Home Decor
October 16, 2018

Ali Luvs Home Tour – Family Room

Welcome to our home! Well, kind of. I’ve been telling you guys for a while that I am going to do a home tour series on my blog, so I’m very excited that the series officially starts today! Yay! It would be way too long of a post to show you every…

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Affordable Friday
October 12, 2018

Give Your Bedroom a Facelift the Affordable Way!

Good morning everyone! I’m excited to share today’s blog post with you guys because it’s all about my new comforter set and it’s super affordable! And most Fridays I try to do an affordable Friday post. I’m especially stoked about today’s post because it’s my first affordable Friday post that has to…

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Home Decor
September 24, 2018

Our Kitchen – Ali Luvs Home Tour

A lot of you have been asking me for a tour of our kitchen so I thought I’d write a little bit about it today. I don’t have details on everything since I can’t find some of it or isn’t available online anymore but I’ll do my best to share what we…

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Home Decor
August 22, 2018

Ali Luvs Home Tour – Blogger Office Space

Step into my office... Mrs. Manno will see you now. I couldn't resist the 50 Shades reference!

I can’t believe this is the last room in my home tour series. At least for now. We’re still going to do the guest room and our balcony space eventually but we haven’t even started…

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Home Decor
August 15, 2018

Ali Luvs Home Tour – Formal Living Room

Welcome to the space in the house that barely ever gets used! Ha! I hate to say it, but it's true. This is our formal living area! Why is it that these spaces exist in the front of so many houses? Even our last house had one and it was only 1400…

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Home Decor
August 8, 2018

Ali Luvs Home Tour – Dining Room

Gosh I love doing this home tour series on my blog so much! Every Wednesday when I write one, I get so excited to share all the details of our home with you guys. I’m going to be sad once I’ve shared all the spaces in the house. But I guess with…

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Home Decor
August 1, 2018

Molly’s Playroom

This week on my home tour series is Molly's playroom! Or I guess I can’t really call it a room because it’s really just a nook at the bottom of our staircase. It doesn’t have doors or anything. I’m so excited about the space because when we moved into this house, I…

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