don’t one bit. I just wish Kaitlyn would see this. And how disrespectful he’s being toward her, when he tells her how much he hates Nick. What is she supposed to say to that? haha I don’t get it.

      1. You would laugh (or perhaps be outraged) at what Shawn’s handler was telling him on a daily basis about Nick — stoking the fires of jealousy from day one after Kaitlyn had already told producers that Shawn was "the one." Viewers see delusional in believing that Nick simply showed up in NY and walked onto a closed set and Kaitlyn just happened to meet him… Faced with a very boring season unless Kaitlyn were to deliver an award-winning performance, they did what they had to do and brought in Nick, with whom they knew Kaitlyn had been texting. It’s not hard to connect the dots, even if one is not creative or imaginative in the slightest.

    2. You bring up some great points!! I sort of overlooked Shawn and Nick’s conversation because it was painful to watch and all of the bickering annoyed me. But honestly, Shawn didn’t really let Nick talk, at all? And Nick brings up valid reasons why he doesn’t particularly like Shawn.
      I honestly think people seem to not like Nick because he is so well articulated and confident. If I was a man going against Nick I would probably be intimidated. I mean, Nick has got it going on in my opinion. A man that speaks well, is romantic, caring, handsome, and sweet? ATTRACTIVE.

    1. Kaitlyn herself commented on how lame Reality Steve is and how inaccurate he is on his judgment of people. When I form a belief of someone I go by their actions & behaviors. Everything about Nick, even his actions from Andi’s seasons has showed me he’s genuine & also quick to take responsibility for his actions. I hate that viewers believe just because majority of the guys disliked him then he’s automatically at fault when really he’s not. Both seasons the guys were just jealous & quick to judge! I have mad respect for Nick & his ability to handle all the unwarranted accusations & backlash. I feel horrible for him & his family though. I get frustrated just being a #teamnick viewer, can’t imagine how hard it is on them.

  15. yeah renae, i see what you mean. reality steve relies on his sources and uses that to base his opinion on nick. if nick was a bad as he states he is then why do they fall for him? steve says he went on for the wrong reasons,what the hell does he know? i mean its one thing to recap the show but why does he feel the need to make fun of people, not only nick but everyone. he bashes chris b and nick for going on numerous shows for the wrong reasons yet michelle money does the same and he has nothing bad to say. it just irritates me that he could talk so much crap about one people he does not even know. just recap and spoil the show no need to talk down on people

    1. Well, I strongly disagree. Steve is entitled to his opinion. Further, you really don’t know upon what info he actually bases his opinion. Steve is quite right that producers were very much aware that Nick had social media contact with Kaitlyn because they had access to her accounts — a now fundamental part of every reality show’s vetting process. Nick had numerous discussions with Fleiss’ producers before shooting the NY episode and ABC had signed off on his participation in the show. Nothing is random and nothing is left to chance; thus, Steve’s view is shaped by the Nick’s "collusion" with the show tainting the integrity of any interest he may actually have had in Kaitlyn. That he may have fallen for her during taping is entirely another matter entirely. Heck, I would have. She a catch just as Ali would be.

      1. of course hes entitled to his opinion but does he really need to make fun of them and bash them. i just dont think that thats necessary. his opinion on nick is so nasty and mean. he calls people who like nick trolls??? thats not ok.

        1. Steve is calling them "trolls" because of the way they behave in their support of Nick. I agree with him, so I guess your not OK with me. As a semi-retired reality TV producer, I make fun of a lot of people who watch reality TV. It keeps me sane. BTW, I strongly recommend "believers" watch "Unreal" on Lifetime. It’s about 85% the way most reality shows are actually made.

  16. I do believe thst Kaitlyn wont pick Nick. That would mean that Nick’s heart is broken again. I hope he knows not to take it that something is wrong with him. He was just with women who had their eyes on physicality more than substance.
    I would love that Nick be the next Bachelor. It will prove how totally charming and together he really is. It would be a great season.
    if by chance Shawn loses I hope he is the next Bachelor and he has lots of drama and kiss lots of women and can walk in Kaitlyn shoes. Maybe he wil mature through the process.

