STOP…Hammer Time!

Ok…so when my stylist Amelian first asked me to try on these pants to wear on E News today I thought “HECK NO!” But after a little push, ok A LOT of push, Amelian convinced me to try them on. And I have to say that I am SO gad I did. Aren’t they so fun?! What I love most about them is that they’re pants but LOOK like a skirt, so it’s the perfect choice for late nights out on the town 😉 However, they are a bit pricey so this is definitely a splurge item.


And I can’t forget the top which is totally affordable. I wear this top with so many things! The cut is super flattering (since it shows your clavicle bones) and the halter is adjustable. I chose to tie mine tight around my neck, but you can wear it looser if you prefer.

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