Amy Schumer for the Next Bachelorette!

Fist fights, Amy Schumer, and Krazy Kupah – last night’s Bachelorette was goooood. So let’s get into it…

I was NOT a fan of the first date. I hated on my season when the guys had to “Olive Oil” wrestle each other (Yes, that is totally a thing). It was SO hard to watch because I didn’t want anyone to get hurt and I know Kaitlyn felt the same about her guys last night. I know what you’re thinking “Then why did she pick that date?” Here’s the thing – she didn’t! Do you really think Kaitlyn spent all that time hand picking each date and the producers basically let her write the story of the season? Not gonna happen people. When you become the Bachelorette, the producers ask you what kind of dates you’d like to go on and they do their absolute best to make those dates happen. But at the end of the day they have a show to produce and they need to make sure there is juicy drama for us all to gobble up each Monday night. So no, I highly doubt Kaitlyn said to the producer “Hey, can they guys beat the crap out of each other on one of my dates?”

In the evening portion of the date I thought the letter Kaitlyn got was going to be from Nick Viall. I was SO excited! But no, it was from Jared and I was disappointed. Any of you think the same? I can’t wait to see what happens when Nick joins the show!

The one-on-one date with Clint was pretty awesome. I think those photos were so cool! But despite all of the face sucking, I don’t think Kaitlyn is super into him. I think she is making out with him because hey, why not? What I LOVE about Kaitlyn as the Bachelorette is that she is there to find her ONE love, but sure as heck plans to enjoy making out with so many hot guys. I honestly wish I let go more my season and wasn’t so up-tight about the whole process. I think I took it TOO seriously. So you go girl!

I don’t know about you guys, but after the second group date I kind of wished Kaitlyn called it a day and gave the final rose to Amy Schumer. Amy even said that “”I want to spend the rest of my life with her.” I say you too run off together. And I was so glad when she called JJ out. It had me laughing and cheering at the same time! If she and Kaitlyn don’t end up together, I say Amy Schumer for the next Bachelorette!

And then there’s Kupah. Well, all I have to say about him is that he sucks and Kaitlyn rules for handling it the way she did. This girl rocks! Huh… maybe I want Kaitlyn to give me a rose? I’m kind of a huge fan at this point. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the season brings!

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And let me know what YOU thought of last night’s episode in the comments below!

9 Thoughts

9 thoughts on “Amy Schumer for the Next Bachelorette!

  1. JJ is so full of himself. I think one of the guys said this " he is doesnt get much attention from pretty girls….." He seems quite awkward and making a fool of himself. Thanks Amy for saying what I was thinking. He needs to go.
    Nick – cant wait to see him. He is my pick. Does he have an older brother?
    Love the way Kaitlyn handle Kupah.
    Tony should hook up with Ashley from the Chris’ season. You know the one Chris Harrison asked to be on Bachelor pad.

  2. Best chemistry with Kaitlyn last night was with Joe, the one who pulled her outside and they kissed against the brick wall! But she said she gave Ben Z the rose because of their connection………so I don’t know!

  3. I’m starting to be embarrassed I’m from Massachusetts. First Rodney on Survivor and now Kupah. What next, more Deflategate?

  4. I totally thought that letter was going to be from Nick too! I can’t wait for him to join the show either – wonder how that is going to play out!

  5. Great post, Ali. Unfortunately my girlfriend doesn’t agree that Kaitlyn should be making out so fast with everyone, so she won’t watch any more. The irony is my girlfriend thought Brit would be like that so she was pulling for Kaitlyn.
    Totally agree on the boxing. What a brutal "sport" and a bad idea. To make it worse, putting a 175 pounder against a 225 pounder. They wouldn’t allow that anywhere in amateur or professional boxing.

  6. i agree- i think kaitlyn rocks! i want to be her bff and hang out with her. she is so very cool. i like her approach to being the bachelorette. i wish everyone would back off from criticizing her.
    i also thought the letter was from nick…and thought, here we go! so letdown is only from jared.
    and i laughed so hard (and out loud) when amy schumer was making fun of jj — especially when she was doing it right next to him, and he was completely oblivious. goodness she is funny. and jj is so annoying, like "i want to throw stuff at my tv" annoying. but i guess every season has to have a villain.
    as always, enjoy reading your thoughts!!

  7. I have never seen a bachelorette make out with so many guys. It’s not right. You should choose the ones you like the most and they should feel special. It’s important to respect everyone who is there and not make out with everyone in front of everyone. It also looks like Kaitlyn sleeps with one of the guys which is also bad unless she ends up with him then I guess it could be ok. So far I’m disappointed I was really looking forward to this season. The bachelor Australia and New Zealand is a lot more classy and respectful not so trashy

  8. I love Kaitlyn!! she’s hilarious. even on Prince Farming’s season she stood out to me – I couldn’t take my eyes off her! Love the way she’s handling the tough situations, and I reckon if she wants to pash everyone then she should! why not?! it’s all a bit of fun! I don’t get the Nick thing – why do they let past people come and crash the season? do the producers literally ask past contestants if they want to do that? it makes for great TV I guess. Nick was a bit annoying for me, so we’ll see! I’m in Australia and have to wait FOREVER for our channels to play this show, so we have to download it! love the whole thing 🙂 you are by far my favourite bachelorette Ali – you were so endearing and real on the show xx

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