Worst Group of Guys Ever? #TeamNick

 The Bachelorette just keeps getting weirder each week.

First off, I’m so glad Kaitlyn sent Clint home though. Take a good look at this face because this is the face of a man – or boy rather – who is completely full of shit. In fact, if a guy ever gives you this look, run away as fast as you can. He’s full of it.

I am so glad Kaitlyn saw through him. For a second there I thought she was going to fall for his crap.

And what the heck is going on with Clint and JJ? I feel like they are paid actors and this is all just one big joke. Or maybe they are in love, who knows. If they are, good for them! This show is about finding love after all! When JJ was crying after Clint left, I honestly felt bad for him. Not because Clint left but because he just ruined his friendship and I think he really regretted it. But when he hit himself across the face it startled me. Something isn’t right with him. I honestly hope he sees a therapist after this is over.

Now let’s talk about the guy I do like – Nick Viall! I am so pumped he is back. And as you can see from Kaitlyn’s face, she is pretty pumped too. This is the look of a girl in total lust! And being in lust is ok, that’s what “LOVE at first sight” is in the beginning. You can’t actually know someone at first sight so you can’t love them at first sight but you can lust them at first sight and that can turn into love. Isn’t that LOVE at first sight when you really think about it? Ok, I’m even confusing myself. But this look on Kaitlyn’s face says it ALL! Sorry for this screen shot Kaitlyn. Ha!

I know many of you are pissed that Nick waited so long to come on the show but I assure you it was not his choice to wait. That decision was absolutely the producers decision and it creates good drama right when the show needs it on most seasons – around episode 4 and 5. Usually most of the douche bags are gone by week 4 – however, Kaitlyn had more tools than the average season so it’s taking her a bit longer to get rid of hers. But now this new story line creates more juicy drama for the episodes ahead.

And at the end of the day should Kaitlyn do the “right thing” for the guys or follow her heart? My vote is to always follow your heart! This show isn’t about doing what’s right or being fair, it’s about finding a person to spend your life with! It’s about finding true love and that’s ALL it’s about. The guys shouldn’t even care because it’s not about winning over another guy. This isn’t a competition at the end of the day. If I were the guys, I’d WANT Nick there to make sure that I’m actually the right one for her. Would you really want to get the final rose and then wonder if she would have picked Nick if he had stayed? I am so happy Kaitlyn followed her heart. However, I do feel really bad for Andi Dorfman. It’s got to be hard watching Nick go through this with Kaitlyn so soon after she experienced it with him. I hope it’s not too hard on her.

One last thing about Nick. I know many of you are upset that he called Andi out last season for what happened in the fantasy suites and since Andi is a pal of mine, I definitely didn’t love that he did that either. But I absolutely don’t judge him for it. If he were a woman, we would applaud the decision to call the Bachelor out for sleeping with multiple women. Why should we be upset with Nick about it just because he is a man? I talked to him about it afterwards and he told me he simply acted out of emotion. He was emotional about what happened and it just came out. I’m not going to hold it against him. I actually like the fact that sex MEANT something to him beyond just the physical act of doing it – no pun intended.

All that said, I feel like the odds are against Kaitlyn right now. This season has started off too freaken weird. I know she said a bunch of times that she has this incredible group of guys, but I have to disagree. Her group of guys sucks! Obviously not all of them, but I feel pretty confident in saying that this might be the worst collective group of guys in Bachelorette history. But at the end of the day, it only takes 1 right? And honestly, a bunch of the remaining guys seem pretty solid. But man, there are been one too many rotten eggs in this batch. Thank goodness Nick came. Now she stands a chance of falling in love! He will be in the top 3 for sure, I actually think he will be the last one standing. Why would she risk bringing him in now if she felt one of the guys there was her husband? I know I wouldn’t risk that unless I was pretty damn sure. Kaitlyn and Nick – I’m rooting for you guys!

