We have a new Bachelorette!!!!

Kaitlyn for the win!

I never really had any doubts that Kaitlyn would be the final girl standing. Nothing against Britt at all, but I think ABC knew Kaitlyn was the right pick and most likely loaded the show with guys to make sure Kaitlyn won in the end. As much as ABC wants the girls to find love, they want ratings more. Do I like that 2 Bachelorettes were put against each other? No. Not at all. I remember how terrified I was the first night of the show, worrying that the guys wouldn’t be into me. I can’t image having that feeling, along with the worry that they like the girl standing next to me more. It would have brought out TONS of insecurities in me. So I feel for what these girls went through, and respect them for handling night one with grace and humor. But in the end, the guys chose the adorably funny Kaitlyn. I wish Britt nothing but the best. She seems like a sweet, caring girl and will certainly find the right guy for her. Maybe Brady?!?! I kind of hope they get married!

With all of that said, congrats Kaitlyn! Woot woot! Now the HARD work begins. Wishing my new friend all the best!

Based on tonight, my top 5 guys are as follows and in no particular order

1)    JJ – He is the guy that told Kaitlyn “I would love to puck you.” I love his humor and I know Kaitlyn does too.

2)    Shawn B – He got the first impression rose and that says A LOT! He will for sure be in the top 3 unless he does something to send himself home. I like him, but feel a little uneasy about him. I hope he treats Kaitlyn right.

3)    Joshua – He made Kaitlyn the steel rose. It was so cool! I wish I had one.

4)    Ben – I am picking him for two reasons. 1) He’s cute and Kaitlyn seemed to think so too. Ha! And 2) We barely saw any of him in the premiere. The producers usually try to “hide” the winner on the first episode of the show. I remember they barely showed Roberto in the premiere of my season.

5)    Nick V – I can’t believe Nick came back! But I’m totally happy he did. I’ve gotten to know Nick a little bit and I think he’s a great guy. Based on the tease at the end of the show, I think Kaitlyn is going to really like him. I’m excited to watch it all unfold.

That’s all I’ve got for tonight. I have a big day tomorrow and need to prep for my interviews for E! News. Until next week…

xo, Ali

Let me know who your top 5 guys are in the comments below! And while your here on my website, check out my fashion posts below!

24 Thoughts

24 thoughts on “We have a new Bachelorette!!!!

  1. Shawn B and Joshua are my two favourites so far. Not sure how I feel about Nick coming in AGAIN . I think it’s rude of him to keep doing that

  2. I like Chris (dentist in the cupcake), Shawn, Ben Z, and I am not at all happy about Nick showing up!

  3. Yes, we have a new bachelorette that is already having sex with one of the guys so soon!! WOW! Didn’t think she was that easy. I’m pretty sure some of the man will be disappointed and wish they had voted for Britt. I have no idea why people think it’s okay to sleep around. Have respect for yourself, is all I can say to Kaitlyn. Some of those man are too, too nice for Kaitlyn, especially what she is going to do in the next episodes. They deserve someone better!!

    1. I am sure the men are not innocent when it comes to sleeping around. He that is without sin cast the first stone. I cant wait to see the episode so to see which of the men cast stones. It will say alot about their character.

  4. I’m excited to watch! Happy to see Nick and think it was a raw deal he got when he was honest about his beliefs that Andi was in love due to sex in the fantasy suite. He was totally blindsided. Ian, Ben, Chris, Shawn all seem good.

  5. I guess I’ll have to watch the episodes (from Andi’s season) with Nick in them again to really get a taste for him now. My initial reaction was "uh-oh" when I saw him on Kaitlyn’s season!

  6. What about the dentist? Don’t know their names yet. Or he may be a player with all those moves he’s made all ready!

  7. Kaitlyn does not find love!! She leaves the last two man standing (one of them is Nick) and walks away. Told you she wasn’t looking for love. They loose respect for themselves (having sex with one of the guys….who was Nick) and then they just walk away. Not ever watching this show ever again. Not watching this season since I already know she didn’t choose anyone!!

