The Bachelorette Poop Scoop

I thought in light of last night’s episode I would start this blog off with a poop joke so here we go.

“Someone just told me they never poop. I told them they were full of shit.” Ian officially hates me. Moving on…

This week was once again all about Nick and the all-important Bachelor franchise question, is he there for the “right reasons.” Look, I completely get that the guys are upset that Nick is there and I absolutely think they SHOULD be upset. Kaitlyn allowing Nick to come back is a huge deal and speaks volumes about how she feels about most of the guys, or her lack of feelings, for the majority of the guys. Right now, without a question, she has the strongest feelings for Nick and I think that will continue until the very end unless something major happens. The VERY first night of my season I knew that Roberto and Frank were my top two picks and that never changed the entire time. So I’m totally on board that the guys have a right to be upset, but not with Nick and not even with Kaitlyn. They just have reason to be upset in general because it’s obvious that Kaitlyn isn’t that excited about most of them. I think it was Josh who kept saying “he already had his season!” That is such a dumb reason to be mad at Nick. Who cares if he got to be on TV for a season and now he’s doing it again. Does that matter? If finding LOVE is what these guys really want, being on the show more than once shouldn’t matter. Could Nick be back just because he wants more TV time? Totally. I can’t say with any certainty that isn’t the case. My gut tells me it isn’t and he really like Kaitlyn, but I can’t know that for sure and neither can any of you in regards to whether or not he is truly there for love. But if Nick came back because he really thinks Kaitlyn could be the one, then who cares how many seasons he’s been on. Plus I like watching all the drama unfold. It’s good TV, people!

Even though it’s good TV, it might not be so good for Kaitlyn’s relationships with the rest of the guys – like with Shawn. I could tell it was really upsetting to her that Shawn was not cool with Nick staying. He is obviously also one of her “top” guys and it’s so obvious that she really wanted to explain herself to him so he’d understand she DIGS him. I’m just hoping that he’s able to stop over-thinking everything. Heck, you know why he shouldn’t be upset about Nick? Because he is FOR SURE going to be in her top 3 (I think) and if she does pick Nick over him, he’ll be the next Bachelor. So either way he wins. He’ll win Kaitlyn and live happily ever after (or happily for 3 months – kidding – well, kind of kidding), or the chance of a lifetime to date 24 woman and find the girl for him.

And I know I said it before, but I’m going to say it again, this is the WORST group of guys in Bachelorette history. Don’t get me wrong (as some people totally didn’t read what I actually wrote last week), there are some INCREDIBLE guys. I love Shawn, Ben Z, Ben H and a couple others. Do I think this group is bad because the guys suck? No, not necessarily. I just think starting the season with 2 Bachelorettes really set it up for failure since it’s obvious all the guys aren’t in this for Kaitlyn. SO maybe the right way to say it is that this is the worst batch of guys for the Bachelorette in Bachelorette history.

And I just don’t feel the same about this season as I have in seasons past. Let me clarify that I LOVE watching this season (I thinks it’s TV GOLD), and I adore Kaitlyn, but something about it seems less romantic to me and more drama filled. I can’t quite put my finer on it. But after this week, she’s left with some pretty solid guys and got rid of most of the jerks. I guess I feel like she has had to deal with SO much more drama than I ever did as the Bachelorette. I feel bad for all the crap she’s had to deal with. And I know what some people are going to say, “it’s her fault for bringing Nick into the mix.” Come on, people… the drama started well before Nick arrived. And you can’t blame Kaitlyn for following her heart and bringing in a guy that she actually feels could be a match for her.

So here’s a question for you all. Is Kaitlyn the worst Bacheloette ever? Or the best Bachelorette ever? I’ll answer it for you because I’m nice like that. I dig Kaitlyn!!! I think she is the best Bachelorette to date. And that’s hard for me to say because I am friends with many of the past Bachelorettes and I’m kind of in love with Jillian Harris. But I just think Kaitlyn is unlike any Bachelorette we’ve had before. Unlike Ian (the turd – yeah I said turd Ian), I like a good poop joke. Heck, Kevin (My BF) won me over by writing “Human Feces” on my to-go box the first time we had dinner together and I thought it was hilarious. A little weird (HA!), but bold and not too serious. So I like that Kaitlyn is having fun. What a great way to fall in love! I think the “serious” stuff will come later – like it should in any normal relationship. So keep being you Kaitlyn! And keep keeping it REAL!