Until next time…

xoxo Ali

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55 thoughts on “Worst Group of Guys Ever? #TeamNick

  1. Ali, I totally agree & luv your insight!!! Kaitlyn is so real and her thought process makes this show not like a soap opera… Ok, some drama but it’s all worth it & Kaitlyn deserves to find love at the end : )))))

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more, Ali! Nick seems like a really great guy. There is so much dead weight on the show – she should just go ahead and give her final rose to Nick! #TeamNick all the way

  3. You are so sweet Ali. I bet you are such a loyal friend. Hoping the crazies do not turn on them just because of producer manufactured drama

  4. Your comments on the Clint and JJ situation are a little unsettling. I can’t quite put my finger on it. They seem to either suggest a repressed homophobic view or quite simply a closed mindset. Which is surprising as I would have never imagined you being either. To me, you seemed like the most intelligent Bachelorette in recent memory. Someone who expressed herself well and carried herself with dignity and grace. Someone who was clearly educated and modern thinking. You were the reason I got back to watching the show. Which is why your comments are all the more disappointing. I personally don’t believe that Clint and JJ were ever actually romantically involved with each other. That’s just the way the producers chose to edit their scenes in order to create more drama. But letΒ΄s pretend for a moment that this romance was real. Or let’s imagine it was another pair of guys. You seem to suggest that they both came on the show knowing well and good that they were gay, hence stealing the spots of potential straight guys who could have fallen in love with Kaitlyn. That’s such an incredibly backward way of thinking. Is it so hard to imagine that there could possibly be people out there in the world, men and women, who don’t limit themselves based on society’s repressed views of what’s to be expected of them? People who are just open to the possibility of finding love. Regardless of it whether it happens with a man or a woman. It’s about falling in love with the PERSON. Not just their sexuality. This doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be aware of their "bisexuality". Sometimes, you just meet someone you click with on so many levels. Love doesn’t always come in the form we were expecting it to. Maybe some people have an open enough mind to realize that and make a conscious decision to love whoever they love. Regardless of what society says. After the positive comments I read following Juan Pablo’s homophobic statements I was pleasantly surprised and proud to see that "bachelor nation" GOT IT. They understood that there was nothing wrong with a man loving another man or a woman loving another woman. It’s 2015 after all. With the new Clint & JJ drama I was appalled by all the disgusted comments from viewers. Women are so threatened by the thought of two attractive strapping young men finding out that they could be into each other. I think not many women would willingly admit to this view. Women, threatened by homosexuality in men? Never! Normally I would have just quietly hit that Unfollow button on Twitter and go my merry way. But I felt that keeping my opinion to myself on this one would have been an injustice to myself. I hope you’ll try to open your heart and mind and break down the barriers keeping people from feeling free enough to love whoever they see fit.

  5. I feel like if they knew each other, or knew of each other before the show they should have pursued that and she shouldn’t have been allowed to be the bachelorette. It is unfair to the few great guys she has left on the show. I mean, they are already clearly a step behind, and that’s not fair to them.

  6. Hi Let’s Hear it for the boys.

    I totally see where you are coming from but I wouldn’t read too much into that comment of mine. I was kind of joking but I see how it could be taken the wrong way and I am sorry that I disappointed you. I support ALL forms of love and you are totally right that it’s about the person not about whether they are a male or female. Thanks for the comment!

  7. I edited my post to reflect my TRUE feelings about finding love on this show. And took out the bad (VERY BAD) joke about clint and JJ. πŸ™‚

  8. I really appreciate that Ali. Thanks πŸ™‚ Like you wrote "If they are, good for them!" πŸ™‚ Hey, this way this season of the bachelorette can have more bragging rights on another successful relationship which had it’s beginnings on the show other than Britt’s love story πŸ™‚ Peace out

  9. Hi Ali,

    I completely agree with you about Nick. I was seriously smiling at my tv every time Nick and Kaitlyn were together. How happy and excited is Kaitlyn?! I have to say, though, I am very curious about Andi Dorfman’s tweets. She tweeted "One word…. RUN! Okay two… RUN FAST!" last night and "Yes! Let’s hope she finds love over lust" today. Andi seems to have a good judge of character (although I wasn’t happy she chose Josh), so it is really making me wonder why Andi has such strong negative feelings about Nick. We know what happened at AFR, but is there something else that we do not know about? (Maybe you know?;))
    Regardless, I am still rooting for Nick and Kaitlyn. I can’t wait to see what happens.

