They said What?!?!

My favorite quotes from the Bachelorette tonight…

“Stepping away from my business and my dog and my bonsai trees. All the things I love in this world”

“I view the world through the eyes of a child. I have the heart of a warrior with a gypsy’s soul”

“Tampins” huh? Yup, he said Tampins

“The lining of a uterus dies about once a month”

“Babe Soda”

“Clint is one of the biggest douches in Bachelor history!” -Kaitlyn

“Those could be yours Kaitlyn” – The guys talking about Joe’s balls


Share your FAVS in the comments below and I’ll add them to this list with your name!

Check back tomorrow for my Bachelorette Blog!!!


3 Thoughts

3 thoughts on “They said What?!?!

  1. Not a quote …but what was with the tampin getting black-boxed when it got anywhere near the mock-V ?!? I mean, really ABC/FCC/WTF…? so THAT was just too much ?!?
    Kevin (no, not yours!)

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