Bad Ass Look

This top and skirt combo is so BAD ASS! I’m obsessed with every little thing about it. From the material, to have beautifully it’s made, to how flattering it is! This is definitely an investment piece but oh so worth saving every penny for! Click pics below to shop the look.

2 Thoughts

2 thoughts on “Bad Ass Look

  1. i am having a hard time getting into this season of the bachelorette. i think it was wrong to have 2 of them in the beginning. i think its wrong that nick was aloud to come back on this season. its obvious they knew each other before she was the bachelorette, they should’ve figured that out way before this show was taped. not a fan so much anymore, all the drama is too much. i mean some drama ok, but its getting ridiculous. Cudous to the guys that have left and she is not picking, smart guys they will be better off. I thinks its Shawn that she is really liking besides nick, if he was smart he would leave now. Kaitlyn doesnt fall in love if she does it wont last.

  2. That outfit DOES look Bad Ass on you! Your hair is even more Bad Ass, so much that you inspired me to chop off 6 inches of hair and get similar hair cut as you. You are a cutie pie!

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