It’s a Girly Dress Kind of Day :)

This dress is so pretty and feminine. I just had to share it with all of you! Click the pics below to get this dress for yourself! (And the shoes!) Plus I love this site! So check it out!

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2 thoughts on “It’s a Girly Dress Kind of Day :)

  1. Are these shoes comfortable and good quality? They’re so cute! But, I can’t find any reviews on them! I’m looking for simple and classic wedding shoes. Thought these might do the trick 🙂

  2. I like #TeamNik!!!! He had EVERY RIGHT to call Andi Dorfman out on what she had done to him. If anybody was wrong, it was Andi. Like you said, if the tables had been turned, everything would of have been fine. I know bringing Nik/Nick?? into the mix at this point of the season of the Bachelorette is just for ratings, but maybe he should have a chance to be the Bachelor next season. Personally, I like Nick & I couldn’t stand Andi. I’m sorry. I know she’s your friend, but she led Nick on during their season. Heck, they were even talking about when they had kids way before the fantasy suite one night when she snuck out with him after returning from a date with Marcus. When she snuck out with him after her date with Marcus, Nick & Andy first started passionately kissing up against a tree. They looked like they were going to start doing it right there if they could have. Then they found a picnic table & started talking about WHEN they had kids & who would be the disciplinarian, etc. You already know what I’m talking about. You saw the show. So I wouldn’t call Andi the poor little victim in this. OMG..By no means!!!! She broke the rules by doing that as well. I lost all respect for Andi & now she doesn’t have Josh either!!!

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