  10. I agree with you on all points about Nick. He was clearly very heartbroken on ATFR with Andi and was looking for answers– like any woman would do. I do disagree though about Kaitlyn not having a great group of guys. I think she does, she just has a few sour apples that are ruining it for the rest. Shawn, Ben Z, Ben H, Chris, Jared, and Ian (off the top of my head) all seem like a good, genuine group to me. Although I do think they’re great, something about Nick makes me think that he just might be better suited for Kaitlyn that the others. Although it sucks for her guys that are left, I agree that she’s made the right choice to let Nick be on the show. If not, she would always be left wondering. Great recap Ali! πŸ™‚

  11. I feel like this is a complete joke of a season. Our hopes are usually small of a successful couple but I have none what so ever this season. Let’s scrap this one and start over with a complete unknown bachelor and unknown women like from the start and get back to basics. The recycling is turning into a farce!!#

  12. Ali, I absolutely agree with pretty much everything here. I am been extremely unimpressed with the guys this season, even the ones that seem decent. There is not a single one that stands out to me, but I liked Nick o.k. last season. I agree that maybe he shouldn’t have called Andi out on national television, but it is a valid question. I also don’t think he did it out of spite, but true emotion. And I don’t think J.J. is stable.

  13. Ali,

    After Nick knowing you are rooting for him, he most probably would want to date you after Kaitlyn disses him.

  14. When I watched Andi’s series with Nick, I thought he absolutely despicable . He was borderline serial stalker. Would you truly want Kaitlyn to have someone like that? He is a celebrity whore who can’t get enough of seeing himself on tv. There are some really nice guys on Kaitlyn’s group. Don’t sell them short!!

  15. I actually really like Nick! He seems to be a very unique person, and I find him very interesting. He also comes across as very smart, and a true romantic. I totally agree with you that had a female contestant questioned a male lead for sleeping with her, no one would have batted an eye, and actually would have defended her. I, too, hope that Kaitlyn ends up with Nick!

  16. I’m glad he’s back. I would think the guys would want her to explore her feelings.. That way at the end they know she’s confident in picking them and not wondering what if.. I also believe Kaitlyn and Nick could be a good match

  17. This is no longer a show it is a mess.Why should Kaitlyn do this to the guys since she has been talking to Nick on the social media she should have invited him from the beginning or turn down the offer to be a bachelorettee and focus on her relationship with Nick.For me she is very cheap Nick is probably the guy she slept with way before the fantasy suit i wish the other guys will walk away to show the world how responsible they are and how cheap and loose she is.The show is no longer about finding love,it is about fame and drama on the national TV

  18. I totally agree with one thing you said, Ali, and that is that these are the worst Bachelorette contestants in its history. The show is going down hill rapidly if it continues going down this road. There are few romantic scenarios dreamed up either that lends a couple to get to know each other, like they used to have. Now we have wrestling matches and inane stage shows – which leave us the viewer wanting MORE. However, just watching Nick this time around, I don’t see any difference in him from Andi’s show. I see his "smile" as his usual "sneer". I agree with Sally, who called him a celebrity whore. Just wants to see himself on TV. A total loser. Reality Steve has already called the ending, where she doesn’t pick anyone. So Nick will go home again, sparing Kaitlyn a further headache and heartbreak. But I feel so badly for the few "good guys" who came on the show to sincerely find love.

  19. Precious Ali, I thought Jake was a fool for not choosing you AND I rooted for Roberto all the way so I was shocked when you 2 broke up. I loved Andi and Josh together But they also are done and I rooted for him all the way through! About Kaitlyn and Nick, I think they are both trashy and deserve each other!!!! I thought Kaitlyn to be trashy on Chris Soules season and I was sad to see her make bachlorette! TRULY, I wish they would pick new people! I was hoping to be done with Bachlor/Bachlorette after Andi and Josh But I got caught up with Chris only because of Farming for I know how hard it is to build a relationship living in the country and have someone who would also like living in the country working on a Farm! BUT I was disgusted with both Nick and Kaitlyn! They are both made of the same cloth-disgusting!
    I’m ECSTATIC over Brady and Britt and feel they have a much better chance of making a marriage and having a family then any of the rest of you who have broken the engagement or partaking of this season of bachlorette! There are some good guys on this season and they should have walked out on Kaitlyn when they heard about Nick! I refuse to watch this trashy season cause it is all about smut rather than love! And I can find out about Brady and Britt through the internet! It is sad to be a female alone at age 70 hoping y’all in your youth find that special one! I’m neither judgmental or condemning BUT I KNOW TRUTH!

