Little Maroon Dress (LMD)

Every girl should have a LBD (little black dress) in her closet right? But what about a little maroon dress? That’s right, I’m here to say that EVERY girl needs this LMD in her closet.

When my Stylist Amelian first asked me to try on this dress, I almost ran out the door. I thought for sure that it would be unflattering. I told her I didn’t want to try it on because I would look chubby in it. (Awful the things we say to ourselves right?) Well thankfully Amelain convinced me to try to on and I couldn’t have felt more sexy in it. Something about this material really flattens everything out and gives your body an incredible shape. I wish I could buy one in every color!!! Sadly, they one have this one color. So LMD it is!!!!

Want the look? Get it below!

Unfortunately the necklace was from H&M and isn’t available anymore 🙁 Boooooo!

But don’t worry, the below options are GREAT! I especially love the first one. It would be perfect for this dress and is versatile enough that you could wear it with so many other outfits! Click on the picture of the necklace to see how long it is. It really is perfect for this dress!

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