My letter to Kaitlyn

I don’t know about you guys, but to me tonight premiere is a bigger battle than the battle of Mayweather versus Pacqiao!!! Britt versus Kaitlyn! Is it cool that they are being pinned against each other? Absolutely not. I feel tremendously for both girls, but am I watching? HECK YES

I don’t know Britt but Iā€™ve become friends with Kaitlyn over the past few months. A mutual friend put us in contact before she decided to do the show and I gave her all my ex-bachelorette wisdom. Ha! Basically what I told her is that she should ABSOLUTELY do it. It was one of the coolest experiences of my life. Here is a portion of my initial email to her after she asked me if I thought she should take the Bachelorette plunge!

ā€œYES DO IT!!! Don’t get me wrong it’s a total mind f*$%, but it such a cool life experience even if you don’t find love. And if you do meet someone, that’s a huge bonus. I’m going to be honest, I loved being on the bachelor and had a REALLY tough time as the bachelorette.ā€

The email I wrote her is much longer than this but it’s filled with strictly Bachelorette confidential information so I’m only posting a portion of it.

Anyway, I just thought I would share this going into tonight’s finale! Who’s team are you on? Sound off in the comments below!

14 Thoughts

14 thoughts on “My letter to Kaitlyn

  1. Even tho Kaitlyn was the Bachlorette, it seems to me BRITT came out the winner. I know the ending of all this and I’m extremely intuitive. My gut told me Kaitlyn strictly went for the travel & adventure. She certainly didn’t go into it for the right reasons. Nobody actually knows Britt unless you believe in hear-say. My favorite season by far was Ashley Rosenbaum. Everybody else jumps in this for a chance in climbing the corporate ladder for fame. I did enjoy your season as well Aly. Since you may not know the ending of Kaitlyn, I’ll stop here. But, I predicted it!!

    1. HA! Classy? Please! She is so fake! If she is the Bachelorette I will certainly NOT be watching!

  2. Kaitlyn seems so real, down to earth and fun. Britt is a fake from beyond! I didn’t like her in the bachelor & I won’t watch the Bachelorette if she is the one.

  3. I also think Kaitlyn is in for the fame! My favorite bachelorette was & is Ashley Rosenbaum. You can tell who is in for the right reason and to find love & marriage. Isn’t that what the show is about? They should make another show on "How To Go For The Fame" ha!

  4. If you are such good friends then why is it that she turned out to be another fake person who chooses no one. Britt was there to fall in love. Kaitlyn was in it for herself! So disappointed and won’t be watching.

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