Spreading LOVE on Bachelorette Monday

It’s hard to be mad at Mondays when The Bachelorette is on! Heck, I LIVE for Mondays! I wanted to do a quick post to thank everyone out there that has been showering Kaitlyn with love and support the past few weeks. She, like you and I, is human and words can have a huge impact on people. I remember how awful some people used to be to me when I was the Bachelorette. Luckily, now most of my followers/readers are my true fans and SUPPORT me – which is so very wonderful. So a big THANK YOU to all of you. You guys rock and I love you all!

But that wasn’t always the case. I remember people telling me I was fat, my nose was ugly, and that I was the WORST bachelorette EVER! Those words hurt. One particular person was so hateful that her entire twitter feed was tweeting mean things to me or re-tweeting negative things other people had to say about me. It was like she spent her entire day trying to make me feel bad. Why would someone do that? Luckily, I was strong and knew that what these people said was not a reflection on me but rather a reflection on them. But still, it wasn’t fun to see.

So join me today in spreading the LOVE……. Tweet Kaitlyn something supportive today to help build her up instead of trying to tear her down. She is opening up her entire life to us, and we should open our hearts to her in exchange 🙂

Can’t wait to watch the show tonight! Watch along with me on Twitter (@AliFedotowsky) and snapchat (AliFedotowsky). Oh, and scroll down a few posts to see my Bachelorette blog from last week. Lots of fun stuff in there 🙂

xoxo Ali

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31 Thoughts

31 thoughts on “Spreading LOVE on Bachelorette Monday

  1. Kaitlyn is awesome and not just because I am from Vancouver also, but because she is being true to herself and doing what SHE needs to in order to find her forever!! You go get your man Kaitlyn! Ali you are one of my favorite bachelorettes and I am so happy you have found your forever in Kevin!!

  2. Love you both! Hope Love finds Kaitlyn on or outside the show. She and you seem like beautiful persons. I follow you from Sweden. Xoxo

  3. I loved your season and you were the best Bachelorette. I really mean that. I could tell Roberto was the one, but you were fair to the other guys. When you sent Chris home before the ceremony it was because you cared about his feelings. I can’t believe anyone would think you were the worse Bachelorette, you were great! I think Kaitlyn needs to be true to herself, but I think she may forget it’s not just 20 year olds watching the show. My granddaughters love it and they’re 10 and 12. I use to record it for them, but some of these shows I don’t want them watching. Kaitlyn is beautiful and very funny, she just needs to tone it down a little for us old farts.

  4. Ali, you have such a beautiful heart?
    I remember some of the aweful things done and said to you. It was very bother some!
    I will never forget your response a few times, "you have to love the haters they are the ones that need it most". The more I thought about that the more you were right! I looked at haters differently from then on. It helped me not hate them, the comments didn’t bother me the same?
    I will go and make a comment to Kaitlyn!
    You were real, have always been real!!
    Love Donna

  5. I find this post ironic. You were one of the bitchiest people to Vienna. I remember you talked badly about her to the other girls with her standing right next to you guys. The poor girl stood there in silence listening to you mean girls. Even when she shared how uncomfortable you made her feel, you didn’t feel any remorse, just kept insisting why she deserved to be disliked.

  6. I really liked Kailtyn, but I feel like she’s a bit of a hypocrite. She was so upset with the fact Chris Soules eliminated her via Rose Ceremony, yet she allowed Nick to propose to her only to reject him. That’s brutal! Especially knowing the heartache he endured from a previous broken engagement & being rejected by Andi.

  7. Well to be fair, you weren’t very attractive during your bachelorette season. I don’t know who your stylist was, but you looked like Miss Piggy with that long messy blonde hair. You look sooo much better now with your current style and hair cut. You’ve actually inspired me to cut my hair that same length.

  8. Hi Alli. I am a big fan of yours. I love your positive attitude. I’m really happy to see you sticking up for Kaitlyn. I think she’s a great Bachelorette. She’s honest and fun. I’m praying for her. Tell not to let the jersey get to her. They aren’t worth thinking about. I don’t know how to tweet yet so I can’t tell her. Love & happiness to you both.