    1. If all that’s true, then how rude of you to spoil it for everyone else. May the next movie you want to see be spoiled by some other rude person who tells you the ending.

  8. I love that Nick is back. I wondered about him and how he was doing. He was my favorite on Andi’s season.
    I agree with most of your top 5 except JJ. He is too insecure. Not Katelyns type. I would say Ian but he may be the one leaving after the ‘sex reveal’.

  9. Shawn & Ian were my top 2 and then Nick shows up, add him! I know he was edited as an arrogant ass but I don’t think he really is. I believe he knows what he wants & isn’t afraid to say it or show it. Raw passion & confidence in that guy – you don’t find that often!

    1. Ben Z. 2. Josh 3. JJ 4.Chris 5.Tanner .. and believe if or not, I wasn’t a fan of Nick for Andi.. just didn’t like how they portrayed him, but I’m excited to see him with Kaitlyn!!!! Just hope it’s not like all the other time they bring an old Bachelor/Bachelorette back and everyone makes a stink about it like with Shawntel and Kacie B. Can’t wait to see what happens!!!!!!
  10. Love Nick. So happy to see him back. I think he got inexplicable, unnecessary hate last season; you know, group think mentality and all… Nick FTW.

  11. I would first like to comment on the "slut shamming" that everyone in the world has been putting poor Kaitlyn through these past few days. All of these men are big boys that are on this show. Number two, women have the right to sleep around as much as men do. If Kaitlyn is as serious as she says she is about finding a husband,she should not be ashamed in the least about sleeping with whoever it was she did sleep with. Good for her! I wanted to know before I married my husband if he kissed good, if he hadn’t, I would have moved on. Then I had to test the waters by having sex. If I didn’t have those sparks fly there, then I would have moved on. Kaitlyn is a 2015 woman, she is not living back in the 50’s – 90’s where women were called sluts if they slept with a guy on the first date. Men do that every night. Why should it be any different for women. Ye who cast the first stone like someone said. Also I congratulate Nick for going after what he wants, there needs to be more honest men out there that don’t play games with women and are straight forward and can be bold enough to go get it. That is probably why Nick is so successful in his work life. He is not afraid. He has the courage to put himself out there. I just hope Kaitlyn really does pick someone at the end and I hope it is Nick. I want ABC to hunt down "Reality Steve" or whoever is spoiling it for everyone by telling us what Kaitlyn does even before we see it because it sure isn’t fun.

  12. I def agree with you Ali! I would of probably chosen Chris (the dentist) over J.J but everyone else I agree with! I don’t really get all the flack over Nick – he seemed like a genuine good guy – I just don’t think he was supposed be with someone like Andi. The season should certainly be fun to watch – my hopeless romantic self will be sitting at home with some wine and popcorn every Monday to tune in! 🙂

  13. I am so excited to see Nick is going to be on there!! I really am hoping he is her final pick!! I wish them well and hope they find what they are looking for!! Also, I am so extremely happy Britt and Brady are together!! They look so cute and sweet together!! I hope they remain together and have a lifetime of happiness!!

  14. I’m a guy reading these comments and I notice the double-standard is incredible. The women are all standing up for Kaitlyn sleeping around, saying that the men do it to. I have watched almost all the seasons of the Bachelor/ette, and I don’t recall even one bachelor sleeping with a woman early (before the fantasy suite.) The women here are all trying to justify Kaitlyn by injecting a false notion of men, saying they ‘do the same thing." Bullcrap. Kaitlyn is the one who sluttily dropped her bikini bottom on Chris’ season, and she continues to be a slut now. Face it, admit it, call a spade a spade. Britt was classier all along.

    1. Ben & Courtney had sex in the ocean
      Britt & Chris took a ‘nap’ together behind closed doors
      Those men were the bachelors and had second the show.
      What you didn’t know is that the girls and Chris were playing truth or dare on the camping date and Kaitlyn was dared to take off her bottoms. One of the other girls was dared to take her top off and she did.

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