  17. I agree with you! Ben H seems like such a sweetheart, but possibly to a fault in terms of "the Bachelor". I am sure that it would be a good season with Ben, but probably not nearly as interesting as a season with Nick as the bachelor. Nick is romantic, sweet, sensitive, thoughtful, and truly deserves a great love. I am pretty much heartbroken for him right now because I really think Kaitlyn chose Shawn. I hope Nick realizes that there are plenty of women out there that would love to be with him. Maybe, just maybe, third time is a charm for Nick with the bachelor franchise?!

    1. I totally agree! I really like Nick, and don’t understand why people hate him and think he’s not genuine. I don’t get why Shawn does what he does either, and I think Kaitlyn should think twice about him. He calls one of her boyfriends, "the other guy", which I think is totally disrespectful to Kaitlyn especially. I would LOVE to see Nick as the Bachelor. These comments finally show some people who are team Nick and that there is hope for him! <3

  18. I, too, agree with Ali AND Ally! Nick is sweet, sensitive, articulate, and caring. I’m not sure about the producers’ editing job; perhaps behind the scenes Nick is different, but from what is being presented, I am floored at the bad rap he is getting. Shawn comes off as an arrogant jerk in his hot-headed confrontations with Nick. However, it is distinctly possible that the producers have edited the program to display that side of Shawn or even encouraged Shawn to act that way. Shawn seems immature to me, even in his relationship with Kaitlyn. It is obvious that Kaitlyn chooses Shawn because he is more "macho" and exciting to her. I do disagree with Ali one one point: I think much of Kaitlyn’s attraction IS pure lust and romance. Nick is a bit too quiet and deep for Kaitlyn in her estimation, I think. Ali, I am a licensed psychotherapist originally from the East coast (NJ, MA, CT) who is currently a happy California gal. I know that you have a similar background geographically. I was dismayed watching you pick Roberto because I knew he was not a good match for you, as sweet, handsome and passionate as he was. It was obvious that he was conservative, from a very traditional background, perhaps wanting a stay-at-home wife, and you were a California free spirit wanting a career! Too bad you didn’t call me for my input! Ha, Ha. Your posts are quite insightful. I also think Ben H is a doll, but may be a bit boring. Nick’s family (especially his Mom) love him so much, and it is terrible that they will be (already have been) heartbroken. By the way, I wonder why Shawn’s mother couldn’t make it to such an important get-together in Shawn’s – i.e., meeting Kaitlyn. It would have been interesting to see her.

  19. I forgot to add to my post below that, unfortunately, I give Kaitlyn and Shawn (assuming it is him, which is fairly clear) a ZERO chance of making it together. Make that FIVE percent! I am a psychotherapist with 30 years of experience working with couples. I hope I am wrong!

  20. Well, Ali, you finally lost me after all these years. Nick is not Bachelor material, just yuck! If they make him TB, then they lose me too!

    1. I second that. they ever have Nick as The Bachelor. I will never watch that show again. He’s a phony, he’s disgusting, & I wouldn’t waste my time watching him.

      1. People say such things all the time and they watch anyway just so they can tell their friends (or people they don’t even know on the Internet) that their opinion was right about X. You would have watched anyway, but you’re in luck. It isn’t Nick (and the contract has already been signed for the other guy).

  21. I can’t wait to see what Ian has to say now. Say whatcha want, but he was dead on about Kaitlyn. I wouldn’t watch a season with Nick or Shawn if Nielsen was cutting checks for it.

  22. I think BEN Z. really stood out as an all-round great guy! Strong ,sensitive and very handsome! I would love to see him as the next bachelor 🙂

  23. I dont think Shawn is good looking at all. His also very insecure & jealous. If Kaitlyn picks him, they wont last or walk down the aile. Kaitlyn is not the marrying type, at list she is not ready for marriage yet. I agree with Ali. Nick is nice & look looking & i wouldnt mind him being the next bachelor.

  24. When Kaitlyn cried after her overnight with Shawn saying she didn’t think it would go that well. Makes me think she wanted to pick Nick and now feels bad to break Shawn’s heart. I hope she picks Shawn. We will see.

  25. I don’t know if I would watch if Nick was the next bachelor? Maybe only to see a train wreck in motion. Would women even want to date him? He seems slimy! But could carry the show. I think Ben should be the next bachelor, but would he be interesting enough to carry a season? I hope they don’t do a double bachelor like this season. You would have an entirely different set of women for each guy.