    1. "I’m neither judgmental or condemning." Then what was this whole post?! "I refuse to watch this trashy season…" Let’s call a spade a spade and admit that you are incredibly judgemental and condemning.

  20. My question is if K & N had been talking PRIOR her going on the show and it was SOOO important for him to meet her then why didn’t he fly to her prior. Ahole move….. That’s the question K should have asked!!!!!

  21. I 110% agree !! I love Kaitlyn , she’s fun, raw & is real , Allll things Britt was not . There are a few really good guys left but none have made her glow like Nick did and isn’t that what this is all about . I believe Nick was in love and heartbroken by Andi. He believed in what he thought and obviously what she led him to believe they had … Love is fickle and you have to do what makes you happy so you live with no regrets , I’m 47 , and happily happily married for 21+ years to the man no one thought I should choose . I did not choose the easy path , I walked out on the logical man and ran to who I knew was the only man who would be her make me truly happy NO REGRETS ?

  22. Ali, the show is fake and so are you. You were unbelievably rude when you lived in San Diego. Roberto was kind and you had an awful awful reputation. Ms. Thang. Not. Tenley was always sweet after years and years of running into her and you sure still think you are some celeb with your bad nose. Your style was atrocious on the show and it’s laughable that you are currently trying to push fashion on your site, or trying to be any manner of a star. The show is a joke, and you were a part of it to honey.

  23. As I set and read your blog, Nick is not a man he seems to just want to be in the spot light. I’ve been married for 17 yrs together for 23years 3kids, I know what a husband material is and it is not Nick, if he is such a great guy he has a interesting way of showing it. And Ali you are absolutely wrong about some of the men on here yes there’s been some douchebag on there but isn’t that every season and including yours. So I really hope Kaitlin follows her heart and not what is being posted. Just keeping it real!

  24. I like ol nick too. I felt he would have been a better choice for andi but obviously she felt otherwise. I’m not impressed ABC is manufacturing all this drama(shows not ending properly and nicks return).

  25. This season is the reason I have decided to stop watching it. Just like the The Real Housewives series, it has become too scripted. Although I was team Kaitlyn in the beginning, I have concluded that she was a poor choice. She seems to enjoy putting the men in uncomfortable and embarrassing situations, especially with her "boxing" and "sumo wrestling" dates, which I find very self centered and disrespectful of her. I see no true compassion from her, We obviously knew from last season that her morals were questionable, and this season seems to highlight that. As far as Nick goes, he will end on the Paradise series, and any other reality show he can find in order to feel like a "celebrity".

  26. I’ve counted 4 crazies out if her group of guys. 4 out of 25 is NOT that bad! Have they been extreme? Yes. But MOST- the overwhelming majority- of them are great guys! I actually think this season’s casting was better. There’s less boring filler guys than usual.

    We’ve got Ben Z, HOT and sweet. Shawn, who is like Ryan Gosling with an even sexier voice, Ben H who is a cutie, Kentucky Joe who is hilarious and adorable, Jared who, despite his odd facial hair, seems very genuine and sweet to Kaitlyn. Ian who has an awesome singing voice and a really great backstory. Cupcake, who I don’t find very interesting but seems nice and genuine. I think they are great guys.

    I though Nick was being genuine when he called out Andi. But judging by the way he speaks about Kaitlyn and his mannerisms and nonverbal behaviors, I don’t know if he’s really as genuine as I first thought. I was excited he was going to be on the show but seeing him with Kaitlyn, something just feels really off.

  27. This is such a refreshing outlook, especially coming from a friend of Andi’s! Thanks for the perspective. I have to disagree that the group of guys sucks, though. I think that Ben H, Chris Cupcake, Ben Z, and Shawn all seem wonderful. Time will tell. πŸ™‚