Sound off on what you guys think in the comments below!

Until next week,

xoxo Ali

35 Thoughts

35 thoughts on “The Bachelorette Poop Scoop

  1. I couldn’t agree more! Kaitlyn is getting a lot of grief right now from viewers who used to be on her side. And for what? For following her heart. This is her quest for love, so why shouldn’t she make decisions she thinks will get her there? Nick is a little creepy if you ask me, but to each their own. 🙂

  2. Kaitlyn had to lose a few guys in the beginning (The guy who left for Britt, The Drunk pig, Kupah and now Ian.) adding on was more than fair. Chris Spukes started out with 30 bachelorettes, so everyone should summer down. It was a unique set of circumstances and left Un-evaluated, the final guy would forever wonder "what if?" If Nick had not been allowed to join the group. Nature needed to take it’s course. That being said. I think Nick is inteligent, funny, smart ass, confident, charming, clearly passionate and no wimp when it comes to getting what he wants. I love those qualities. The other guys are whiny, jealous, wusses. Nick has all the right moves and he is easy on the eyes & stylish.
    I hate to think that he comes in 2nd again. That is Brutal. Hope he finds a fantastic, smart, sophisticated, sarcastic girl. Kaitlyn was a good match- Andi turned out to be a cheesy phony.

  3. I absolutely love Shawn and think he’s a great match for Kaitlyn. He seems to be very genuine and serious about her and I love seeing him stand up for their relationship. I personally am not a Nick fan. He’s not my type and his moves all seem very calculated. It’s hard to judge though because if you wanted to shine more than others, you would have to make some intentional choices. I do think he is interested in Kaitlyn but not to marry her. I wonder if she really feels ready for marriage either? I read spoilers but it would be fun to see her have a lasting relationship with one of these guys and I so hope we see more of Shawn and The Bens and more on Britt. Love reading your posts, Ali!

  4. Ditto to everything you said plus I feel bringing Nick on showed some true colours in some of the guys she may not have seen had he not been there. I like Nick I have no idea why people have such a hatred on for him. I love my Canadian gal too for keeping it real! Best season for me!

  5. I also love Shawn too. It does bother that she sleeps with Nick that was just very tacky and hurts Shawn. The drama…..well it IS the Bachelorette after all…of course there is going to be drama. I just hope she finds love and doesn’t break to many hearts along the way.

  6. This is by far the worst season I have ever seen. Normally I can’t wait for Monday nights and now I really couldn’t care less. This season sucks . The drama is blah and I feel like no matter who she picks it won’t last ( but that could be bc Chris and Whitney just broke up and I was really pulling for them) oh well all that to say this season sucks.

  7. Ali, I’m sorry but you talk too much. You over analyze to the enth degree. I don’t think you can rate Bachelorettes. They all have their own journey and to say that Kaitlyn is the best ever is ridiculous.This season is the most contrived mess I’ve ever seen and that falls on the shoulders of the producers. I think that the only reason the ratings have held steady is because this show has become a reason for people to get together and socialize. Half of them don’t even watch it.You need to move on Ali, this blog is tiresome.

    1. Dear Cindy,
      You do realize that you do not have to read Ali’s blog, don’t you? Some of us enjoy Ali’s thoughts and opinions so why don’t you keep your negativity to yourself! Thanks.

    2. Cindy,

      If you don’t have anything nice to say, please keep it to yourself. I really enjoy reading Ali’s blog! It’s my favorite bachelor/ette blog to read and I would be so disappointed if she stopped writing them! I enjoy her insight and someone who has been in those shoes.

  8. The one thing I don’t like about this season is that every date is a spectacle for a bunch of bachelorette fans. Every date, groups and one on ones, are always them doing something for an audience – sumo wrestling, boxing, serenading, Aladdin jasmine, etc. Theres already so little time with each other and this takes away even more of that since they’re really just focused on their performance and not each other.

  9. I think she has a better connection with Shawn, more lust with Nick. She definitely seems to regret her decision to sleep with Nick, wish she really didn’t do that, as I too, am rooting for my Canadian girl!