  26. I really like Nick and I would love to see him as The Bachelor. He is a very interesting person. And adorable!

  27. I think this is the worst season ever. The guys have been terrible and Kaitlyn is hard to take. Is she really in love with all of them. She made out with everyone. She is not ready for a permanent relationship.

    Ali, if you had been practical on your season rather than following your heart, who would you have chosen? I think Roberto is an amazing catch! Wish he would consider being the bachelor.

  28. I didn’t see Kaitlyn losing interest in her relationship with Nick! I feel she will pick him. She said "promise" when he told her he loved her. She looked sad when Shawn told her (after meeting their families). Just my opinion! I think it would be great to see either Ben or Nick as the next Bachelor! But I think it will be Ben, as most people do not like Nick!

  29. I think she’s going to choose Nick… That’s all… I think it will be Nick.. If she should choose Shawn.. it will never last.. He’s way too insecure… That’s my take… We shall see what happens.

  30. I think the next bachelor should be Ben Z. He is just the cutest and sweetest ever!! except I’m not sure the limits on how far they go back to choose the bachelor, but I think Ben Z would be a perfect choice!! 🙂

  31. I found Kaitlyn’s season to take the title and honor of being the bachelorette to a new low. I also feel that is isn’t fair to put out there that Ben as a wholesome bachelor would be a boring season. Sean Lowe was a good wholesome guy and his season was great- which a wonderful end result. I do think that in order for one to judge they would have had to be sitting on the top of the ratings, and I am not sure your season proved to be the top of the heap. So with that said give Ben a chance.

    1. "Good and wholesome" has been a Disney fiction for some time. This season’s ratings have been a plus for The Bachelorette vs the past few seasons, so I think Fleiss and ABC are likely to continue their format experimentation they began with season by casting someone younger. Anyway, it’s Ben…

  32. Nick is great. Articulate, thoughtful, caring, good looking. He would make for a good bachelor. I like the Bens but they feel about 5 year too young.

    1. Maybe Fleiss (and/or ABC) wants to drive the show demographic younger and Ben is the perfect hook to do that. The average viewer age has been trending up a bit in recent seasons.

  33. This is my first season watching bachelorette, (gasp), my gf got me hooked on last season’s Bachelor…I think she will choose Nick…and not because either of them love each other, I see just lust and passion but no love…Shawn, I think he blew it by being so insecure. No secret Shawn hated Nick from the start. Seems like Kaitlin finally lost interest because of all the hissy fits. Ben (we call him Peter Brady, guess I’m showing my age :)…I love him, and think he’s too good for her. She would have ended up breaking his heart…

  34. Awesome blog! I agree with you. Ben is cute and sweet, but I don’t watch The show for cute and sweet! Lol! No, honestly he is 26. Too young! Go out and explore more buddy. Come back when you are 32 I say. When you feel like the well is dry. Anyone older then him is going to feel like a cougar and anyone younger, or the same age will be too young! Plus, Nick is the one who really needs a girl! Or maybe just some quiet time in an ashram.

  35. This is the first time I think the show will end without a "relationship" at the end. Nick seems like a good fit for Kaitlyn, but I think all the drama has taken away from things. I think that the season will end with Kaitlyn not accepting a proposal from either guy, but I think Nick and Kaitlyn will continue things after the show.
    As for the new Bachelor, both of the "Ben’s" are fantastic and deserving of a chance at love. I think with either of them as Bachelor we could look forward to more of the romance and character that the series has been missing the past few seasons.

  36. I think Nick would make an awesome Bachelor! He’s got just the right amount of quirkiness, charisma, and humor. Only problem is that he always says how he lives in his head vs living in the moment, so that would be a challenge trying to narrow down 25 ladies in just a few short weeks. I also adore Ben H. but think he might be a little boring as the Bachelor – – haven’t we already had enough bad luck with Ben Flajnik being literally the most boring, unwatchable bachelor ever? Literally the only season of the show I stopped watching after a couple episodes because he had the personality of a cardboard box. Unlike others, I don’t see Ben H’s age as a detriment. He’s a young guy who pretty clearly knows what he wants and that’s rare. My husband and I met when we were 21 and were married when we were 27. It’s all about your mindset and where you are at in life. Ben is clearly not a party guy, douche bag bro type, I don’t think he’s the type of guy who is into the chase but will get bored. I think he really knows what’s in his heart and what he’s looking for in a partner! Honestly, I think Chris Cupcake would make a great bachelor, too. He’s so genuine and sweet, but also a little weird/nerdy/quirky and funny!