  9. Hi Alli. I am a big fan of yours. I love your positive attitude. I’m really happy to see you sticking up for Kaitlyn. I think she’s a great Bachelorette. She’s honest and fun. I’m praying for her. Tell not to let the jersey get to her. They aren’t worth thinking about. I don’t know how to tweet yet so I can’t tell her. Love & happiness to you both.

  10. Kaitlyn is a beautiful person inside and out and just loves life. She is as real as they get. Go Kaitlyn! You are a wonderful Bachelorette and I can’t wait for Monday nights every week! Ali you are one of my favorites as well! 1 hour and 15 minutes until the next episode. Team Shawn!

    Megan C (Cheering you on from Florida!)

  11. I’m excited for the show tonight! Totally addicted to the Bachelorette. You are such a sweet person and I have no idea how some people can be so cruel. This world needs more people like you who support each other instead of kicking people when they are down. If someone doesn’t have anything nice to say then they should keep their thoughts to themselves as I’m sure they are no where near perfection themselves. I think Kaitlyn is being real and being true to her feelings (even if some may think her actions are wrong) but it is her life and let her do what she wants.
    PS Love your hair….you are gorgeous!

  12. I think it is easy for people to judge at home. It is just as hard for the bachelor and bachelorette to date as it is for the rest of the world. We have all made bad decisions and or used poor judgement at some point. I think Kaitlyn is lovely and wish her the best. Thanks Ali for keeping it real and positive!

  13. It amazes me how rude people can be to strangers when they have a computer screen to hide behind. Even on your post about positivity & love, people still feel the need to be callous towards you and Kaitlyn. I honestly don’t understand it. How would they feel if people were telling them they looked awful all the time or that they were a disgrace? Would they have the guts to do that if they were able to meet with you face-to-face? I doubt it. And if they could, they are even crueler than I thought. Personally, I think you and Kaitlyn seem pretty great from as far as I can tell and I’m a big fan of both of you. Those crazy haters have no clue what they’re talking about haha

  14. Kaitlyn, I admire you for all that you have been through BUT not happy when you brought Nick on. I feel it should be down to Shawn and Ben Z…… Just OUE feelings good luck in your decision .

    1. Well the heart wants what it wants. You can’t force a connection or chemistry. That doesn’t mean Ben Z isn’t a great guy, but it just means they’re not a right fit. I thought it was completely fair to bring Nick in the game. What’s one more guy? And isn’t this about Kaitlyn’s journey to find love? Half the men were there for Britt & Brady left to begin with. Some seasons start off w/ 30 men instead of 25, so taking all that into consideration I don’t see the problem w/ Nick being there. Obviously him & Kaitlyn had a strong connection & I like Nick. He seems like a sweet sincere guy. 🙂

  15. I really respected and liked Kaitlyn throughout UNTIL last episode & reading her people blog. She seems so disprespectful towards Nick as if their relationship meant nothing. Like she never discusses their dates or even mentioned that he said i love you. I wouldn’t think much of it, if he werent the fact that she gushes about Shawn & defends him every chance she gets. Even when he’s being rude & a bully himself. How can she call out other bullies throwing insults when she defends Shawn? I lost respect for her there.

  16. am for Nick, if she sent him packing, that is her loss! Am not a fan of Shawn’s! He is too insecure & petty, whining about Nick, it was painful watching him. He must have forgotten Nick was there to pursue a relationship with Kaitlyn just like him. May the best man win. Hope Nick is the 1 she picked

  17. I remember Kaitlyn from LA Dance and she is still an honest and spunky person. This is a show and we only saw what they wanted us to see. The producers of this show brought Nick into the picture. We also saw what they wanted us to see and they dramatized her series. She was not the first bachelorette ofr bacjelor to have sex on the show, they exposed her like they havent exposed anyone else. Dont blame her blame the show! I just hope ratings werent more important than a womans reputation.

  18. Sorry but I feel NO SYMPATHY for Kailtyn & wish she received more heat @ the Men Tell All. She has been the most selfish person and has shown the other guys literally no courtesy. She snuck in & hopped into bed w/ Shawn right in front of Ben? What!? Who does that? Not a considerate kind person that’s for sure.