  10. I definitely think Nick is there for the right reasons. The fact that he would tweet positive comments about Kaitlyn and made no secret via twitter of his crush for her well before she was the Bachelorette is very telling. He’s very intellectual and certain qualities matter to him that wouldn’t necessarily matter to other guys He’s not simply attracted to the physical beauty of a woman, I think he really values other qualities. Because of this, I think he is very picky and only few girls interest him, Kaitlyn being one of the few. He didn’t want to miss the opportunity. I’m sure if Britt was named Bachelorette, no way would he be even attempting to be on the show. I COMPLETELY agree with your thoughts on Joshua’s qualms about him already having a season. HOW STUPID!! I love that Nick responded by saying "UM its about KAITLYN". Sorry Joshua but if you can’t pin point whats wrong with him, then keep your mouth shut until you figure it out. Nick handled that tough interrogation with the guys eloquently. It’s so obvious he there for Kaitlyn and I think they would make the cutest couple. The contrast of their personalities would balance each other perfectly.

    I’m NOT liking Shawn, even though from his twitter feed its obvious he wins. I mean would someone who’s rejected constantly be posting stuff of him and Kaitlyn from the show. Maybe its the editing, but i hardly see them connecting with their sense of humor. I feel like he’s too serious for Kaitlyn. Maybe I’m wrong, but so far I’m not a fan of his (probably the only person watching).

    I really like Nick and side note for any fans reading that have an issue with him calling out Andi about having sex in the Fantasy Suite. Think about it – Their relationship was filmed from the get go. There’s real emotions involved and he had unanswered questions that he desired to speak to her privately. She never took up his request to discuss things privately and his only opportunity for a discussion was on the After the Final Rose special. Can we fault him for wanting to discuss real emotions of a real relationship? Is he suppose to just bottle up those feelings and not get closure that he needs.

  11. Ian was so offended by Kaitlyn not finding interest in him that it led him to lash out and belittle her. He wanted to make her feel insecure as she made him feel.

  12. I find it so interesting that everyone is complaining on social media how the dates are so stupid, so violent, made out to embarrass the guys.. and I’m just like "isn’t that how the dates are every season???" Okay so on Chris’s season where he made the girls walk around the city in bikinis – that’s not embarrassing? The Muay Thai Boxing on Ashley’s Season, Oil Wrestling on your season – that’s not violent? (Side note: ok I hated the boxing date this season – so dangerous! Not fun to watch) but I actually loved a lot of the dates; the sumo, the comedy show, the rap battle, and mariachi were all hilarious in my opinion. I am enjoying this season. I also like the group of guys because they seem so nice and supportive of one another.

  13. You know, there’s something about this season that I’m not a huge fan of nor was I of the last season of The Bachelor (but that was cause I wanted Ari to be the Bachelor, not Chris). I think Kaitlyn seems like a great girl but you’re right Ali, her group of guys is just… ehhh. Except for the few exceptions. I understand it’s TV and you need all this drama for ratings but it’s too over the top in my opinion. Also, was NOT a fan of how this season started out with two bachelorettes. But usually around this time, I have favorites and those favorites end up making it to the top 4. And although there are some guys that I do like, I can’t fully say that I think Kaitlyn and one of those guys will be great together (but who am I to judge). I recently watched the ending of your season again and Roberto’s proposal to you makes my heart melt every freakin time. Where’s all that romance in the newer seasons?? Best season of the bachelor has to be Sean’s and bachelorette is yours and Ashley

  14. Ok so – Ian is a douche and Josh lost sight of the end game… Nick is definitely good for the tv drama and most of the other guys are nice and some are really suited to Kaitlyn. Obviously, she appears to get a bit carried away in the near future – and this concerns me b/c it means she puts her own needs before others.. And actions def speak louder than words. That’s not a good fit for the Bachelor franchise. I don’t mean she shouldn’t feel those feelings and want to explore them (I’m not into double standards), I just think it’s callous and she should show some restraint and respect. Shame cos she’s a cool chick otherwise. And if the sneak peaks are anything to go by, it’s a very risky move in terms of her other main relationships.
    On a side note – I’m really, really frustrated by the rose ceremonies carrying over "to be continued" on the majority of eps so far. It completely loses momentum and it’s like – oh yeah, there’s that to be done and the format just seems all wrong. Maybe I resistant to change, but it simply does not work for me at all.