    I think Kaitlyn should choose Nick, but Shawn seems to be everyone’s go-to. I can’t stand him and didn’t like from about episode 2 or 3. He’s far too possessive and would be a miserable person to be in a relationship with. He’s the type of guy who will be paranoid all the time, checking his gf/fiancee/wife’s phone, email, etc. which never makes for a healthy relationship. I think he has a lot of issues to work through before he can even think about being marriage material. I honestly don’t understand why people hate Nick so much. He was confident on Andi’s season because she never gave him a reason not to be. He called her out on national TV because she refused to return his calls/emails/texts and give him the closure that he needed to move on. If she didn’t want people do find out they had sex, she probably just shouldn’t have had sex with him! (DUH!)

  37. Ali your now doing periscope? Just because Kaitlyn is doing Periscope so I guess you have to copycat lol… Ali your do fake and just like test of these loners bachelor or bachelorette people on these shows which is all scripted. I hope they cancel these ridiculous shows and also stupid bachelor in paradise is another stupid show.

    People ill spill the beans and save you trouble. Kaitlyn will pick NO bachelor. She will be single and was just doing this stupid show just get attention like what all these wannabes are doing. Howi know this? Because show was over past months ago. So yes what your watching is not live.
    That’s why this shows should be cancelled because this is not true love to find.

    1. Obviously you have not read the spoilers that first appeared in their usual place (Reality Steve) and have now proliferated to at least a dozen sites, most ostensibly reporting from their own independent sources. And how do you discount the Snapchat pic — the "oops" from Chicago just weeks ago where Kaitlyn and Shawn are in bed together.

  38. This bachelor & bachelorette shows ratings sinking fast. Cause of it was having black people on show makes it look awkward. Don’t try mix color when we all know this is not a black show. If you want add roaches show it in bet shows. lol… Yes I hope they stop having these roaches included in these shows is what makes it failing.

  39. Ali, I’ve been a number one fan of Ben since day 1. I’m going to the casting just in case he is the next Bachelor. What should I wear… HELP!

  40. Did anyone else find it hilarious that Shawn accused Nick of acting like a 16 year old girl, when he’s the one that’s been acting like that! Nick isn’t the one who keeps referring to Shawn as "the other guy". How old is Shawn? He is so immature & has alot of growing up to do. I wasn’t surprised to find out he was the youngest child. He acts like a spoiled brat & throws a temper tantrum when he doesn’t get things his way like that time Kaitlyn gave Jared the group date rose instead of him.

  41. I think Nick and Shawn have both made mistakes during the season. Just like all of us, they are human and have human emotions. I have adored Shawn since the first episode. He seems to come from a family with high character and I see that in him, however I don’t see high character in Nick. To sleep with a girl you have been on one date with, while she is dating other men, is not respectable in a high quality man. I understand Shawn’s frustrations with Nick completely. I wouldn’t doubt if the only reason Nick started talking to Kaitlyn before the show is because he expected her to be the next bachelorette and just wanted to get close to her so he could get on the show. I do believe that Shawn reacted badly in his anger, but don’t we all? I couldn’t imagine loving someone so much, them telling me that I am THE ONE, then seeing them give other people roses ahead of me, or worse, even sleeping with someone else. Shawn and Kaitlyn have obviously been in love since the first night, and of course that has made the entire season a roller coaster for both of them. I hope they can work through both of their mistakes and find happiness together!
    I like both Bens! Each one has high character and respect and I think whoever they would choose would reflect themselves and could actually have a lasting relationship.

    1. If you rewatch that scene you’ll see Kaitlyn is the one who invited Nick & then initiated sex. He seemed confused and asked "what?".. then you see him in the next clip say "ok whatever". He’s there for Kaityn and only has loyalty to their relationship. Kaitlyn is the one who should be concerned about the other guys, not Nick.

  42. Thanks for the entertaining blog on the Bachelorette Ali!!

    I hope Kaitlyn DOES NOT choose Shawn!! He is so jealous. They will definitely not last because of his jealousy. He worships her. To me that is sickening !

    In spite of all the opinions of Nick I think a relationship between them would be long lasting.

