Mistakes – But Shawn’s not one of them #TheBachelorette

Making a mistake sucks. But having to re-live that mistake over and over must REALLY suck. Let’s say Kaitlyn doesn’t choose Nick and chooses Shawn (cause let’s face it – it’s one of those two), how bad would it suck to have to watch all of this with Shawn and relive it all over again? If she is with Shawn, I hope he isn’t watching this season. But even if the guy she picks doesn’t watch, they would have to avoid all TV’s, magazines, and social media of any kind for 3 months to not see it. Very unlikely. Thank goodness all our “mistakes” go away when we delete their number from our phone. I mean really. Can you imagine?!

The 2-on-1 date is pointless in my mind. It’s a Bachelor/ette staple so I guess it is here to stay, but the Bachelor/ette would never take people they actually like on this date. Has anyone ever gone on this date and ended up being the final one? Absolutely not. You would never put someone you really care about through this. I think Joe surprised Kaitlyn on this date and she ended up liking him a little but he’ll be gone by the next episode. I’d bet my last slice of pizza on it. And I love my pizza.

And is it just me or did Shawn get more screen time on this episode then any contestant in the history of the show? (Said in my best Chris Harrison voice). So what’s his deal anyway? Is he being a big baby? No! Why would you even think that?!? Kidding. But really all of his feelings are totally justified and there is no way to fully explain why, unless you have been in that exact situation. Well, I have been in that exact situation. I was totally falling for Frank. He was pretty much my #1/#2 guy most of my season. I was falling in love with him and he was totally falling in love with me back. But, and this is a big annoying BUT, he was so damn insecure about the situation. So I’d spend hours upon hours trying to convince him that I was sooooo into him. And it was hard. On both of us. You have to realize that the majority of Kaitlyn’s relationships with the guys are superficial (and no I don’t mean superficial in the way that Ian did). They’re very surface level and those guys are really just there for filler on the show. So the one or two real relationships that she does have are sensitive and need to be dealt with carefully. So I get you Shawn. Completely. I love that you know what you want and are going after it with passion.

Should Shawn be worried that Kaitlyn’s feeling are fading. Absolutely not. I think she just had to put her foot down because he was putting TOO much pressure on her to comfort him and it was stressing her out. She’ll be totally crazy for him next week.

What do you guys think? Is Shawn still the hot love child of Ryan Gosling and Calvin Harris? Or does he dish out more wine than Kathy Lee and Hoda? I’m still into him…

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32 thoughts on “Mistakes – But Shawn’s not one of them #TheBachelorette

  1. Well, since the whole world already knows that Kaitlyn picks Shawn, I guess it’s a moot point. I like Kaitlyn, she seems like a really fun, nice person, but I’m not enjoying this season at all. The locations are getting less beautiful, dates are far less romantic and more cornball drama set ups, and every conversation has been heard a million times before. I’m falling in love with more than one person, I’m so confused, I don’t know if he’s here for the right reason, blah blah blah. I love this show, it’s such goofy entertainment, but it’s just repeating itself over and over again now.

  2. A FREAKING MEN #preach Shawn is an gift from God and Kaitlyn better figure that out quickly before he puts his foot down and leaves!

  3. I think he has every right to feel the way he does. Just think about it. If this were a normal situation where there was only Shawn and her and not 20 other guys and she was fooling around with someone else his reactons would be justified, so why not in this situation? i’m not liking Nick at all. I didn’t like him before and i don’t like him now. I think he is sneaky.

  4. Wasn’t Tessa on the two on one date on Andy’s season? I think it was with Peyton? She was the final one!

  5. I have personally dated men like Shawn and I’m not into it. If I was Kaitlen I would be wondering if he’s going to be this needy and this much work in the real life when you have to deal with real problems. If he’s being like this when they’re in the beginning stages than as he becomes more comfortable with her he’s going to be become more work. A man without confidence is not sexy.

  6. Everyone coming on to this show know what the Bachelor/ette franchise is all about – BUT, and I mean a big BUT – I think they quickly realize that these are real life people being put in a very foreign environment. I cannot imagine the conflict that both Kaitlyn and these men feel in their head and their hearts. I am positive that Kaitlyn wants with all she has to just jump on Shawn (or Nick, whatever) and say "I’m DONE, let’s just get to real life" but the fact is, she has a show to go along with. I can honestly feel from the other side of the television both Shawn and Kaitlyn’s pain when dealing with this very personal situation in a very public eye. Shawn is nothing but real to me. Also, on a non-related note: I, along with the rest of America, are here for you Benzie – no, but really, call me.

  7. I love Shawn, but his insecurities scared me last night, and I’m worried they’re going to scare Kaitlin, too!!!!!!!

  8. I thought the 2 on 1 date was useless too but to be fair, on Bachelor Canada, Bianca was picked on the 2 on 1 date and ended up the winner!

  9. I find this situation interesting! When Brit made a big fuss over Chris not giving her the group date rose, America freaked out saying Brit was being a "cry baby." I totally agreed! But, with Shawn, when he made a fuss over not getting the group date rose we felt for him, and we wanted him to get that rose. America loves Shawn, but hated Brit. I think it has a lot to do with how ABC decides to portray each person.

    1. YES!!!!!!!!!! My thoughts exactly!!! Shawn’s behavior was just as bad, if not worse. I think it has to do w/ him being attractive & being a largely female audience they’re willing to sympathize and defend him. If it was Nick whining and fussing like that, you know EVERYONE would be saying what a stage 5 clinger & annoying he is. Sad, but true.

    2. I totally agree
      Last year britt when freakedout aAmerica crucified her! She was a joke of every bachelor bachelorette alumni. ..Some of t comments were personal n hateful. ..
      But when a guy freaks out its normal, America understands n support him!