  15. This season is a trainwreck in my opinion. All of the guys (minus Shawn and the Bens) are terrible. They are whiney and jealous. Perhaps they have never watched the show before to know it isn’t a cake walk?! I wasn’t a big Nick fan right away but he seems to be the only one handling everything like a real man! The dates this year are pretty lame. I mean, they are better than all of the tropical helicopter ride dates, but why chose things that require the dudes to make (even bigger) asses of themselves and focus all of the attention on Kaitlyn. What’s wrong with "real" dates?! There is so much drama this season that I’ve started reading my book while watching it, it’s that bad. I hope whoever she ends up is the right guy for her, and if she truely doesn’t feel any connections with any of them that she doesn’t chose someone just for ratings, etc.

    Also, why did she need this show to find love? I feel like she would’ve been better off finding it the old fashioned way! I am a true believer in love finding you when you aren’t looking.

  16. I like Nick..he’s handsome and he’s exciting for the show..I do think that Nick and Caitlyn is a good match and Im glad he came to the you said the drama is already there before he show up….good for you Nick..

  17. I totally agree with you Ali! I don’t think people are giving Kaitlyn enough credit. Nick isn’t my favorite person ever but I like the fact that when the guys asked him questions he said that he liked Kaitlyn and that is the whole point of being on this show. I love hows shes following her heart and having fun along the way. I don’t think its Kaitlyn that’s a problem I think its the way the show is being edited and set up this season. I didn’t like the 2 bachelorettes thing it really took away from Kaitlyns moment and has given people the excuse to compare her to someone else. When there was one bachelorette before because there wasn’t another option America stood behind their decisions instead of wish it was someone else. Also the rose ceremonies at the beginning I don’t like because its making the drama take center stage with all the "to be continued" stuff.

    Last thing I wanted to bring up the way Kaitlyn confronting the guys about the lying thing I really respected. She may be a ton of fun but she demands respect from the men she’s dating and I loved that! It kinda reminded me of you when you confronted Rated-R and the 2 girl friends problem.

    So thanks Ali I love to hear your thoughts because you were my favorite person thats been on bachelor/bachelorette!

  18. I think this is the worst bachelorette ever! This is not even a romantic season at all! All it is, is drama. Nothing good to watch and I believe by the episodes they showed for next Monday, it’s even worst. Kaitlyn sleeps & has sex with Nick. Ian had no right to talk to her that way, but in reality I think he is right. Everything about this season is boring…boring! I made a decision to stop watching. I have a feeling she is not choosing anyone, but anyways best of luck to Kaitlyn!

  19. You didn’t even talk about Ian!!! He was a complete douche at the end of the episode and I wanted to hear what you thought!

  20. I 100% agree with all your comments! I couldn’t have said it better! Kaitlyn is staying true to herself and that makes her the best, NOT the worst! And like you said, it’s not her fault if the connection is or isn’t there with guys! A connection is a connection and no one controls that! She deserves happiness as much as the next person, and she DOESN’T deserve to be called all the things she’s been called just because her mistakes or successes are out there for the world to see. I also agree the romance doesn’t seem like a focus this season, which is sad. There’s been so much drama. And I think it boils down to there being two bachelorettes in the beginning. Once again, NOT Kaitlyn’s fault. But drama or romance, you bet your bottom dollar I’m hooked and will be watching every week!

  21. Don’t we know who won now? She instagramed Shawn! Wheres the suspense ? Is she in trouble bc she isn’t supposed to let anything out?

  22. So next weeks promo shows Shawn confronting Kaitlyn in her hotel room with a voice over of him stating angrily " Do you not know what we have, its insane". Let me credit the power of editing. How much you want to bet next week we see that scene and its not an upset Shawn, but rather a happy Shawn surprising her because he is just too eager to see her again. I see through all this editing crap and I for one see what a great, genuine person Nick Viall is! Love him!!! 🙂 I’m sad he won’t be Kaitlyn’s chosen one though 🙁 I really thought they’d make a better couple than her & Shawn.

  23. I’ll tell you EXACTLY what’s different and wrong. Every date has been a "competition" who raps the best! Who writes the best song! Who boxes the best? It seems all very competitive and not all group dates on the show are always like that! Sometimes they are JUST group dates! But I don’t know if it’s the producers who choose all that, or if you have a hand too, but it’s just all too competitive. Like mr. America competitive. The other problem is that Kaitlyn is SUPER confrontational. THAT is what is causing all the drama. She doesn’t let things just roll off her, and she confronts people all the time instead of just letting things go. Like when she marched outside when that one guy was doing exit interviews? Don’t do that?!? She had already had TWO confrontations with that SAME person!! Just let it Goooooooooo! That’s why I don’t think she’s a good bachelorette. It’s a mix between wrong guys, bad dates, and someone who is super confrontational maybe even a smidge immature. I don’t think she’s really ready for marriage and THAT is why this seems like the worst Bachelorette season ever!! You’re welcome! ??

