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Molly has always loved reading and books, but ever since she started school, she is even more interested in learning. She loves playing games where she learns colors and words, and is often testing us too! I recently started using ABCmouse that I wanted to share my experience with you because it checks all those boxes, and Molly loves it! There are seriously thousands of games and activities on it! Plus they have some really good promotions right now. – I’ll get to them in a minute. But basically you can pay $5 and use the app for two months OR try it for a month for absolutely free.

So far, Molly mostly has been using the app to help with her reading. There are games, books, and songs! What I love about it, is that the app is designed for children up to age 8 and you can customize the program to your specific child. It is basically a virtual classroom for preschool through second grade. We use the Learning Path with Molly, which saves your progress as your little one completes different levels of learning. It contains stories and activities, and as they continue through the path, they earn “rewards”. Right now, Molly is collecting items to decorate her “room”. She loves that every once in awhile she will receive a reward, like a flower pot, and then she can use it to decorate her “room” in the game. She is still working her way through the first reading level, but I believe she will continue to get new items to replace in the “room” as she gets older, which is so fun for her!

You all know that I try to encourage Molly to always be thinking and learning and I don’t just throw the TV on all the time. This app is GREAT for those moments when we just need a moment around the house or for ourselves. I can give Molly the iPad with ABCmouse and not only does it occupy her so I can get something done, but she is learning in a safe, advertisement free environment. The difference for me between learning on an app and watching television is that with the app, Molly’s mind is engaged!

She particularly loves the songs about letters, and will memorize them and belt them out around the house. “Moon begins with letter m, many and miles do too!! When you look at the moon many miles away, the moon looks back at you!” – Molly loves the M song! There are songs for every letter, and she has gone from being able to recognize letters, and is now beginning to sound out words! There are also tons of other songs about numbers and traditional songs that we all learned when growing up, like “Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” and “I’m a Little Teapot”.

Molly also loves the zoo animal section. There are a variety of different activities that teach you the names of zoo animals and also little facts about each one. Not to mention that there is a “Five Little Monkeys song” in this section. She has always loved singing it (it was the first song she ever sang!), and so it is a bonus that it is included! She also likes playing the Hungry Tortoise game, which is helping her to recognize numbers easier and faster.

Also, if you have a few children that are all within this same age group, you can have up to three children on one account. This will allow you to save each one of their progress individually! I love that because once Riley is old enough to learn and play on ABCmouse, Molly will be much farther ahead of him, and this totally helps to keep everything separate for them – if you have kiddos, you know how beneficial this is!

There are currently two different promos going on for the app, which is awesome!!! The first is their summer promotion which gets you access to the app for two full months for only $5! This gives you 74% off! The second promotion is a free 30 day-trial, so that you can try it out and see what you think! Both are amazing deals, depending on what is right for you!

Do any of your kids currently use the ABCmouse app? What are there favorite games and songs? If not, what do you think your children would be most interested in learning about?




16 thoughts on “Summer Learning with ABCmouse

  1. Ali- Thanks for the ABCMouse review. I’ve been thinking about getting the app but wasn’t sure if it was good or beneficial for my toddler. So thanks again for the honest review. I think it’s time I take advantage of this offer and see if my 3 year likes it.

  2. Please, please, please, don’t partner with or endorse this company!!! ABC mouse is owned by Doug Dohring who is a known Scientologist. As we all know Scientologists are essentially forced to give (donate) tons and tons of money to Scientology. It’s tax free money that is being wasted and being used for negative reasons. If we can cut off the oxygen (money) to this cult maybe they won’t be able to operate and ruin lives like they do.

  3. Going to check out this app! I tried the last app you shared, I think it’s called HOMER reading.
    Which one do you like better??
    Which one is molly more engaged with??
    As a teacher, I think some of these apps are a great tool to assist us and make learning fun ❤️

  4. I’m a therapist (and a mom of 3) and am constantly reading up on child development and the latest studies on brain development. The tricky thing about screens, video games and educational apps is that they are relatively new and studies are just now coming out on how they affect our kids’ brains and behaviors. We really haven’t had a lot to go off of in recent years and because they seem fun and give parents a break, so we all thought they were great. But recent studies are showing the detrimental side to screen usage, especially in kids and especially when it comes to video games (which ABC mouse would fall under). Parents tend to regulate TV more than educational games because they believe, like you said, that at least their brain is engaged with the game. However, latest studies are showing that these games are OVER stimulating our kids brains in a way that their brains just can’t handle, which can cause behavior problems, shorter attention spans, less ability to self regulate emotions and create other issues. It is actually better for your brain to watch a little TV than play a screen based game because your brain gets a break, in a sense. I’m not here to shame you for your choices at all, but I find that parents just aren’t aware of her latest research and I’m genuinely concerned for a generation of kids who are growing up with too much screens because we as parents THINK we are helping them hit it may actually be harmful. So I just had to write this in case it would be helpful to you, Ali, or any of your readers. To each their own but we should at least be informed.

    1. Bravo. I am a Juvenile Defense Attorney and there are many many children coming into court with addictions to screen devices and where does it begin? Infancy. The change in the brain has not been studied enough and we are finding that parents are utilizing these devices much more often and for far longer times than they actually think they are. Here is a recent study: again I am not parent shaming. This is all about education. Remember when we or our parents were little and we never used seatbelts ? Studies found that was not healthy for kids so parents were not guilted but encouraged and educated. Here is one link. Again read, learn, educate about the hazards of this stuff. If I could tell you that there are some child’s games that will have words or images pop up that you don’t hear if you don’t sit with your child with the game or screen but your child sees and hears. Some of these games and shows can be very predatory.

  5. Hi there! I’ve been on the fence about getting this app and after reading your post, I’m in🙌🏻. My boy will be 3 next month and sometimes you need an app for a little downtown after a busy day! Thank you for the rec-you’re the best!! And thank you for keeping it real ALL THE TIME. You have no idea how much I appreciate it all xoxo

    1. Awh thank you for following along Christine! I’m sure he will love the app! And I agree, sometimes we all need some down time, even our little ones!

  6. We had looked at reviews for ABC mouse and there weren’t very many good reviews. It was kind of discouraging. I’m all for educational games and apps but was discouraged from ABCMouse

  7. I’ve been reading a book called Brain Rules for Baby and it really discourages use of apps- kids may just be memorizing, not necessarily making connections and actually learning which is part of the problem. The books says that apps are only beneficial when an adult does the exercise with the child and then they talk about it and reinforce the lesson after.
    Instead the book suggested (if mom needs a break to get chores done) is unstructured play! It’s actually bad to try to entertain our kids every minute of the day. Letting them have time to entertain themselves with coloring or playing pots and pans or other toys (which I know you also do) is preferable to using apps and teaches kids not to be dependent on others or technology for entertainment.
    Not judging or suggesting never using apps because they are part of life now and some are really fun! Just thought I’d share the information as I found it so interesting and enlightening given all the apps that are available nowadays and the claims that are made by the developers.

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