  10. I agree that his reaction is normal given the circumstance. Because this is TV, the show producers continue to ask him the same questions that have him talking about his insecurities on camera over and over again. This just makes good TV. And yes he had a breaking point, but it was because he was brushing off his feelings for a while. I don’t think he’s more insecure than the average person who is both falling in love and does not know if the feelings are still mutual. He’s a caring, emotional guy. #TeamShawn

  11. I think it’s good to air the guys’ feelings and struggles. Shawn’s feelings are understandable, but he may have gone too far with it. He seems like a good guy, but the comb over tidal wave & tight jeans aren’t doing anything for me. Kaitlyn is definitely learning the hard way with her mistakes. Based on the spoilers, it looks like her mistakes catch up with her.

  12. If Kaitlyn did choose Shawn I’m interested to know how their relationship is going. He does seem a bit needy on the show right now, but can we really blame him? The circumstances seem tough. I can’t help but wonder, though, is Shawn possessive in his relationships? Does he wonder about every man that his girlfriend speaks to? I don’t know about you- but that is never a fun situation to be in. Having a partner that craves your attention and makes you feel guilty about talking to any person of your sexual preference is very exhausting. I’ve been in one of these relationships before and I eventually just lost interest completely. But, maybe the dynamic of the show is just really getting to Shawn.
    Hopefully Katelyn found a relationship that is healthy, happy, and all things great because she seems like such a CATCH.

  13. I think Ian is the most real contestant on this show. He saw and told Kaitlyn for what she really is, she asked them to be honest with her and he did. Truth hurts!!!

    1. I think the producers must have agreed with you, that one who was standing there looked like she was ready to run after him if he tried to jump…

  14. Well, thanks to Shawn’s incessant whining, Nick is looking better and better all the time, without having to say or do anything. The Nick haters had nothing this week, LOL.

  15. I really think its courageous of Kaitlyn to have sex and willing to be so honest about it. I applaud her for that! However, the biggest issue I have and the reason I’m so disappointed in her is that she told Shawn B. he was the one. Then what is the point of going on dates and allowing other guys to fall in love. This was NOT fair to Ben, Nick, Jared or any other guy who was genuinely developing feelings of love, because ultimately she wasn’t allowing her heart to be open. That conversation w/ Ben H & Nick was painful because she is pretty much leading them on rather than being honest. I think it was a BIG mistake on her part, and it good that she realized that. I really can’t stand Shawn and feel like everyone is defending him just because he’s attractive, yet his behavior of jealousy is much worse than Britt’s from last season for which she received a lot of heat from. Its like he thought he signed up for "Married @ First Sight" & not the Bachelorette. Other guys, like Jared & Nick also are falling in love and are remaining positive, patient and respectful, yet he assumes he’s the only one there for her.

  16. Side note : I feel like Kaitlyn Bristowe is desperately doing damage control in her People Blog. Never has anything nice to say about Nick, constantly defending Shawn’s feelings & behaviors.

  17. The producers totally threw Kaitlyn under the bus. They didn’t have to show that bedroom door scene( with the fake moans). They should have picked a better cast of men( be it Kaitlyn or Britt as the Bachelorette) to make for a better show.

  18. This show has had 30 seasons and not one contestant has acted as immature as Shawn. Kaitlyn is impulsive and seems to be inconsiderate of how her actions will affect others. Like how she hurt Ben H but flaunting her connection with Shawn right in front of him. Sorry Ali, I understand Shawn has a reason to be insecure, but he is a grown ass man and needs to pull himself together. He is not the only person on the show thats ever been in love. Look @ JP from Ashley’s season or Nick from Andi’s. they both displayed some struggles of jealousy, but it wasn’t nearly to the scale of Shawn’s where they constantly were at the bachelorette’s doors seeking validation & threatening to leave the moment they give the group rose to another contestant . Shawn is on another level. the reassurance should have helped him be more confident and patient.

  19. Tessa was on the two on one date for andy’s season and ended up being his final one. though they didn’t last.

  20. I really don’t think she ends up with any of these guys! These last ones are all sweethearts, and I don’t see her into a one of them. Shawn is my favorite, but if she picks him it will never last.

  21. Did anyone think about how Nick must feel watching this all back and seeing how Kaitlyn is handling it? She makes it seem like it wasn’t a big deal or anything meaningful. Sex means something to people & when the person who you had sex with dismisses it as a mistake that is hurtful & offensive.

  22. You’re wrong about the 2-1, Tessa was on one with Andy and she was the final pick. I am just amazed this season how many "falling in loves" and tears and "strong" emotion there are very early on. And Ian was right on many points, she IS superficial and hasn’t said anything the whole season to prove me wrong, she is there to make out with everybody on TV, having sex with one of them that early when there’s still NINE guys left to keep making out with…the list is long – Ian called it. And then she doesn’t end up with anybody- big surprise. I’ve ssid it all along, she is the female Juan Pablo.

  23. I think she made a terrible mistake with Nick. But, I think Shawn is too insecure and obsessive…sorry but I see problems if she picks Shawn. I WAS married to one just like Shawn who also thought he was God’s gift to women and he’s been living off the coat tails of more secure "power women" for almost 30 years after I kicked him to the curb.

  24. I think she is taking a lot of her frustration and guilty feelings of her hooking up with Nick on everyone else. She feels bad but channeling that in the wrong way… I don’t understand her at all i’m not judging I’m just saying she keeps sayings she scared… But I hope she lets them know what she did….

  25. Ali you are so right on so many levels love reading your blog? I so hope Shawn makes it ?

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