  24. I agree with you. There is something different about this season and I as well cannot put my finger on it. I usually anticipate every week and this season not as much. I still am going to watch it as I love love love bachelor/bachelorette but there is just way more drama and crookedness. I love a good love story and I love to see people falling in love but this season it doesn’t feel that way. I love Kaitlyn…it isn’t her. I love her honesty and that she is just being herself but I think you are right in regards to her being a bit jipped in the cast of men quality. They weren’t all picked just for her…they were picked for her and Britt…so maybe that is what is wrong. Ponder ponder….

  25. I totally agree with everything you said ! I was about as excited as Kaitlin was to see Nick come back. Shawn is my top pick and Nick is right after him. I also really like the 2 Bens . Ian is for sure a jerk. I love your blogs, Ali and I think your awesome ! <3

  26. Here are my 2 cents. 🙂 I like Kaitlyn, I think she is adorable, and I love that she marches to the beat of her own drum… You cannot fault someone for being true to themselves. NOW.. Right now, it does not appear that she really knows what she is looking for. It’s very obvious that she’s into Shawn and Nick.. but to what extent, it’s just not clear to me. I hate saying she is immature, she is young.. I think having guys there that were there for Britt and staying for their 15 min. was a terrible set up for Kaitlyn, and I don’t think she deserved that. I think the boys who voted for Britt should have been illuminated and maybe had Kaitlyn men waiting just in case. (visa versa as well) The dates have been lame at best. Very competitive, And not nearly enough time with the guys, individually. I know, editing and so forth, but it’s not making for good TV right now. Sorry, Suma doesn’t work for me, and tonight seeing her in a coffin isn’t really making me sit with anticipation like the show used to do to me. Anyhow, I hope it works out for her, my guess is…. next…. #ThatsAllForNow.

  27. Why isn’t anyone talking about how Nick completely disrespected the last Bachelorette? (At the finale?) I feel like that’s his true character. Not cool dude, and I hope he doesn’t pull the same crap with Kaitlyn. Since he said those rude, disrespectful things, I have no respect for the guy. I really enjoy watching her, because she is so real, but also agree the guys this season (except for those Amazing ones Ali mentioned) really suck! And Ian? What a sad excuse for a man! #teamKaitlyn.

  28. this is a reality tv show . we all know for a fact bachelors / bachelorettes have some rules / script to follow , more or less during the filming.. if some scripted scenes are not followed / not done though out the taping of the show, like e.g. the bedroom scene whatever of kaitlyn, well, it is her own doing .. whatever comes out of the show maybe shown without any edit at all or say , some are being edited / removed before airing.. that is why, one has to really behave especially bachelorettes because they are women, and even men should behave too during filming. let’s face it, bachelors / bachelorettes have their own share of fame during filming.. maybe, you become the winner of the show, it is even better for some exposure time on tv.. some joined the show for fame, to be famous, to be celebrities, to get jobs, commercial models, or what have you .. some really fell in love maybe in a few months but not that strong as trista and ryan who we can see really love each other.. the show is a way to be famous, to be a star like you ali.. you are with E, am not sure tho, if you are on tv even before the start of bachelors/ bachelorettes shows .. this is a tv show, tv audience talked about it, whether good or bad reviews, still , it is good for the tv network and the producers.. i, for one, watch bachelor / bachelorette shows coz’ of the places they shoot the scenes, you go placs if you watch the show.. either you go irritated just watching the how or feel happy watching it… it is our own decision , to watch it or not… i regard kaitlyn as the woman chris soules, she keeps kissing all the guys… hahahah….. chris soules kept kissing all the women in his season … hahahahha… life is beautiful ….

  29. in a tv reality show, there must be drama, comedy.. like nick being sent there again kaithlyn , of course, maybe, he really likes her … who knows .. but it is good, almost every women talked about nick … hahahahah … kaithlyn and the bachelors should not forget there are a lot of cams, more than 20 cameras around maybe.. so, what do you do? no drama in the show, it will be boring to watch … more power to ABC and the bachelor team … lighting crew is really good, director, all of the production team… hurray to you all …

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