  19. Kaitlyn is such a HYPOCRITE !! So trust wasn’t important to Ben? NO YOU ONLY CARED ABOUT SHAWN! just admit it. You brag about how you’re so honest, but you’re not. So I can’t respect you. I agree w/ Tanner. You disrespected ALL the other guys & only showed Shawn respect.

  20. I can’t believe Chris called her a strong powerful women. No, more like delusional, self centered & hypocritical.

  21. Terrific idea! I couldn’t believe just how ugly those "troll" comments were that they discussed on Men Tell All tonight. I also tweeted a reminder to give her a positive shout out again in a few weeks after the madness dies down – ’cause trolls tend to keep things going & going.
    Have to say, I was a little upset ABC made the decision to block out the names of the people who sent those horrible comments. Although I do get why – big corps can’t open themselves to potential lawsuits – these horrible people sent the comments via a PUBLIC forum like Facebook or Twitter, so they should be opened up to the PUBLIC Shaming that could follow!
    I really admire Kaitlyn & the way she’s handled herself this season. I think she has taken the process very seriously – more than MANY others we’ve seen in past seasons. That is why she risked hurting relationships to bring in Nick – there were genuinely NO plans to ever date anyone else again after this show ends! Same with intimacy. Take it from this 45 year old woman, in different relationships that intimacy comes at a different pace…why not be true to it? It’s not natural to ‘suddenly’ become intimate with 3 dudes all at the same time on a 12 hour date without cameras/mics! I think it was appropriate for her to tell Shawn about Nick – because she knew how important an issue like that was to him & he was important to her. She needed him to remain there of his own will knowing that fact…not to start "boy drama".
    Although she is funny & loves to have fun and like me (maybe it’s a Canadian Girl thing?) she swills whiskey & has tattoos, I think Kaitlyn has taken this process & her season more seriously than we have seen in years! If it is left solely to her, I think her relationship (with Shawn?) will be a lasting one.

  22. l believe they stacked the audience with Kaitlyn supporters. They’re trying to make sure we tune in next week. I guess they think that if we hear enough cheers and claps for her, then we’ll jump on board too. Not really looking forward to seeing who’s the victim next week. I thought that tonight’s show was going to be a get all in Kaitlyn shit. But it wasn’t. That’s all I was hanging around for.

  23. Since I can’t support Kaitlyn at all and since I think so little of her, I can’t tweet a positive message to her. But to those who feel about her as I do, I would suggest just refraining from posting anything. I plan to just let it go. I’ll never think highly of her, but so what. I’ll focus on people I like, people I can admire and respect. Like the song says….Let It Go.

  24. I hope Nick is the one!

    Shawn is so insecure about himself and everything surrounding him! He is a baby!

    Nick genuinely cares for Kaitlyn!

  25. I have nothing good to say about her. This was by far the worse Bachelorette EVER. Her laugh kills me, she isn’t pretty at all. Can’t wait till this is over. I hope neither guy gets stuck with her.

    1. Classy. Come on a post where the whole purpose is to uplift Kaitlyn and you just continue the hate. Find something better to do with your life. Heaven forbid this was your daughter, sister, friend, etc.

    2. Why don’t you put yourself on tv or post a picture of yourself and have everybody judge you? Better yet, post a video, so we can analyze how you dress, move, laugh, and determine if you are worthy? You are entitled to your opinion, but if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say it at all. Simple life rule about respect.

  26. Ali you said something that just validates what I was telling my husband last night during the show. You had mean tweets, comments, etc. too. Every single man or woman who has been the bachelor/ette has experienced this kind of cyber bullying even the ones as sweet as you. So why do producers/Chris Harrison have to make such a show of it with Katelyn?? They are just reinforcing the shaming and giving these bullies the attention they crave.

  27. Society still does not like the idea of strong, independent women, who think and FEEL for themselves. We still are not far from the Scarlett Letter. It’s like a witch hunt. Guess who were the number one identifiers of witches? You guessed it, women. Women make up 70% of votes AGAINST women’s rights. Staggering and befuddling.

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