    Thank you for describing Katlyn in such a positive manner. A FIRECRACKER! Love it. She has so much spunk. A nice change from the usual. Ben as Bachelor = boring IMO

  43. I don’t get why everyone hates Nick. I would love to see him as the next Bachelor. There must be something about him that two women have slept with him. His family seems so nice and close. I think deep down he is a sensitive and obviously sensual male who deserves a chance to be in the drivers seat. Ben is cute but too plain….no edge. We need some edge!

    1. I’m w/ you! I think Nick would be awesome to watch as the bachelor! it seems like Bachelor viewers are quick to root for the most recently elimated . Everyone wanted Ben Z, then Jared, and now everyone is rooting for Ben H. I’m hoping they give Nick a "nice guy" edit that he deserves this next episode so viewers can see the truth and stop unfairly hating him. I mean did you see him w/ his family? You can tell he’s a super nice guy who was misunderstood by the guys first season & prejudged this season.

      1. Nick has a certain sincerity to him that I think made it easy for both Andi & Kaitlyn to form a quick connection with him

  44. I honestly don’t get how Kaitlyn could lead both guys on like that when knowing she will have to end it soon. Emily was the most considerate and kind hearted. She didn’t have it in her to continue things w/ Arie. I wish Kaitlyn was more considerate & thoughtful with how her actions effect others & their feelings. I expected her to be more sensitive after she made a huge deal on how Chris wasn’t courteous

    1. I think it’s called acting. It’s happened on many seasons where someone had to go to the end with "the one" the bachelor or bachelorette had decided upon weeks ago.

      1. Yeah but when you genuinely care about someone you would think it would be hard. Thats why I said Emily was the most considerate & kind hearted. She didn’t have it in her to act and play along.

  45. I don’t think Bach producers know what they’re doing at times. Like when they announced Juan Pablo as the bachelor I knew it wasn’t a good choice. I’m all for diversity, but when english is your second language then your ability to communicate your thoughts and emotions are limitied. I totally understood why he kept saying "eesss Okay". Fans swooned for him, but sex appeal can only take you so far in gaining viewer’s interest. The lead should be someone who can articulate their emotions and thoughts & who is sincere in finding someone to marry. I am not saying this out of anger or spite, but I honestly can’t picture myself watching next season if Ben is bachelor. I mean he is the sweetest guy and charming, but I literally skipped all his scenes. It just seemed so boring and the things he says are so generic, predictable and its like a programmed robot. I would like to see someone w/ more personality. I do see Nick having bach potential because he seems emotionally transparent, articulate (except when expressing his love then he gets super weird, fidgetty, nervous and mumbles incoherently, but as a lead he would be forbidden to express his love so that wouldn’t be a problem). I can see him being confident when interacting with the females, I dont see Ben being that way. The only reservations I have in Nick as the bachelor is his ability to be fun, entertaining and lively, especially in group dates. It may be a risk but I think it would be fun to experiment and go a different route, choosing Nick is like on the total opposite end of the spectrum of Juan Pablo and maybe thats a good thing? I will say that I found myself drawn to scenes with Nick in them on both Andi’s and Kaitlyn’s season. Whether you hate him or like him, he is interesting to watch.

  46. Oh and the other reason I think Nick would be a great bachelor and the complete opposite of Juan Pablo is his ability to fall in love, fast and hard. I can just imagine how suspensful the finale would be with him torn between two females. It would be great tv like this season. its really a shame Kailtyn spoiled it w/ Snapchat because it really played out like a soap opera w/ all the love triangle, betrayals, fighting and scandalous behavior. It would have been so unpredicatable to who she would choose in the end.

  47. There have been many handsome men on both Andi’s & Kaitlyn’s seasons. Some that come to mind are Marcus, Ben Z, Chris Soules. Nick made it further than them and he was invited to stay the night by both Andi & Kaitlyn. Not to imply that Nick isn’t attractive, cause he is, but the fact that the other "hunky" men never made it as far as him w/ the leads shows that Nick can connect in a way that is more important and appealing to females than just physical appearance alone.

