Major Changes to SnapChat

Hi Guys!

Major Snapchat news! And no, I’m not just talking about my awesome new page SNAP STYLE where you can shop all my Snapchat outfits. There’s more…

So what’s the news? There are some major changes to the app!

Can you guess the CRAZIEST change of them all? Well you don’t have to guess because I’m going to tell you. You no longer have to press and hold the screen to view a Snap! WHAT?!?! Yup, that’s right, now we have all our fingers free to take as many screenshots as we want. So I guess this means I should stop taking all those snaps of my zits. I’m weird. I realize this.

There’s also a new feature called Add Nearby. I tested it out this morning and apparently no one was near me who has Snapchat because no one showed up. But snapchat says it’s a good way to add a bunch of friends at once if you’re hanging with a big group. I have no idea how close you have to be to someone for this feature to work. If you guys know, tell us in the comments below!

And as if the world needed another reason to take more selfies, you can now add a selfie to the center of your Snapcode. (I need to put an actually selfie in mine. I cheated this morning by taking a selfie of a drawing of me. Major fail.)

And perhaps my favorite upgrade, if you see a Snapcode in another app, just take a screenshot of it and then you can add screenshotted Snapcodes through Add Friends. So screenshot my Snapcode above, duh! 😉

That pretty much sums it up! Check out and shop all my SNAP STYLE HERE. And do you follow me on Snapchat? Cause you SHOULD! Love you guys!

xoxo Ali

P.S. You have to update the app in the app store to use the new features 🙂

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