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Hi guys! So I have a wedding coming up and I am trying to decide which one of these outfits I should wear. It’s a sunset wedding, but the reception is at night. Thoughts? Sound off in the comment below!

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14 Thoughts

14 thoughts on “Wedding Wear

  1. I like the white dress with flowers for a summer wedding. Or the black skirt with a tank top or more "summery" (is that a word?) top 🙂

  2. definitely the black top with the floral skirt, way more suited to an evening wedding. add a ruby colored gemstone statement necklace and an eye-catching clutch handbag to finish off the ensemble.

  3. First one looks like a nice summer wedding dress, but I prefer the black top and floral skirt. It looks better on you and will allow you to dance the night away. Have fun!

  4. Love the skirt and black top on you! Looks young and fresh. First look is dressy but too stiff for dancing the night away! Both look great on you! Have a wonderful time!

  5. Definitely the flower dress, super pretty. I too would love to know where the black fitted top is from…have been searching for something just like it!

  6. Love both looks! The first dress is more wedding appropriate but the second one is also great for wedding. Let’s face it, the wedding will be over in 20min and the reception goes for hours so rock the black outfit like you did in this picture!!!

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