  48. Bachelor producers have to make Nick the bachelor! They’d be crazy not to. Ok hear me out. He seriously has some kind of presence to him that makes females swoon. I mean we saw it clearly with Andi & Kaitlyn. & I’m not kidding he did an interview w/ host Nancy from ET & she was even crushing him after that one interview. And I saw the E! Interview w/ you Ali & I could see an attraction there. Hey there’s girls like Ali that like the more nerdy intellectuals like Frank. Nick would be so great & he’s pretty much a professional at courting women at this point

  49. You read my mind! I would love it if Nick was the next Bachelor. He has so much sex appeal, he would rock it.

  50. Omg I thought I was the only one who likes Nick! They paint him out to be so evil. I really don’t understand the appeal with Shawn- he spends is time fixated on Nick. I don’t even understand why he came on The Bachelorette if he can’t handle stiff competition because at the end of the day this is a reality dating show!

  51. I think Nick would be an excellent choice for Bachelor! Poor Kaitlyn will end up like Andi alone, after she watched how Shawn handles his confrontation with Nick she will see that this is what she’s got to look forward to. Someone that talks over the top over you, doesn’t allow you to speak or have an opinion. To him she is a trophy to be won and then he will dissolve into the green eyed jealous monster, insecure. Maybe Kaitlyn will get lucky and Shawn will have a brother to hook up with like Andi hooked up with Josh’s brother! Nice.

    1. If you read Kaitlyn’s people blog you’ll see she defends Shawn! Can you believe that? I was thinking surely she must be watching this and getting a clearer picture that Shawn was the root of the problem between them, but apparently not.

  52. OMG, stop making the nice guy Ben to be a bad thing. No wonder the cliche, nice guys finish last is true! It’s like people thrive on crazy and drama! That does not make a very good spouse or marriage! Come on peeps he would be the perfect husband and if that is what the purpose of the show is is to find a real man who is capable of being a great husband, then they should so go with BEN! It will also increase the show’s odds of an actual marriage happening. Plus as Ali mentions, there will be plenty of drama from all the ladies who want to marry him! I agree with Shawn! Not sure what it is about Nick, but there is something quite not right or trustworthy with him. He seems a little slippery to me, but he is really good at it.

  53. Nick is a breath of fresh air. I am 100% hoping for Nick as the next Bachelor. I find him interesting, quirky and authentic. He has a great sense of humor and equally important a good sense of self. He also seems ready to be looking for a wife. I am tired of the Ken dolls and Jocks. Snooze. Please encourage Mike and ABC choose a thinker who is also great looking guy….Nick. In my opinion he is ratings Gold. Fingers crossed!!

  54. I know all the rumors are saying Ben H as bachelor, but I’m stilling holding on to the sliver of hope that its Nick V! I mean he is like the perfect pick. Who else is that emotionally transparent.

  55. Okay so here’s my Pro/Con break down of both Ben & Nick as potential bachelors:

    Pros: Sweet, Fan favorite, handsome, sincere, gentlemen, good kisser, romantic, charismatic, appeals to mainstreem conservative demographic, endearing, nice,

    Cons: plain, boring, vanilla, cheesy, says childish things like referring to over nights as "sleepovers" & saying he’s "unlovable", hard time opening up, seems nervous in front of cameras, looks too much like peter brady especially w/ his poor sweater fashion


    Pros: Articulate, emotionally open, charismatic, flirtatious, romantic, dynamic, intriguing, Bachelor vetran & professional dater, forms connections instantaneously, and sex scandals follow him everywhere (maybe this should be in the con, but since it will add to ratings I’m placing it in the pro category)

    Cons: Fans hate him, talks w/ his hands in his mouth, too deep, too serious, mumbles when hes nervous, quirky mannerisms are easily misunderstood, deemed arrogant, awkward at times, too analytical,

  56. I wouldn’t mind Nick as the Bachelor but he would need some Speech Therapy for better articulation and coaching to eliminate all of this non-words. I’m surprised that people have called him articulate. I find that he gets very tongue tied and can’t spit out what’s he’s going to say, lost in all the "likes" and it’s very cringe worthy. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have some good thoughts and intents, but he needs help.

    1. he’s articulate when he’s not expressing his love. When he is expressing his love he gets all nervous & becomes & fidgety mess.

  57. PS. I’m still hoping for Shawn as Bachelor. I find him to be riveting! He’s not perfect, the jealousy and anger is an issue, but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about him since the first episode aired. He’s delectable!

  58. I like Nick more than any bachelor that has been on the show! I was looking for someone just like him years ago. I was born too early or he was born too late for our meeting. 🙁 He is so fine and just a great guy!

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