  28. I i agree with most of what you wrote. I agree with nick being back on and like him as well. He’s intelligent and articulate. There were several rotten apples like Tony and Kupah, but I feel like many of the guys left are stand up guys. Like Justin, Jared, Ben h, Ben a, Ian, and Shawn. Call me crazy but I also personally love JJ ! And feel like I understood the reasons He made that comment to Clint. I think JJ was really hurt, sad and upset by the news clint was going home and faulted Clint for digging his own grave- he lashed out in anger demanding an apology, because he didn’t know how to process the negative emotions he was feeling and felt like Clint was the cause of them ( I don’t know if that makes sense to anyone else, but it does to me). But am I the only one confused what the tension involving Clint in the house consisted of? I mean was it just cause he kept to himself and JJ? I was really confused, they never showed any mean spirited conversations with him and the other guys in the house

  29. I totally agree with everything you said, Ali !! I was so excited to see Nick again and so happy she kept him. πŸ™‚

  30. Hey Ali, you and Nick both have something in common. You were both pathetic contestants, you two and your drama did nothing but boost ratings! Nick the "D – – K" calling out Andi about the Fantasy Suite should be insulting to every women who watches this show! He’s a creeper, the producers must be paying you off to say anything nice about this creeper. Thank you, that will be all.

  31. I think both Kaitlyn and Nick had the same experience in their seasons. Both were blindsided after giving themselves to what they believe was mutual love and later being let go. I feel that is why Kaitlyn understands Nick.

  32. Nick is obviously doing it for the fame and Kaitlyn has GREAT guys in front of her but now that nick is here…he’s just gonna mess with her head (I don’t think she’s on the show to find TRUE love anyways)….

    Team BENS (both of them are so sweet and genuine) Chris, Shawn, Jared! I mean c’mon….she has 5 quality guys to choose from! Nick is a player…he seems manipulated. I don’t trust him and neither should she but whatever. BRITT should have been the bachelorette but she still found happiness so yay!

  33. Wow…. So surprised you are team Nick. He is a total jerk. He may be the reason I stop watching…. Such an ass!!! And the ridiculous,ridiculous group dates.

  34. I can definitely see that you are probably right but it makes me sad. I’m so rooting for Sean/Shawn!!

  35. TeamShawn he’s real, Genuine and let’s face it easy on the eyes. He is a quality guy. I’d bet he’s final 2. That being said i’d LOVE for him to be the next bachelor so we can see him all the time!!!

  36. Yes, I guess that if you like the guy to tell the whole world that he f*cked you after you reject him, then you would like Nick Viall. I wouldn’t have rejected him just by that virtue alone.

  37. Shawn wins, everyone knows it…and that’s not a spoiler from any spoiling site, it was from Kaitlyn herself. Don’t worry Kait, I’ve accidentally uploaded to my Snap story when trying to just send it to one person myself, it happens, darn Snapchat! (though why anyone would want a video of you and Shawn in bed sent to them on Snapchat I do not know lol) And I don’t hate Nick, but I do get the other guys reluctance. If she 100% felt it with one of them already, she wouldn’t even let Nick on to jeopardize that, she is showing she feels as much for Nick as she does for every other guy there and that hurt some, especially Shawn because he feels like he’s falling in love with her already…she just has to sleep with Nick and get it out of her system so she can be with Shawn…snapchatting in bed on a Friday night. #classy

  38. Finally! Someone else who likes Nick!! I love him and I think he and Kaitlyn are so cute together!

  39. I liked Nick last year and I think Kaitlynn is a better match for him then Andi.
    I don’t where all the Nick hate comes from. People just don’t understand that he
    was made out to be the villain last year by editing and production. The guys were all
    just jealous of him too. I also don’t blame him for calling Andi out of TV because it
    is a good question. Why did she lead him on by sleeping with him? Why sleep with
    BOTH guys in the first place. How can she do that without feeling like shes cheating
    on the one she picks. Then in this case Josh, had to try to get over the fact that she
    slept with both of them.
    I didn’t like Kaitlynn at first but I’m starting to like her better as the shows going on.
    Shes real and isn’t trying to hide anything. Although I wouldn’t have slept with Nick or anyone
    so early but hey to each their own.

  40. So you want Kaitlyn to be with a psycho-stalker type who we saw lie to the hotel in Andi’s season to secretly get a key to her room??? That isn’t manly or romantic, that’s downright creepy. His tactic of outing the intimacy with Andi and telling Kaitlyn’s other bachelors how intimate their date was…that’s a man with control issues with potential to be abusive…already has been emotionally and psychologically with Andi. Please don’t wish that awful future for Kaitlyn.

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